In The Corridors of University

Truly rewarding to the zeal we had when we first knew something about ‘Campus’ is belonging to an institution of higher learning. It is an extraordinary amazing feeling to have that privilege to sit in the halls of the of the university with other elites from all over the country and beyond the borders and proudly become a comrade.

Whether you’re at the beginning of this life at the university struggling to enrol to a programme or having a problem understanding what your lecturer wants you to do in your first assignment or you are a finalist looking forward to a life after college, you have sure heard countless times so far that studying is the best period of one’s life. At the first glance it seems like a Cliché, which people always pronounce with a certain dose of sadness. With all the commitments, strict lecturers and difficult exams for which one has to prepare for months but still feel harassed in the examination halls.
It goes without saying that it will not always be summer, ‘Non semper erit aestas,’ as the Latin wise men put it. Times comes when the sweet become bitter, when you go to class for a lecture and still come out as you went in, times when fate seems to conspire against the comrade, when the student loan is all used and the well is dry, just left with an option of living at the mercy of loyal friends, a loving parent and a few relatives whom you can count on for a push through the semester.

When in that situation a person is “out of his/her comfort zone,” when things aren’t going as expected or planned and especially when one has no idea of what the future holds in store, one becomes irritable, grouchy and “bitter”. This makes campus life an exilic life full of tough and unwelcoming moments instead of being an haven of pleasures and joyous ventures as it were.

Better still ‘Bora uhai’ becomes the consoling phrase in that case, that you got a chance to live to fight another day and keep the sail through the storm as it is not the end of the fight. Life surrenders to those who do not give up.
Hard times come, we do not dispute that but we have lots of good reasons that prove life at the university is beautiful and the most interesting experience.

Talk of the freedom that comes with it, finally on your own is the experience you get, you can do or stop doing things you couldn’t even dream of in your parent’s home. A spontaneous party, a stroll at wee hours into the night and being the sole determiner of how you spend your time. The friendships that come in random, while studying you get to meet a whole new lot of people and often very different from yourself, people of other nationalities, religion character and points of view, but also some people of similar interests and with some of them staying friends for life.

People create the largest number of friendships at the university. You have similar troubles, you find yourself in an unknown environment, you have the same temptations, obligations desires and also many people meet their greatest love just while studying.

Having fun is another ingredient to good life in the university. The best of the parties and instant outings with friends, take selfies as you capture the memorable moments. Among other reasons for campus life being an amazing episode is the independence and enormous knowledge we gain. Studying will satisfy all your curiosity in a particular field with numerous associations and extracurricular activities where you can gain some additional skills and meet people who share your passion.
All in a nutshell studying is one of the most turbulent and most intense periods of a person’s life in which a whole new horizon opens in front of you, and the lessons that you learn do not only come from the books you read or the wisdom emanating from the professors but the best of the best comes from successfully overcoming all the problems and obstacles, tasks and obligations that the study brings and you are able to say with confidence that you are a grown up. Certain things in life are just not worth missing. To all folks from the university of choice, I say blessings to you a good people!


Kenyanya Alphonce



Integrity Organisation