Be In Time

Take a second and observe your immediate surrounding, do you see anything worth a smile? 

Definitely not, but why?
To answer this, travel with me behind the scenes and see that which the normal eye seeth not.

All of us have the moral obligation to sanitize our societies. Deep within us lies that little voice, constantly urging us to do right but we seldom hearken to it. We often choose to look the other way, taking the path whose end is doom.

This is definitely not a sweet pill to us but however bitter it may be, that’s how green the truth is dear friends.
You and me;us in totally are responsible for the mess in our societies and this justifies the absence of anything worth a smile in our surrounding..

The struggle is real;it’s fierce, it’s raging and hot.
We need to take sides and do that which is good and right. The system is leaking and needs urgent fixing.
This is no time to ‘slay’ and fashion our thoughts in line with the anti examples in our midst.

We, as a people, must stand to be counted once and for all.
We’ve to restore justice, we’ve to reinstill the spirit of hard work to our people, we have to pipe honesty and sincerity back to our schools.
Many may tire along the way, many will be tempted to slumber and hang their swords but we must soldier on.

Join me ladies and gentlemen in singing this song, THE SONG OF INTEGRITY, a song of hope to hopeless.
Let’s lift up our voices in one accord, let’s hold our hands in solidarity, let the melody sound and resound from every lip, let the world know that salvation is nigh.
I’ve peeped into the tunnel, morning rays are sure to shine..
Slumber not brother, slumber not sister for in a little while, we shall cross the red sea and we will be able to say in the purest of tones, and in the sweetest of tongues that ALL IS WELL.



Prof McOdirah

Through The Integrity Organization.