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Universities to get guidelines on PhD-only Lecturers from Commission for University Education (CUE) next week.

Kenyan Universities will get to know whether only lecturers with PhD (doctorate degrees) will be allowed to lecture at the institutions.
Commission for University Education (CUE) gave the universities five years in 2014 to implement the rule that requires all lecturers to be PhD holders. The rule requires lecturers with Master’s to be tutorial/junior research fellows commonly known as teaching assistants.
The deadline was issued by CUE in 2014 that by November 2018, all lecturers in Kenyan Universities must have PhD.
The country has a handful of professors within its jurisdiction which threatens the implementation of CUE guidelines. CUE chairperson Chacha Nyaigotti yesterday confirmed that the commission will issue guidelines on the matter. He said,”We are aware that by the end of this year, all lecturers must have doctorate degrees to teach in the universities. ”
Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS) had already released a report that shows decline in postgraduate degree enrollment in public universities. According to the report, 32977 students registered for Master’s and PhDs in 2017 compared to 67407 in 2016. This shows a huge drop of 51.07% in enrollment.
A report by CUE shows that almost 6000 students enrolled for PhD but only 369 graduated over the past one year.
Unfortunately, Kenya has less than 10000 PhD holders thus it requires almost 1000 PhDs annually in order to narrow student-to-lecturer ratio. Education is one of the “Big four agenda” of President Uhuru Kenyatta in realising Kenyan Vision 2030.



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