Three days of Water Shortage within Masinde Muliro University’s Halls of Residence

A water shortage crisis has hit Masinde Muliro University(MMUST).

There has been no water in the halls of residence since Thursday. The most affected halls are Hall 4( both male’s and female’s).

Students living in the halls, majority being first years who joined in September, are undergoing a period of difficulties.

The students cannot accomplish common errands like taking a shower and cleaning their utensils. This is a double tragedy considering the fact that students are not allowed to cook within the hostels.

Ironically, Hall 4 are the latest halls of residence which are claimed to be expensive and luxurious. It has been a consistent occurrence of water to ‘disappear’ in the taps during Weekends only to reappear on Monday.

Efforts are underway to contact the person in charge of the hostels to give an explanation to comrades who are already undergoing trying moments. Some comrades want it to be declared a “University Crisis”.