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Union Leaders in Confusion in the Wake of a New Acting VC Appointment to MMUST

Extreme confusion has emerged amongst the unions at Western Kenya’s top University after the expiry of Prof Joseph Bosire ‘s 90 days acting tenure at Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology. Our intelligence source in the union have reliably updated us of the decision by the ministry to appoint one of the reliable internal DVCs to act as Vice chancellor for the next 90 days as the processes of selecting a substantive VC goes on. As at the time of going to press, sources have it that the ministry is said to have settled on prof. Charles Mutai the current acting DVC PRI to act as VC following the expiration of prof Joseph Bosire’s 90 days tenure. Prof Bosire’s tenure in acting capacity comes to an end today, February 28 2019, as it has been revealed that he may have expressed interest for the top job on a more permanent status and have been seriously lobbying for the same at the ministry through his tribe’s mates and the council chairman. Little wonder why the professor of Education Economics from JOOUST, who performed woefully as DVC, has turned himself into a manipulative tool for the unions and Dr Bundi.

In the wake of these unfolding events, the union in panic and in confusion on were their stakes stand in all these politicking, had called a crisis meeting of all members of the three unions, which of course considering they no longer enjoy support of their members, of all over 1000 plus membership had barely less than 30 persons in attendance to the meeting, being mostly the union officials themselves. They deceived members on a fake agenda of PSSP payment and internal CBA negotiation – which by the way they have never mentioned anything about in the last 90 days – only for us to hear a different agenda taking the stage at the meeting. The union officials invited media persons instead to talk about a totally different issues, that “the unions need to join forces and lobby the ministry to extend prof Bosire’s acting tenure for a further three months as the process to recruiting a VC goes on”. Promises of, that “when he comes back, the union will ensure that he will upgrades grade 1-7”, according to the UASU SG prof kubasu, all in effort to wipe up emotions from KUDHEIHA members. Furthermore, that they will make sure, “bloggers ni cartels wa former regime who are spoiling Bosire and Bundi’s names…. we shall deal with them”. Mulongo Onzere further threatened that in the next three months, “we will finalize our plans to make sure all those people who benefited from prof Otieno will be severely punished” and so on… Yet, we now wonder, what has these got to do with PSSP payment and negotiation of internal CBA? Or are we dealing with a bunch of confused and disgruntled groups in the name of union officials?

Back to prof Bosire, we would like to introspect on his 90 days services to MMUST in acting capacity in comparison to where MMUST was as at November 30th, 2018 up to this day, February 28th, 2019. While doing this will require an article beyond the scope of this blog, we would like to look at a few glaring events; in the last 90 days. Virtually in every sections of the university, activities has stalled, particularly in academic sections where students have perpetually refused to resume for semester two as they feel it’s a waste of their parents hard earned resources paying rents while not been taught. Most glaring here are activities in catering, health, central services have all be stalled. A baby died last week and another student nearly died last week but one, just because of lack of fuel in the university ambulance nor relevant medicine in the pharmacy to attend to their health emergencies. 24 students and staff were abandoned in the middle of nowhere last week, due to a failed bus transporting them to Mombasa for a rugby tournament. Even the catering unit could not even afford to supply a decent standard lunch for international professors that came to mentor skills, at their own cost, at MMUST last week. Corruption have again reawaken in finance, with the section not being able to account for students fee balances during the semester one exams. Resources saved up by the previous administration are dwindling and heading to a rock-bottom from where it came from before 5 years ago. Community initiatives and relationships are gradually grinding to a halt, after the secret appointment of the mean schemer, Brenda Kabindio, to double as the university PRO and the community liaisons officer, thus replacing Oscar Waswa – believed to be loyal to the Otieno-led administration – while ignoring the fact that he had worked very hard to establish and strengthen a good relationship between the university and communities it has been serving. In short, the acting VC – prof Bosire, has practically not been visible in the last 90 days, all because he has failed to take charge of the day-to-day affairs of the university, while he is been controlled by the unions, a few disgruntled professors and Dr Bundi. Not mentioning he is not a hands-on person. It took the acting VC 60 days to be able to sign certificates of graduands from the 13th graduation that took place on the 14th of December, 2018. He is biased in his decision making ability, that is largely skewed to friends and ethnic interests and have a very strong weakness for succumbing to Dr Bundi’s single person decisions claimed to be made by council – a grossly illegal practice. Well, all these infelicitous acts are happening because Dr Bundi feels he has the right to control and manipulate the university and the ministry because of his connections with the president and Mr Kinyua, secretary to the cabinet, and believe he would use these connections to retain Bosire as acting VC for a longer time and himself, impossible to be removed from his position as chair of MMUST council. Prof Bosire unfortunately have swallowed this delusionary bait to the extent that he even agreed to stop Prof. Otieno’s salary despite having been appointed full Prof. of Civil Engineering in the department of civil and structural engineering at MMUST.

As we conclude, we look forward to Monday, next week, to welcoming the new acting VC taking over from prof Bosire – rumored to be the person of the current acting DVC, PRI, prof Charles Mutai – in high hopes that this change in baton will bring a new ray of hope to MMUST. It is with high hopes that we look to a restoration of normal business back at MMUST. As it currently stands, the spirit of work ethics instituted by the prof Otieno-led administration is fastly dying, with tensions eliciting from various sections of the university, particularly with most deans, directors and heads of departments now planning their exit from MMUST in fear of future uncertainty in their various offices.