MMUST Scandal

MMUST SCANDAL 1- Faces Behind the Force To Have Prof. Otieno out As VC

The much exaggerated exit of Prof. Otieno is propelled by egocentric leaders whose performance can’t match the standards of the renowned professor. Prof. Ngaira who has been fighting Eng. Otieno has ended her term successfully and awaits her contract renewal, yet she knows very well that she can’t meet any qualification to be a VC.

Prof. Egara Kabaji claims to be holding the seat temporarily for his Luhya brother Prof. Airo. Speaking about Prof Airo, meanwhile, he himself had failed terribly while at Moi University. He had never been near any leadership ladder apart from hijacking to be acting VC at Moi, his organizational incompetency brought Moi to her knees in the short duration he served as acting VC earning him a painful exit. Recently, Prof Airo applied to be a VC at Meru University and due to his self-explanatory catastrophic records of poor performance, could not even qualify to get shortlisted for the top job at Meru University. He has never even become a DVC in any university and has no idea the content of top university administration.

Egara Kabaji who is now in the business of satisfying his selfish interest, hypnotised by his ethnic disorientation and cannot think completely was appointed by the Prof. Otieno to be an Ag. principal at Turkana University College where he performed dismally for 2 years after being assessed and scored very poor in leadership with 48%. The college was saved lest it be brought to her knees.

Kabaji has reduced himself to a mere media tool and key culprit in manipulation of media houses within the western region where he claims to have mentored if not taught most of his spanner boys whom after being served with cheap alcohol and marijuana frustrate the work of Eng Fred through negative publications to mislead the public. He is a beneficiary of the polluted media houses which he has succeeded in luring into cheap negative publicity to blind the public and keep them miles away from the reality. Recently, few confused union officials who appears to have jiggers of the brain under the colonization of their destructive Master, Prof Kabaji published an item in one of the weekly magazine, citizen, claiming that lecturers shall boycott the forthcoming graduation. The meeting was attended by 11 out of 253 lecturers where they made such declaration, a symbol of brain corrosion… Never ever attest to the sensibility of comrades with these your funny games lest you face the wrath of the angry daring comrades that day…. Comrades are not confused to your extent, they want to compete with other Africans through their skills and expertise so that we can achieve our sustainable development goals as a people. The only option left is a must graduation presided by the VC. The only thing comrades lack is the time to be wasted. You Kabaji read the statutes very well… You risk being sued if you participate in a graduation ceremony and comrades are aware of such brains and swore never to be victims of repeating the same graduation because of these greedy hyenas.

Dr. Chunge, the only self proclaimed professor in MMUST, has demoted himself and has acquired PhD in blogging, now is seeking for cheap public relation claiming to have brought to the school of medicine which he has no idea at all how it got accredited were it not for Eng. Fred.

The MMUST union more so the UASU Chapter is full of archaic, cruel, egocentric, ethnically misguided, myopic tumbocrats who have very insignificant understanding on their roles. It is palpable now for the few sober members of these unions to ask their officials what positive contributions they have made that benefits their members as they are lead by old cronies who have nothing to loose.

Do I need to mention the council chairman, Dr Jeremy Bundi? That one’s story is for another day – for a man well known to be malicious, doctors/forge meetings and official documents, have zero regards for confidential documents and matters, particularly, completely lacks knowledge of administrative protocols and lines of communication in a public institution… comrades are not even sure what such unscrupulous character is doing in such an elevated public office, as chairman of a university council. Comrades, wish the government in her wisdom must revisit her criteria for appointing chairpersons of university councils.

Going forward, It is a common knowledge embedded in the public domain what Eng. Fred has accomplished within one term due to his administrative competency. His leadership efficiency has been seen in kind of super infrastructure in MMUST today needless to state all the achievements of Prof. Otieno…

1. Quality teaching: with a functional Quality Assurance Department (QAD) unit and staff being better motivated and encouraged for a research and academic development outlook, teaching and learning has seriously improved in quality. The UNIVERSITY MANAGEMENT BOARD is planning to procure biometric and CCTV system. Teaching and learning standard are now better controlled and monitored.

2. Quality examinations and zero tolerance for examination related malpractice: thanks for the presence of functional QAD unit, this ensures that MMUST turns out well trained and competent graduates into the labor market.

3. Prompt and timely release of exams results on a semester basis. This also ensures timely graduation of students and an end to missing mark era.

4. The student administration relationship in the last four academic years has greatly improved. The harmoniously understanding and collaborative relationship between student leaders and the administration due to improved dialogue has not only resulted violence free election but also highly reduced to a near zero students unrest in the last four academic years.

5. MMUST is the first to amend a student governance constitution in line with the universities act. The amended MMUSO constitution has greatly resulted in peaceful MMUSO election.

6. MMUST has set up a directorate for student career development and industrial experience in line with the national government directive and is headed by an expert in instructional technologies and career in student attachments. This has resulted to effective, efficient and timely supervision of student industrial attachment, appropriate placement and student commitment to learning on the field. These have been commended by employers as first class.

7. Increase in number of lecture halls. This has greatly alleviated congestion and hire of lecture rooms. The lecture rooms have enough chairs and the students no longer carry chairs from room to room or along the roads of Kakamega town to long distance rented lecture halls in town as it was in the past. All lecture halls have LCD projectors thus enhancing the adoption of technology in teaching and learning at MMUST.

8. The missing mark saga of the past has been finally defeated. With the introduction of the ERP system staff are now very accountable for student marks. The sad stories of missing marks, sex for marks or victimization of students are now things of the past. This has also ensured timely graduation of deserving students. This is also a result of improved communication link between students and top management.

9. Graduation fee has drastically reduced. This is a major strategy introduced by Prof. Otieno, administration to improve support to student timely graduation. Students no longer have to pay very high as was in the past

10. Talent scholarship program which was introduced four years ago has resulted in promoting talents in many students. This is evident in the many accolades and winnings by MMUST students in sports, cultural art and other extra-curricular activities, National and in East Africa.

11.MMUST signed a memorandum of understanding with KNUT more than three years ago. This MOU amongst others included a reduction of 15% fees for all KNUT members. This has resulted into a massive boost in student enrollment at MMUST from KNUT.

12. Internship program at MMUST. For four consecutive years in a roll now, MMUST have consistently run internship program for her graduates which has now been opened up to even graduates from other institutions. This has offered many young Kenyans the first hand on work experience that makes them very employable in the highly competitive labor market making MMUST graduates one of the most sort after for employment in the last two years

13. Virtues training which has been made mandatory for all students since last year has resulted into many positive gains observed in MMUST students. This gives us hope for producing gradients who will approach the outside world

Tribalism has blocked the union from thinking, making the council to be very clumsy to recommend Prof. Otieno yet Ngaira whose contract has ended is still given a consideration. MMUST is safe under Prof. Otieno, negative ethnic orientation will cost you a lot, students won’t retaliate, Never