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Prof. George Magoha- Congratulations on Your Appointment as CS Education

God in his infinite goodness has through our visionary president heard the prayers of the education sector in our country Kenya. Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology community in particular has received with great joy and happiness news of the appointment of Prof George Magoha as the Cabinet Secretary for Education. This is great wisdom and vision in the great leadership of President Uhuru Kenyatta, in his pursuit to unite Kenyans as he implements the Big Four Agenda. As proud Kenyans, we applaud this great development.

Prof Magoha is a focused worker, decisive, independent minded, courageous and a very productive worker, whom we expect to work in the same spirit as CS Fred Matiangi. Being an accomplished scholar and a strong achiever while as Vice Chancellor at UoN, we hope for his best efforts applied, especially in the Universities sector where development projects, teaching, research, innovation and outreach activities have been negatively affected by very bad leadership, from some few malicious members of Council, Trade Unions (UASU, KUSU, KUDHEIHA) and selfish professors, particularly here in MMUST.

We wish to point out key areas that the CS Education Prof Magoha will have to work on with lightening urgency to redeem the glory of Kenyan universities, using MMUST as his starting point:-

Restore good leadership in this great university. Our request is that you appoint a Vice Chancellor with an outstanding character, work ethics, and verifiable track record of excellence in leadership in public services and not one chosen based on ethnic and sentimental prejudice. We are tired of lazy acting VC, Prof Joseph Bosire – whose 90 days appointment ended on Thursday, 2019 but is still sitting in the office following a verbal extension of his 3 months contract through a phone call from the former cabinet secretary of the ministry, Amb. Amina Mohammed. Receive. Prof Bosire clearly lacks vision and hands-on on university management. Not to mention his track record of woeful performance at JOOUST as DVC. Kindly let him let go back to his JOOUST and continue with his poor performance and bad manners there, where he best fits. Let him not import his bad manners here at MMUST and ruin our huge milestone achieved over the last five years.
In consultation with the Labour Ministry, reign over trade unions. Here in MMUST we have outsiders (non-staff) who masquerade as union officials, persons like; Sammy Kubasu (UASU), Ronald Wamalwa and Cosmas Ruto (KUSU). Involvement of these persons in university activities is a threat to any progress. Find a way of forcing them out of your docket or else they will mess up with your tenure.
Crack the whip on double-agents of university management and trade unions. Here in MMUST this is the main problem. Currently, there is high chance that if union officials call any strike for whatever petty reason like wishing to promote grade 1 workers to full professors there will be 100% participation because the Ag VC – prof Joseph Bosire, the unqualified Registrar Admin – Ms. Rachel Atamba, Registrar AA – prof Thomas Sakwa and the non-statutory professors forum – led by professors Sakwa, Shiundu, Wamocho, Otiengi, Shallo, and the self-promoted “professor” – Dr Charles Chunge; all work hand-in-hand with the union officials and hence it will be considered the official position of management.
Restructure university councils and the criteria for their appointment and operations. We are tired of seeing Dr Jeremy Bundi hovering in MMUST every week, or holding week-long meetings in Nairobi and frequent needless management cum council retreat in Naivasha all in effort to continue earning MMUST allowances. Find a way of having Councils manage their budgetary allocations outside the jurisdiction of the Vice Chancellor to tame the illegal meetings meant at fleecing university finances and blackmailing the VCs.
Let Vice Chancellors be Vice Chancellors and not puppets of Councils, Unions and selfish professors like here in MMUST during the last three months. We want strong and decisive VCs and not emasculated officers with track records of corruption and dismal performances.
Consider getting feedback on many matters that CUE has created that are killing the University workforce.

As we conclude, we thank President Uhuru Kenyatta for supporting the mission of Bloggers in exposing the rots in many sectors of this country. This appointment is indeed laudable and evidence of the president’s commitment to fighting corruption, ethnic biases and actualization of his Big four Agenda. Long live MMUST! Long live the ministry of Education!! Long live the republic of Kenya!!!