MMUST Scandal

MMUST SCANDAL 5- Prof Bosire: Second Man On A Mission To Destroy MMUST

We are still watching and our intelligence confidant in MMUST management has updated us on events which if not curtailed might end up running down the university. So the question is; is the acting Vice Chancellor – Prof Bosire – being micro managed by Dr Bundi, the unions and the ambitious, nonstatutory professors’ forum who wants to remain on the payroll of the university at all cost as senior or emeritus professors? Or is he simply on his own mission of either remaining acting for the next 2 years or syphon down the hard earned gains of the previous administration, or worse still, import bad academic practices into MMUST before his exit?

Well based on the recent happenings since prof Bosire was appointed to act in brief before a substantive VC(Vice Chancellor) is appointed/repointed, the below listed are enough concerns for which we believe the acting VC is on a mission to run down the university:

Why is he so much in a hurry to reverse legally made decisions which were made in the interest of the university without going through legal processes? For instance, the acting VC and his irregularly appointed registrar administration are busy reinstating staff dismissed for various corrupt and gross disciplinary concerns for which they even went to court and the courts ruled in favor of the university that their dismissal were within legal provisions.

Why is he engaged in a tribally biased pardoning of students suspended for gross examination misconduct? Worse still other students with similar offences who have appealed for pardon and who are not from his tribe, have been ignored. For instance, is the action of pardoning Zac Omare, suspended for 3 years for examination related misconduct not an effort to seriously lower academic standards and integrity at MMUST?

Why is the acting VC so bent on reckless and avoidable expenditures against making effort to sustain the strict controls put in place by the previous administration? The university is quickly sliding into bankruptcy from where it was salvaged from in the last five years. There is no serious developmental project going on in the university, yet the acting VC is busy approving irregular and meaningless jumbo allowances, meetings, events and travels that add no academic nor administrative value to financial sustainability to the university. In short, this man completely have no regard to efforts put in place to contain unnecessary expenditures in the university, while key issues are getting less and less of his concern.

Why has the acting VC persistently and adamantly allowed mediocrity to persist in the university since the last 10 weeks? The unions have practically taken over the business of running the university from their “County pub” and “Wanda gardens hotel” meeting centers as the acting VC watches and has allowed this meritocratic behaviors go on. These guys are well known to be perennial non performers who are best good at destroying excellence instituted over the past five years, at all cost. Their recent actions of submitting names of well-known performers to the acting VC and Dr Bundi for removal, on the excuse of them being perceived as being favored by the Prof Otieno led administration, if anything, is at best, vindictive and malicious efforts meant to creating unhealthy and divisive camps at the university.

Why is the acting VC not concerned or at least show concern to the fact that nothing academically nor administratively serious is going on in the university in the last 10 weeks? The university is practically moribund. It took the acting VC nearly 10 weeks to sign graduands certificates, of which the collection of same was a disaster, with wrong names, wrong programmes to mention a few, put in certificates. Where has quality and efficiency gone to from MMUST? Virtually in all section of the university staff now work with laissez-faire, nonchalant attitude without proper supervision. They come in and leave as they wish, while service delivery is being destroyed. Even the system could not even reconcile students fees status nor even able to confirm proper fee status of graduands before issuing certificates. The same system that plundered the university to years of insolvency is now finding its way back into the university in just less than 11 weeks… this is most disgraceful and if anything, grossly unacceptable.

Finally, why is the acting VC undermining the great bridges painstakingly built over the last five years between the university and the surrounding neighborhood to the university. The man has practically dismantled the Community liaison section which had worked effectively to molding a synergic and harmonious working relationship between the university and the communities. What is his interest in doing this? Destroy the support of the communities and the founders support to the university just because they have persistently stood against mediocrity and tyranny in the university? These elders are wise and know what is right for MMUST. They know that after Mumias, the next best thing to happen to the western community is MMUST and are determined to protect this treasure. But now, it is clearly evident that Prof Bosire under his boss’s directive is trying to destroy this relationship.

In conclusion, we will want to reiterate that MMUST as a centre of academic excellence in western Kenya, has come a long way. The university has attained an enviable status amongst her peers and we, as with all good meaning stakeholders are prepared to protect this status and gains. There will be no way we will sit and watch outsiders import alien mediocratic mentality and bad manners into this university. Never again! We have been there, we have seen it all, we have done all that and we know how difficult and messy it can be. We are watching and counting down the dates, as we await the assigned 90 days acting period graciously given to prof Joseph Bosire come to a much anticipated end. We earnestly await him to pack his belongs and his bad manners back to his JOOUST-Jaramogi Oginga Odinga University of Science and Technology. We are tired of these sort of mediocratic tendencies and we are prepared to bundle all of them out of MMUST.