MMUST Scandal

MMUST SCANDAL 6- Malicious Plan to Frustrate Performing Staff made a Reality

When we blogged about the “malicious scheme by the union, the acting VC and Dr Bundi” to not only frustrate staff who are known to be performers but perceived to have been favored by the previous administration, but also to destroy the system put in place by the Otieno-led administration, we probably were not taken serious. Now what do we have here, the acting VC under the manipulative control of the union is now actively implementing these plans. With the recent removal of Dr Dennis Ochieno as director, DCCM leaves more than meet the eye. The acting VC has barely less than 10 days to the end of his 90 days task of holding office of the vice chancellor in-brief, pending the appointment/reappointment of a substantive CEO. In these 90 days, rather focus on many academic and administrative concerns begging for his attention, he is busy instead, yielding to the pressure of disgruntled professors – Sakwa, Shiundu – taking the lead, and union officials who are on a malicious vendetta to payback staff believed to have “benefitted” from the previous administration. A ‘rat-race’ game of “even if we are here for just 3 months, lets show them we too can have power”. Presently, the associate deans’ positions that were set up following a duly constituted process to support the busy offices of the deans, a strategic move to ensure the pressure of results processing are relieved, as well as ensure ease of graduation, have been broken down by the Prof Bosire’s acting administration – with no just cause. Next on the line to receive the punch are offices of DIAL, DCS and a selected number of deans and CoDs. Our intelligence source have updated us that in the course of the week following, most of, if not all, of these officers will be receiving their dismissal letters, to be replaced by others nominated by the unions.

But the question begs, why is prof Bosire allowing himself to be used by disgruntled officers? Why is the acting VC not looking beyond a life and career after MMUST? Why not choose to allow providence judge him rightly for upholding excellence rather than mediocracy in the short spell he is privileged to hold the highest management office in a public university? Why is he trying hard to confirm the “nonperforming” officer he is known for at JOOUST, rather than dispel the rumors from our sources at JOOUST, he is busy proving them right with dismal performance and malicious appointments against a back-drop of a system being threatened for failure – MMUST. Someone really need to call this man to order.

Bosire is faced with endless unrealistic demands from the unions, Bundi and the non-statutory professors forum, being led by profs Sakwa and Shiundu – men known for malice and vindictiveness. They demand the acting to use his office, backed by them to manipulate senate to create a non-statutory and illegal “senior professors and professor Emerita” positions to be funded by tax-payers monthly capitation. Yet, these professors have no grants nor donor funded projects to their names nor bringing the university any form of external aids to which they could request to be allowanced on or for younger scholars to leverage on towards their academic growth. They are neither mentoring any junior scholars on grant management nor a good number of them making plans for their inaugural lectures for which professors are known and respected for. Yet they plan to manipulate senate through the support of the acting VC to continue earning tax-payers funds on to their grave. How heartless can an “elder” really be!

Bundi demands of the acting VC that all persons sacked of various corrupt or gross misconducts be reinstated without due process nor through laid down procedures of the university. He demands that a perennial known failure and master of misappropriation himself – Dr Stanley Omuterema – who even sometimes forgets he owns a farm and steal from his own farm, to be reinstated as coordinator of his village project, purported to be Ebunangwe campus – a project he himself killed.

Currently in the air now is that union members wants to be permanent members of UMB and senate. Recently, a request was made to senate, praying to admit two KUDHEIHA representatives to senate, on the excuse that they were previous members of senate. While we do not have records of minutes to show their membership in the past, we equally wonder why senate would negate the provision of the senate bylaws that provides for two union officials to represent academic staff and two union officials to represent administrative staff – for which KUSU already have two representations and rightly represent both technical and administrative staff. One begins to wonder how manipulative the union, and in particular, the acting registrar AA could be and to think that senate is so stupid as to pronounce itself to such nonsense, even in the face of threat of eviction from senate members opposed to their manipulative strategies. This, to say the least is preposterous, happening in this age of information and intellectual freedom.

We know by nature, the acting VC is a calm and ever listening persona. He is by nature a good man and know what is good as well as able to do what is good. But we are concerned that his nature of trying to please everyone has made him an easy object to be used and dumped by the unions and shameless professors who are after their own pockets and malicious interests. This tendency of the acting VC to please everyone now finds him in a situation where he keeps making suicidal decisions to the detriment of his own professional and career growth. Decisions, like biased pardoning of a students from his tribe on suspension for gross examination misconduct, appointment of a court reject Ms Atamba, as substantive registrar, sacking of performing administrators with no just cause, manipulation of senate to approve senseless senior professorial appointments, recall of an officer on leave of absence to act as DVC, PRI when there are other officers with experience of the same office and better positioned to deliver on the job, and the list goes on, if anything, are efforts that will reduce MMUST to an institution with no rules nor procedures and a laughable entity for a public university.

As we finish, we leave the acting VC with a word of kind advise… bwana acting VC, please open your eyes and see what is happening around you. By nature, you are godly and kind hearted man. You are humble and ever ready to serve all. But do not be the fool that you are not. See the people around you, who are calling the shots for which you will take no credit for. They are well-known misappropriators and infelicitators and they will use you to achieve their own self-serving interests. They have lined out strategies, to rip off MMUST in this short time they will enjoy power through you. They may be promising you continuity of office for a longer time. But truth is, they don’t control that decision so be warned on that and as you must know by now, another acting VC will be coming in for another six months to take over your position… make this your 90 days service count for good and for the right reasons. These people meet every other night at County pub and Wanda gardens hotel where you do not meet with them to hatch their plans of controlling every financial sectors of the university, particularly schools practice, PSSP, IGU, procurement and so. You do not have a share in these, but only just baseless promises of continuity in acting capacity. We have advised, the rest is up to you. Open you eyes and ears and take wise counsel.