MMUST Scandal

MMUST Scandal 9- Professors Providing Religious Solution to Salvage Varsity’s Challenges

Finally, the professors of Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology led by her key chieftains who we would prefer to dub the ‘holy trinity’; professors Silvery Oteng’i, Thomas Sakwa and John Shiundu – is awake and alive to the bitter reality in the wake of a rapidly dwindling resources, staff demotivation to work, failing academic standards and quality and what’s more, a state of failed leadership, where malice and vindictiveness have taken center stage – provides a religious and spiritual solution to addressing the myriad of problems gradually but surely driving the institution to a failed system. While we are alive to the fact that none of these professors holds any academic, research nor development grants and aids to their name, nor at their level and experience in the academic arena, have any research group nor any academic idiosyncratic sub-system they lead nor even any scholar they are mentoring on their academic accolades, much less to mention plans to deliver a MMUST inaugural lecture, we are equally aware that they have thought it wise to seek on the path of religious restitution in effort to salvage MMUST of her litany of issues dragging her to failure. Little wonder why the “holier than thou” most confused administrators this country would ever produce, the perennial failure; professor Joseph Bosire of JOOUST, fits very aptly into their well-designed scheme and an instrument to be manipulated as they wish, since he himself lacks focus nor direction on how a system is built and run.

In the midst of this unfolding drama, the biggest university in the western region is steadily being dragged from a centre of academic excellence to a place of religious fanaticism and spiritual confusion, courtesy of the three professors, two of whom we know have other side hustles as ‘men of the collar’ besides MMUST’s regular job – Prof Silvery Oteng’i (a renegade pastor of the Repentance and Holiness Ministry of Bishop David Owuor), and his ‘holy’ companion Rev Prof Thomas Sakwa (with his theoretical physics doctrines). We also like to note their religious approach to delivering MMUST of her “bedeviled witchcraft” is well blended with the “going-back-to-the-root” ideology of the traditionalist, Prof John Shiundu. These three have been on the forefront trying to find spiritual solutions to the dark clouds that have kept hanging around MMUST ever since their equally very spiritual brother Prof Joseph Bosire, the Ag Vice Chancellor from JOOUST, landed in MMUST over three (3) months ago. As this drama continues, we are left wandering – moving from one prayer session to another, either organized by the unions or by management in collaboration with the union, the disgruntled professors and the chairman of council – Dr Jeremy Bundi, to chase away hallucinations of ‘witchcraft’ hovering in MMUST, up to a latest drama of peace-building initiative – where did the disharmony begin from? Who are the warring parties? What happened to the statutory university Ombudsman? Or the national cohesion committee of the university? Or are we being bedeviled by our own lack of focus and poor leadership? Or is this just another unfold of “Afrocinema” – the MMUST version?

It is good to acknowledge that MMUST staff and students acknowledge the presence of God and on several occasions have held interdenominational prayers regardless of the diversity in faiths. Now here comes Prof Bosire with misled ambitions of wanting to spiritually and prayerfully restore “peace, tranquility and progress” at MMUST, by building bridges, fighting witchcrafts and reversing “wrongful” promotions, demotions and dismissals at MMUST. Yet, this man has not even bothered to pay attention to academics failings at MMUST, financial failings at MMUST and in short, failings in virtually every units of the university, even after 3 months in acting capacity, plus 12 days of refusal-to-go-home “acting without official extension letter”. This perennial failure have achieved nothing in MMUST. He has never even taken a tour of the University, since he came, to just interact with people in their various sections/offices, yet he purports to know so much that he can constitute a Building Bridges initiative committee to bring about cohesion and harmony, outside proper HR procedures. In short this man is simply a busy-bodied gossip, who enjoys cheap attention and even had the guts to request to travel to UK on a students’ conference, with his ‘partner in crime’ Thomas Sakwa, without even considering sponsoring to expose, at least one student, with such rare opportunity. Yet, we boast of being a ‘student-centered’ university! What an irony this is!!

Back to spiritualism, Prof Bosire organized university prayers on January 22nd 2019 to exorcise evil spirits from MMUST, with the invitation of an army of honest prayer warriors from within and outside MMUST. But what happened? Bosire, Oteng’i, Sakwa and their traditionalist compatriot Shiundu invited a non-staff Sammy Kubasu to insult named ‘sorcerers’ and endorsed Bosire to be appointed VC on permanent basis, in order reinstate Rutto aka Cosmos, Wamalwa and Litiema who were sacked as a result of gross misconducts, with great expectations that the powerful prayers that would follow their choreographed hate speech would help in divine granting of their selfish plan. Well, to justify the powers of their prayers in chasing away the ‘dark clouds’ befalling MMUST, the self-promoted ‘professor’ Dr Charles Chunge who himself claims to come from an anointed bloodline, recently issued a most unfortunate statement: “God is great. Amen. Everyone should have attended the recent prayer Day called by the University Authorities. Otherwise the original prayers by the Bishops will continue to remove those opposed to positive progress and install performers. Those who are being appointed must acknowledge the hand of God. Those being removed ought to go into repentance” end of quote. Also, keep in mind that Chunge is known for making very loose, arrogant hate speeches as this one… You may remember that the same Chunge, dubbed the “clown of the trinity – call them the three musketeers”, once claimed that; the groundbreaking prayers for the anatomy lab were meant to curse some people he himself hated, have personal differences with and claimed to be standing in his way of getting accreditation for the school of medicine.

To Chunge and his other like-minded worshippers (including Bosire, Oteng’i, Shiundu and Sakwa) the unexplained removal of some officers was an act of their deity and not anything to do with university statutes or any principles of management. But we wonder whether the same prayers reached higher than MMUST to bring changes in the ministry that have since brought into jeopardy all previous plans of Bosire and his self-created ‘holy trinity’ (Oteng’i, Sakwa, Shiundu) making him hang around MMUST without a formal letter of extension. Not to mention him and Sakwa not being cleared to travel to UK for a student/youth conference. Or maybe the prayers did bring repentance in Sakwa to return the corruptly acquired KES 294,700 in per diem, meant to cater for his unfortunate/aborted trip to UK. Don’t worry mzee! We noticed you sneaked through the back door and quietly deposited back the monies, exactly KES 294,700 at KCB Webuye branch on the 7th March, 2019. Or did you think that could have escaped our radar?

As we finish, we note as comrades and stakeholders to MMUST – who look up to professors as the highest level of knowledge in our academics and leadership – in our opinion, MMUST professors need to do more on a de-radicalization program than those building bridges and other types of divisive spiritual dramas. This way we can prevent religious fanaticism and intolerance that is now transforming into an avenue of institutional terrorism by these brainwashed professors. For us, it is clear that the ambitions of these ‘so-called professors’ are driven by greed for power and money ‘in paradise’. If this issue of religious intolerance is allowed to continue in MMUST, we might as well wallow in insolvency and academically and morally bankrupt and failed institution.