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MMUST Online App

MMUST NEWS™ in partnership with web developer Paul Ndambo brings you a new exciting app – MMUST ONLINE.

The app contains all that suits Comrades from MMUST. It has an inbuilt web browser and navigator that enables the user to access:

1. MMUST Student Portal

2. University Website

3. MMUST NEWS™ website

4. Online Program Application for New Students

5. Custom Comrades Chatroom

6. Recommendations from the Developer

In addition to this, the top menu has  4 buttons:

1. Contact: enables the user to contact the app developer.

2. Share: enables the user to share the app with friends through Xender, Flashare, Bluetooth, WhatsApp, Facebook, E-mail, Twitter and much more.

3. Notification bar for new messages

4. Profile: Contains user’s profile details for Chatting in the Chatroom.

To participate in the chatroom, users get to create their profiles. They then can contact anyone who has installed the app.

The app is 6MB in size, hence won’t strain students bundle when it gets to be published on the Playstore. Comrades are requested to install the app and give suggestions for improvement during development.