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MMUST Scandal 8: Johnson Simiyu Litiema- “MMUST Most Influential Personality”

Although this man-of-the-moment; Mr Johnson Simiyu Litiema is a dismissed staff on ground of gross theft, Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology has experienced a lot of destructive media coverage and transitional confusion credited to his name. You and I have been wondering why there has been no clear decision in the direction the university should head in terms of leadership. But alas! behind all this unfortunate confusion, this small semi-illiterate ‘native cow’ – Johnson Litiema – takes a center seat. This man, a former driver with Logos Christian School in Nairobi, and then MMUST where he was dismissed for the abominable crime of stealing from the dead, have also been dismissed after MMUST from three other workplaces on ground of theft as well. He seem obviously to have stealing as a second nature, as our investigations have revealed that while at MMUST employment he frequently stole petrol from MMUST vehicles, for which he was about to be surcharged for, before he carried out the mother of all acts of pilferage – disgracefully stealing a mattress from the dead – the act that got him recommended to be thrown out of MMUST, by a formally constituted committee. Little wonder why Dr Jeremy Bundi and this disgruntled professors found him a perfect ally to work with in their hard effort to repossessing control of MMUST finances.

Litiema has grown into an indispensable player in MMUST leadership rows, finding himself as the key advisor to the Council Chairman Dr Jeremy Bundi, union officials (UASU, KUSU, KUDHEIHA) and the professors forum top officials – profs Otiengi, Sakwa and Shiundu. All these professors and other leaders have passed him as a ‘genius’ as per their own academic experiences and standards. Dr Bundi has always stood by him as his EACC whistle blower in his fight against the mirage of corruption in MMUST, during the Otieno led administration. Through ‘MMUST FRATERNITY’ WhatsApp group that Litiema created, this man is the de facto spokesman and political strategist for all those he represents. He authors and approves dossiers and press statements for unions and professors forum, giving their releases the attractive and authoritative language, that are usually lacking in his publications through gutter presses and through his WhatsApp page. In some other cases, his strategies are to publish open letters to whomever he deem fit or minutes of imaginary meetings of all those he perceives enemy to their evil course of having 100% control of MMUST leadership and finances. By the way, this man is very ‘good’ at what he does with the social media – albeit, blogging is not one of his gifted traits, but imagine as you read this, you probably have on your Facebook invite page a request for friendship from Johnson Litiema…

Litiema is claimed to have already mobilized massive political support for the Acting Vice Chancellor Prof Joseph Bosire for permanent appointment – even though till date the man is still acting at MMUST without a formal extension letter from the ministry – with branded T-shirts in support of Bosire, already printed for planned rallies across streets of Kakamega county.

Litiema is also on the ground with a network of self-declared influential personalities in a strategy to ensure that the nominated CS for Education Prof George Magoha does not assume office. Our intelligence source has shared that Litiema with his union officials (led by Oduma, Onzere, and Wafula) and professors forum (led by profs Otengi, Sakwa, and Shiundu) are working with a wider network of internal and external persons disgruntled by the recent changes in cabinet to push for ‘their own’. We have also been rightly informed that their key strategy is to use personalities in favor of their course, at the national level to ensure that prof Magoha fails the vetting process – a very laughable wishful thinking considering the impressive and unmatchable records of prof George Magoha.

Due to Johnson Litiema’s relevance in their course, the unqualified Registrar Administration, Ms. Rachael Atamba, who also doubles as a relative of Johnson Litiema, has already laid out plans to recruit him back to MMUST to be employed this time to work in the anatomy lab under the supervision of the self-promoted ‘professor’ Dr Charles Chunge.

In conclusion, we continue to watch in utter dismay as all these schemes play themselves out. We remain perplexed as they play out their permutations around reemployment and reinstatement of dismissed persons on varying grounds raging from; gross misconduct, abuse of offices, illegal solicitation of levies from students, illegal drawing of per diems for worthless values – like Ms Atamba traveling to Nairobi on per diem to identify office for the vice chancellor at the floor of the Nairobi campus – to the university, employment of relatives without due processes nor appropriate requisite qualifications, to financial infelicity and misappropriation of MMUST resources, and even up to confiscation of official MMUST assets to personal assets – formal decisions that was baptized high-handedness and mismanagement of HR by Johnson Litiema and his co-dismissed and disgruntled allies, that have remained the biggest hunt and torment to the previous regime. As all these political permutations play out themselves at MMUST, we as comrades continue to watch with awe and remain confused as to where this university is heading to. So we wonder aloud; why can’t then, Litiema be reemployed and appointed Emeritus Professor in MMUST and save us all his annoying kleptomaniac excesses and ever embarrassing presence on social platforms?