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Tension Within Masinde Muliro University as The Office of Vice Chancellor is Declared Vacant.

There is high tension within Masinde Muliro University as the office of The Vice Chancellor gets vacant.

The university administration announced the post vacant in today’s copy of The Standard Newspaper.

The students want The Vice Chancellor, Prof. Otieno to be retained. There are claims that are already going around that Prof. Otieno has refused to hand of the office to the new Acting Vice Chancellor, Kabaji.

A lot of activities were observed taking place at the VC’s office with some lecturers standing outside in small groups discussing.

A section of MMUSO officials united with some fellow comrades and marched to the office demanding for address from Eng. Otieno.

This leaves a lot of uncertainties as to who will preside of the 13th MMUST Graduation Ceremony scheduled for 14th December 2018. There are already rumours spreading of a strike to happen within MMUST come Monday, 3rd December, 2018.



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  1. It is by grate same that at his peak of making mmust a world class university is the same point that he is being axed as the vice chancellor in a tribal line …

    Shame on cartels !!!they will follow their masters to the grave😨😨😨

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  2. Let the administration work wisely for the betterment of mmust fraternity ,,and update the students what’s the going

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