MMUST Scandal

MMUST SCANDAL 4- The Malicious Plan to Frustrate MMUST Staff by Dr. Jeremy Bundi

A major concern that has come to our attention, of which is been maliciously targeted towards destroying MMUST is an effort being currently hatched to raise staff dissatisfaction and mass exodus at MMUST, a kind that has never been witnessed in the history of this country. Our reliable intelligence source at MMUST chapter union have confided in us of an evil plan to frustrate and possibly remove from positions of administration, staff who are considered supporters of Prof FAO Otieno. The union leadership have handed to Bundi a list of those considered to be favored by the Otieno administration and who are supporters of FAO. But then again one wonders, who are these so called “supporters of FAO”? because intelligence report in our possession, clearly show over 85% of staff and over 95% of students – both current and alumni – are solidly in support of prof Otieno. Only a handful of non-performing staff, disgruntle persons – removed for various reasons, ranging from corrupt practices and non-performance to mention a few – and of course, union leaders, who themselves are largely non-performers, are opposed to Prof Otieno. Prof FAO had established a system the western community should be proud to uphold and sustain. However, this meticulously carved-out system is being threatened under the directive of Bundi, with those dismissed for various offenses, ranging from gross misconducts to corrupt practices under instructions from Bundi being brought back to MMUST. While those known for their high performance but not party to their corrupt practices being threatened for remover. But the question remains… Why is it so difficult, possibly impossible for the dismissed staff to get employed in any other Kenyan institution of higher learning?…. A careful food for thought! But this is the kind of atrocious behavior only possible in MMUST with Dr Jeremy Bundi as driver of the events.

Dr Bundi still seats comfortably at MMUST as council chair, drawing allowances illegally since reassigned to Pwani university. He now works very comfortable through various groups – meeting in their regular point at Wanda gardens, Kakamega – particularly the union officials led by Mr Robinson Oduma (UASU), Mr Onzere Mulongo (KUSU), Mr Edwin Wafula (KUDHEIHA) and a faction of non-statutory professor’s forum with Prof Silvery Otengi – a man who has chosen to be more relevant as a pastor at the ministry of repentance and holiness (prophet Dr David Edward Owuor’s ministry) than as a university leader; prof Thomas Sakwa – a man whose rise to full professorship has been questionable (earning him the name “Simon Makonde”); prof Shiundu – a man with a track record of forgery (while at KU as registrar AA) and embezzlement (as DVC PRI at MMUST) and not mentioning sex scandals with support staff and students; prof Makhanu who himself is an interested party to the office of the VC even with his unmatchable track record, while as DVC A&F at MMUST, of Embezzlement of funds: through purchase of poor quality items such as furniture at SPD offices, the Gate that is quoted to have cost 40 million shillings- a highly exaggerated figure, started projects that stalled: MPH, MED Block, Hall 4, Sex scandals with support staff- and over employment of his relatives and ethnic group as support staff during his tenure. These are all strong forces backing up Bundi, amongst a host of other schemers like Dr Isaac K’Owino a disgruntled former director of the VC office and prof Ong’or who resigned as PSSP director following exposure on fraudulent dealings, as his allies in his effort to continue to embezzle public resources at MMUST.

Union officials, particularly Mr Onzere Mulongo and Rose Opiyo (UASU treasurer) have been heard openly bragging to fight to their last blood to protect Bundi and even threatening to deal with Education CS Amb. Amina and PS Prof Suda, should they attempt to remove Bundi as chairman of MMUST council or should the acting VC, prof Bosire be removed. Yet, these same union officials have been largely and embarrassingly criticized all over the media to have lost support of staff and students as wasters of staff contributions. They have further threatened to sue the DPP and EACC directors should they clear prof Otieno of any wrong doing. Meanwhile union officials and a few professors working closely with Bundi have registered different companies in readiness to win tenders including construction of new buildings, hence the reason they see a big loss should Bundi be removed. They have rendered senate irrelevant and together with the ally they found in Prof Bosire they now run the university affairs, from their Wanda Gardens meeting point, at the expense of gains in the university during Prof Otieno’s administration. However, we know it has not being a joy-ride for them all the way, as recently, seeing their effort to hoodwink staff and students was hitting a wall, they had resorted to a game of emotional blackmail, forcing staff and students to attend a mockery prayer gatherings, on 19th December 2018 and 22nd January 2019, in a desperate efforts to “building bridges” led by prof Oteng’i and prof Shiundu.

The uncouth mannerism in which the relationship between the acting VC, the union officials, the professor’s forum and Bundi has taken has recently resulted in irregular decisions and appointments, a case being the irregular appointment of unqualified Ms. Rachael Atamba as registrar administration and of late, the setting up of a Kangaroo committee led by registrar AA – prof Sakwa – who recently singled out one student, by name Zac Omare, amongst others suspended for examination misconduct. Mr Zac Omare, a Kisii like Prof Bosire, suspended for 3 years for gross examination offenses was recently pardoned. This action has led to a serious dissatisfaction amongst students and who through their leadership has written to the acting VC on the same concern to justify, if not tribalism and favoritism, why only this student should be singled out for pardon despite others with minor offenses or even related offenses being ignored.

As we conclude this article we note the tribal tactics being employed by the acting VC and Dr Bundi. In appointing two Luhyas as registrars; Sakwa – Bukusu, and Atamba – Isukha, Bundi and Bosire are hoping to gain support of the greater number of staff in the university and the local community. However, we continue to watch as these events unfolds and as mediocrity continue to take center stage in the university, while we fear the return of the old dark years of MMUST when mediocrity plundered our university of choice into an insolvent institution of higher learning.