MMUST Scandal

MMUST SCANDAL 3- The Man on a Dangerous Mission to Destroy MMUST- The Largest University in Western Kenya

This week our blog and eye on the man on a mission to destroy MMUST, the largest institution of higher education in Western Kenya, focuses on some mind boggling questions… “why is Dr Jeremy Bundi resisting and seriously fighting his transfer as chair of council to Pwani university against a gazette notice of 21st December, 2018…?” why is Bundi not ready nor willing to move out of MMUST? What is this precious thing he found or do we say, he left behind at MMUST that he just cannot leave behind in obedience to official directives of his transfer notice? Why is Bundi trying to circumvent the law? Why is he standing in the way of the new council to carry out their assigned tasks of appropriately governing the university? We could go on and on asking these questions, but then again, these should be the questions every Western leader and stakeholders to MMUST should be concerned about and begin asking, seriously.

In this blog we want to try to provide answers to the burning questions of; WHY IS BUNDI REFUSING TO GO TO PWANI UNIVERSITY…? Up until this day, Bundi continues to seat as chairman at all MMUST council meetings. Even up to the week ending 25th January, 2019, Bundi drew up allowances accruing up to five (5) days, which in our opinion, is clearly not only unethical of the acting university management, but illegal of Bundi and of which we advise the ministry of education must surcharge the Acting vice chancellor and move to recover these from Bundi.

Clearly, we know he has a dangerous and selfish agenda to destroy, at all cost, MMUST and all the gains achieved so far by the recently ended prof Otieno’s administration. Not to mention, squander all the hard earned resource salvaged for this university. Further still, we are aware he is hell bent on ensuring that the outgoing vice chancellor, who has reapplied for the same advertised position, does not receive a fair treatment, despite his unmatchable credentials and outstanding profile amongst all the applicants, at the shortlisting process or at the interviews. Hence, the former council chairman, wants to linger on for his remaining one year, to ensure he finishes the evil intentions on MMUST which he has already begun.

Furthermore, Bundi in his rampage, continues to squander and plunder MMUST resources, holding unnecessary council meetings at the expense of the university. For instance, in the first quarter of 2018/2019 AY alone, Dr Jeremy Bundi led council have held over 15 special meetings at an alarming cost of Kenya shillings 5 million to the taxpayer. In Prof Bosire, the acting VC, he finds an easy target to achieving his endless meetings – nearly more meetings than UMB.

Another good reason we think Bundi is unwilling to let go of MMUST is the fact that he knows he cannot survive elsewhere in Kenya as a university council chairman, as he will be exposed at Pwani both as incompetent, unable to efficiently govern a university and his corrupt tendencies will be exposed. He finds MMUST an easy target to plunder public resources. The union officials at MMUST who should be the watchdog to stopping this illegal wastage of the university resources are perpetually in marriage with Bundi and the acting VC, hence, encouraging this gang-up to loot the resources saved by the former VC, Prof FAO Otieno.

We are therefore calling on the ministry of education and all stakeholders to MMUST to exigently be up against this man on a mission to destroy MMUST, and his associates – the acting VC and the union officials. The earlier all stakeholders realize the damage Bundi and his associates are up to and move to put a final stop on them, the better it would be for both the university, the society at large and indeed public resources.



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