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MMUST Scandal 7- Prof. Bosire still Acting VC after End of his term

An intelligence report reaching us shows that prof Joseph Bosire is still sitting as acting VC at MMUST, and illegally so. Prof Bosire’s 90 days appointment in acting capacity as vice chancellor of Masinde Muliro university of science and technology ended on the 28th of February, 2019. Our intelligence source reported that the said “extension” of the acting tenure of prof Bosire had no official written advisory for the same. If anything, the ex-CS of the ministry of Education, Amb. Amina Mohammed, was in a function in Busia during this time. He only received a verbal communication through a phone call to remain in office, of which we suspect the source of the call was from Dr Jeremy Bundi – the reassigned council chairman, who continues to disobey his reassignment by the ministry with vehemence and arrogance. We have also gathered that Dr Bundi, personally instructed his close collaborator in the VC’s office who also is the Ag. PRO, Ms. Brendah N. Kabindio – a mean schemer – to write to MMUST community using these exact words; “Dear MMUST Community, This is to notify you that the Cabinet Secretary, Ministry of Education, has extended the term of contract for the Ag. Vice Chancellor, Prof. Joseph Bosire, as from Thursday, 28th February 2019. We wish him the best as he serves the University of Choice. Kind Regards, Nashilluh Brendah Kabindio, Ag. Public Relations Officer”. End of quote!

Our further investigation shows that there was hardly any formal authority from the ministry to extend the acting tenure of prof Bosire and if at all there was any form of communication, it was verbal, with the intention that the extension will enable them travel together in the company of the ex-CS, prof Bosire and the acting registrar AA – prof Sakwa – to UK to attend a Kenya-UK Students Conference 2019 in the United Kingdom as from 4th March 2019. A conference tagged; ‘Empowering Youth-Transforming Kenya’ – A youth conference which by the way, no MMUST youth/student was nominated nor sponsored to attend and for which the student leaders have be asking questions as to why no student is sponsored to attend the conference. From what we have gathered so far, their intention was that the then CS will make a decision later after their UK tour, which was not to be, considering they never anticipated Amb. Amina will no longer be CS of the education ministry even before the unfortunate UK trip.

The purpose of this report as with others we have published is to expose the rot in MMUST taking place under the auspices of Dr Bundi and prof Bosire as acting VC. Such matter as what we have just exposed should not to be taken with levity. It is scandalous, to say the least, and a gross mislead of the entire MMUST community. These people in collaboration with some old and disgruntled professors, with no plans of mentoring any acting research nor researcher in the university, nor bringing any significant prospects in grants and aids and capacity development to the university, other than the name they shameless carry as “professors” with less than 20 peer review publication to their credits. The aftermath of this tripartite collaboration – Bundi, Bosire and the professors’ forum – are serious perpetration of illegality and wanton misappropriation of MMUST resources. This recent development of verbal extension of prof Bosire’s tenure in acting capacity is, saying the least, a gross let down, misuse of power and an exposure of the true characters involved here, being the persons of Amb. Amina Mohammed, ex-CS education ministry, Dr Bundi, chair of council, prof Bosire, acting VC MMUST and prof Thomas Sakwa, acting registrar AA, to mention a few. These senior citizens who are supposed to be the beacon of the society and exemplary characters for youths to emulate are busy playing cheap politics with the governance and management of MMUST and what’s more, the future of youths who are the chief clients of the university. They lie with arrant disregard to the entire university community and Kenyans in general. The effort to manipulate prof Bosire to travel to UK at the cost of MMUST on a matter youths aught be sponsored for, is illegal, as he has no written extension of his term at MMUST, much less to attend such meeting in the capacity of acting VC, MMUST. This is unacceptable, should have no place in modern Kenya, and must be stopped at all cost.

As we conclude, we wish to reiterate our dissatisfaction on the rising rate of illegalities in Masinde Muliro university in the last three months. Dr Bundi in particular has taken center stage in manipulating MMUST council – taking unilateral decisions and forcing it on council collective decision – controlling decisions of UMB and senate through the professors’ forum and entire management which he has manipulatively instituted himself and for his own satisfaction. In serving his selfish interests he has managed somehow to play around these three organs and in many occasions using the ministry name as decisions from the CS. These kind of behaviors need to stop, hence we hope the incoming CS will see these impunities and move to bring sanity into MMUST by appointing a VC who is firm and has a mind of his/her own. We further hope he will appoint a council chair for MMUST that understands university governance and stick to his/her boundaries and away from university management.