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MMUSO President Clifton Kisera Represents East Africa at SASYDA 2018 Summit in Gaborone, Botswana

The 2nd edition of 2018 Southern African Students and Youth Development Association (SASYDA) came to an end today in Gaborone Botswana. It was a one week summit which kicked off on 9th December 2018.
The theme of the summit was Harnessing The Four Industrial Revolution for Employment Creation -the Future of Jobs for All.” The summit attracted delegates from Zambia, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Namibia, Lesotho and Mozambique, with special attendance from Kenya and Nigeria. MMUSO President, Clifton Kisera, represented MMUST,Kenya and East Africa as a whole.
The summit was organized by SASYDA and its collaborators: Botswana International University of Science and Technology, Human Resource Development Council, Botswana Wetlands International and Youths Towards Excellence (YTE). It was hosted by their local member, Botswana Student and Youth Development Association in Palapye, Botswana.
We are living in an evolving world where machines and technology have revolutionised our economy and way of life. Man therefore have to adapt to his new surrounding. The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) in combination with other socioeconomic changes can help transform labour markets within the African continent.
The summit provided students and youths with the opportunity to meet Botswana senior government officials and student and youth leaders across Africa for networking and idea exchange on the various topics of discussion. It combined 4IR public lectures, panel discussions, open debates, job expo and roundtable topical issues discussion. The summit registration fee was $100(USD) to cover for lodging, meals and visitation to Goo-Moremi Gorge and other tourist destinations during the summit. The attendees also covered for their own flight expenses.
Some of the important topics covered include:
1. Why Governance Should shift into 4IR – Dr. Pheny Butale
2. The Role of the Youth in Sensitizing the government of the 4IR – Miss Shamil Agosi.
3. The role of good governance in 4IR – Hon Ndaba Gaolathe
4. How 4IR has affected the job market – Mr. Mpumelelo
5. Opportunities for public-private collaboration in 4IR – Mr. Nobert Mathumo
6. Mapping the job opportunities in SADC – Hon Ecco Maje
7. Botswana Labour market overview- The effect of 4IR- Dr. Raphel Dingolo
8. The future of jobs and 4IR- Business as usual for Unusual Business – Ms Pamela Mukwenah
9. The future of data science in career- both business and public institutions- Mr. Tobogo Mogalaemang
10. Outward Foreign Direct Investment: A new channel for development in Africa – Mr. Sibusio Bhebhe.

Some of the dignitaries present include:
1. Special Guest of Honour – Dr. Sir Seretse Khama Ian Khama
2. Vice Chancellor, University of Botswana
3. Hon. Nathaniel McGill – Chief of staff to President of Liberia
4. Ministers for employment, labour, productivity and skills development
5. Hon. Bogolo Kenewendo
6. Hon Kagiso Thutwe – City Mayor
7.Hon. Phenyo Butale
8. Mr. Sibusio Bhebhe
9. Mr. Tshitso Mosolodi
10. Chief Brown Jite Tesigimoje
Ambassadors and High commissioners



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