MMUST Scandal

MMUST Scandal 10- The MMUST Building Bridges Initiative (MBBI)

Dear readers, riding on our commitment to updating you, as stakeholders of MMUST, on the prof Joseph Bosire’s led schemes to bring MMUST down grappling on her feet, we would like to bring to you the latest schemes we have received from our ever reliable source in the union. This, we believe, is the mother of all schemes to bring through the backdoor dismissed staff of MMUST, on ground of gross misconduct, without proper HR procedures nor with regard to provisions in the university statutes. We are about to be treated to yet another ill-intentioned scheme dubbed ‘building-bridges’ (aka handshake). Initially planned to be a ‘healing process’ for what Bosire, his ‘holy trinity’ of professors Otieng’i, Sakwa and Shiundu and the union officials have faked as extreme bad blood among MMUST staff.

While the university in her provisions have statutory processes for addressing disaffections amongst staff, like; the Ombudsman, and the national cohesion committee – the Bosire led management in her usual ‘lack-of-focus’, zero-respect-for-procedures, and divisive leadership style have sort to disregard these processes of reconciliation and opted to hatch another scheme dubbed; MMUST Building Bridges Initiative (MBBI). His management have already constituted a committee, whose membership comprised members from the union officials, senate and UMB – whom by the way, many of them are unaware of the evil plans they are being roped into and chaired by the traditionalist himself – prof John Shiundu. We have been reliably informed that as we predicted in our earlier blog, with no clear HR provision to reemploy dismissed staff on grounds of gross misconduct, they planned to bring them back through a back door. Yet, we wonder, how come no member of the existing Ombudsman’s office or the 14-man national cohesion committee included in this MBBI committee? How come no clear HR procedure is been adhered to in this process. Anyway, just to let you read directly from the source, we present to you below, the contents of the appointing document and the terms of reference provided to members of the ill-fated committee:

1. Introduction
During the University Prayer Day held on 22nd January, 2019, at the Sports Pavilion/Graduation Square, the key prayer focused on pardon, reconciliation and unity of purpose for the MMUST community. Taking a cue from this, on as a furtherance to the memoranda from the University Professors and the Staff Unions, Senate, at its sitting on 30th January, 2019, resolved to constitute a MMUST Building Bridges Initiative (MBBI) Committee of nine (9) members, three each from UMB, Senate and the Staff Unions. The purpose of this committee will be to collect and collate information from staff with a view of making recommendations that will sustain cohesion and tranquility in the University
2. Terms of reference
To identify staff of the University that may have been disadvantaged in the process of review for promotion or in the process of their official university duties
To profile such staff as identified in (1) so as to show explicitly the nature (s) of the disadvantage, when and how they were committed
In each of the cases, indicate the part or sections of the law and university statutes that may have been infringed upon, and demonstrate the offence.
Determine the magnitude and threshold of the offences committed by either party in the process
Make recommendations on each of the cases as it may be.
Address any other such matter for future reference
The committee should present its final report within one month of the appointment, but not later than 1st April, 2019….”

For avoidance of doubt, we recognize the fact that this communication was presented at senate on the said date. However, the truth remains that the terms of reference issued to the appointed committee are totally different from what Bosire himself presented to senate and what was uttered during the important university prayer occasion that they themselves ended up abusing for selfish wishes. In this regard, we take to task the Ag VC to affirm the above content under oath in a sworn affidavit, before progressing with this ill-intended initiative. In addition, we challenge the architects of this initiative, including; Robinson Oduma and Meshack Onzere, to declare their own interests in the matter – considering that the former was on the verge of facing disciplinary and HR ‘hammer’ for abandoning his teaching responsibilities, before the emergence of Ms. Atamba. While the latter being Rev. Omwoha’s nephew, recruited as a choir master without an advert or interviews, remains unsure of his standing as a MMUST staff whenever sanity returns to the university through a more capable leadership.

But still we are wondering, why can’t the unqualified Registrar Administration; Ms. Rachael Atamba, stick to HR policies in addressing workers concerns instead of trying to solve issues through a political backdoor dubbed ‘building bridges’? Why can’t union officials stick to implementing the CBAs instead of looking for shortcuts in what they failed to achieve all these years before now, considering that they themselves stopped staff interviews severally while allowing themselves to be promoted through their relative as we had with the KUSU deputy chairperson, Gregory Lidzaga – a nephew to Ms. Atamba? Why can’t this group come out clear that they actually want an avenue to get back to employment those dismissed for gross misconduct like Sammy Kubasu, Ronald Wamalwa, Cosmas Rutto and Johnson Litiema? Why can’t they simply just tell us they want to keep Rev. Omwoha in office even after retirement, despite being relieved of her duty as dean of students for corrupt practices and misuse of office such as illegally obtaining monies, in form of unprocedural and unapproved levies and charges, from students? And the list goes on with so many whys?

As we conclude and while noting that the terms of reference of the MBBI committee raises many questions in line with HR concerns – like; if the intention of the initiative is to build bridges through building and sustaining cohesion and tranquility in the University, why focus mainly on the issue of promotion? Why disregard the relevance of the ombudsman and the existing national cohesion committee of the university?
Further still, we really wonder on how well, really, the sitting-without appointment letter, Ag. VC, purport to have understood the University so well within such a short period of three months and now thirteen illegal days of leadership at MMUST, for him to confidently claim that the university staff are hurting, or that there is disharmony, or believe he has the ability to restore this harmony. Or maybe, just maybe we are simply dealing with a very lazy busybody who would rather thrive in gossips and lies fed to him by disgruntled officers deceiving him of their hallucinated powers to keep him permanently as CEO at MMUST. Can someone ask Prof Joseph Bosire, if since attaining the position of acting CEO at MMUST, if he has taking any tour of the units, facilities and sections of MMUST, or even visited any classroom or examination venue to observe day-to-day functioning at the university, handed over to him on a platter of gold to manage for a short spell? Yet, here we are, this is the man that purport to want to build bridges at MMUST through an ill-intentioned scheme dubbed “MBBI”.