The Dry Drops

Given a second chance, I would be nice to you. I would whisper the most soothing words ever uttered by mortal tongues into your ears, ooh yes, it would be nice! But we haven’t as much time, the close of our probation hastens at an alarming rate. We can’t and won’t definitely have a second chance; taking cognizant of the aforementioned, I have, costs and repercussions notwithstanding, be brutally honest with you and myself too for all of us are as guilty as Cain. It’s not lost on me that I might have erred in my conclusions but I beseech thee to permit me ground my submissions and make real my line of thought. Take a closer look;

MMUSO elections are nigh, aspirations are high. Men and women of this institution are warming up for an exercise that they perceive shall in the long run shape their leadership and political lives. It’s beautiful, it’s noble. Eyes are cast on the targets, euphoric supporters’ and fanatics’ numbers are increasing in leaps and bounds. The University of Choice is jolly. However, in all these, nobody appears to be aware of the dragon that is slowly creeping unto us.

Any reasonable scholar would agree with me that politics that hangs solely on ethnic mobilization is dead. That is how green the truth is. And a people that subscribe and succumbs to this are not only devoid in values but also immoral. I’m writing this with the penmanship of an experienced comrade. It saddens the heart to see institutions of higher learning turned into dens of playing tribal cards.

Elections are no longer about ideas, leadership is no longer about service. It’s the singer and not the song anymore. These are realities on the ground.
After every academic year, innocent fresh men and women are recruited into these tribal cults and soon get acclimatized to the norms thereof. And this sells so well to us .Believe it or not, the entrenchment of tribalism in Kenya has its breeding grounds in our public universities. We intentionally manufacture the tribal leaders we see and later cry foul over our own misfortunes.

Am a strong believer of the Christian faith, and one of the fundamental teachings of my faith is that a man reapeth whatsoever he soweth. He who soweth thistles, so shall he reap and he who soweth corns reaps corns. There are no exceptions to this truth however cutting it may.

This threat is real, it’s coming at a rate not seen before and therefore we need to take grounds lest we perish with the coming waves. We need to make a decision. These are not the times to play games of tests and probabilities, the games of hide and seek. We are at a crisis as a people and it’s our absolute responsibilities to make a choice going forward. We may choose to serve the gods of the Amorites or the Lord God but as for me and my household we shall serve the Lord!

Amani ya Mwenyezi Mungu, inayozidi akili zote na iweze kuwa nanyi.



Prof McOdirah