MMUST Scandal

MMUST Scandal 11- Cartel behind leakage of Documents and Propaganda

Masinde Muliro University has for a while suffered constant negative publicity in social media especially MMUST fraternity whatsapp forum through none else but the notorious, Johnson Litiema. Johnson who you all know by now, was sacked for stealing a mattress from a dead man, has not only fought back on the university through his ‘MMUST fraternity’ forum, but also through ‘gutter press’ like Citizen weekly, in collaboration with his fellow disgruntled colleague – a former personal assistant in the Vice Chancellors office, Mr Seth Musisi – using very distasteful articles about the university. What has astonished many is how these documents, some of them very sensitive or quite personal, get out to these two main outlets – Litiema and Musisi. However, we know these two are very strategically prone to be used as merchants of information as they have nothing to lose being jobless and in desperate need to survive for as low as KES 200 to post any dirt. Through hard efforts from our very reliable intelligence source, we are now able to reveal to you very shocking information on the amorphous, but sophisticated cartel that has caused great image damage to the leadership, staff, students and the overall image of MMUST through social media and gutter press.

This cartel is made up of various arms with key persons planted on strategic offices in the University, namely VC’s office having the long-serving PA who appears very innocent and harmless like a goose, Brendah Kabindio. In Finance Office is another one who pretends to be confused in order to hide his inborn craftiness called Joseph Mayenga with his close collaborator Nixon Apwoka. In procurement there has been Michael Amukanga, who himself being very crafty uses as a proxy and long-time partner in crime, in their clandestine dealings, the sacked Cosmas Rutto. At the MMUST clinic, where Litiema committed his embarrassing crime to a dead man that sent him out of MMUST, their key informant is Ms Atamba’s own nephew and Litiema’s relative – Maxwell Khayiya – who himself being a medical record officer should know the sensitive nature and ethics of confidentiality in patients’ personal records, decide to breach this in favor of tribal allegiance, in unethically sharing of very sensitive patients’ personal records – a responsibility outside his day-to-day mandate at the university clinic.

The main internal source of documents to Litiema and Musisi is no other than the internal auditor himself, Mr Samuel Rotich who has continued working in the background making copies and transmitting them to union officials, state organs such as EACC and other outlets. This guy who was key in employing many unqualified staff from his own village in Marakwet, puts on a very innocent face while avoiding mingling freely in order to remain unsuspected. He is the father of all leaked documents within MMUST. In this game, he has been working closely with another custodian of MMUST documents the unqualified Registrar Administration, Rachael Atamba and her network of relatives.

Within this cartel of moles at MMUST is one very disgruntled staff, Dr Stanley Omuterema who coordinates the access to documents from staff in various sections even at a fee. While masquerading as an expert in policy, Dr Omuterema helps build ‘sound’ arguments from the documents for Litiema and Musisi. He is also known to run errands to various government offices for the team from those within the county to the national ones submitting fake dossiers. Dr Omuterema has been a very close friend and misadvisor to the Chair of Council, Dr Jeremy Bundi, yet he himself is still yet to put up a logical defense on his alleged financial infelicity while at Eldoret polytechnic, that got him resigned from the institution nor his alleged cases of multiple theft that got him dismissed as coordinator of Ebunangwe campus. Despite being a well-known infelicitous man, Dr Omuterema has made himself the self-declared “admonisher of corrupt cartels” in MMUST and the whistle blower for his mirage of corrupt practices in the previous management. By the way, we hear he is submitting a huge dossier of grievances of his perceived “injustices” levelled against him during the previous management – one of them being dozens of “unpaid” fake and doctored invoices gathered while serving as coordinator of Ebunangwe campus.

Again, in this very team there is an internal Editorial Committee that helps polish dossiers, press statements and even whatsapp messages shared by Litiema. Members of this editorial committee include; top brains such as Prof Egara Kabaji, whose opportunity of being VC was snatched from his lips by the incompetent intruder from JOOUST, Prof Joseph Bosire. Other members of the editorial team are; the perennial PA to every VC in MMUST, Brendah Kabindio, disgruntled erstwhile director to the office of the VC, Isaac K’Owino, the disgruntled erstwhile sweetheart to management, Susan Choge, the lazy administrator who no university management could accept to work with, Gregory Lidzaga, and the thievery master himself, Stanley Omuterema, amongst others. Now, small wonder why Litiema’s whatsapp and email posts remain so sophisticated in language and rich in content.

The political wing of this cartel is made up of the union officials led by Robinson Oduma and the outsider Sammy Kubasu (UASU), Onzere Mulongo and the non-staff Ronald Wamalwa (KUSU) and Edwin Wafula and Mark Komen (KUDHEIHA). This political wing besides having silent spies and strategists in the background such as the teenager Shadrack Opunde, Angeline Savala, and Dr Patrick Okoth – with long dictionary of confused English vocabulary. They also have an army of very vocal and vulgar foot-soldiers such as Jason Nyakoe Momanyi and Dr Rose Opiyo.

In all these, the advisory board is not different from the non-statutory professors’ forum led by the ‘holy trinity’ consisting of the renegade pastor, Prof Oteng’i, the ‘shortcut to lies’, Prof Sakwa, and the traditionalist, Prof Shiundu. Amidst these professors is the ‘self-promoted professor and clown of the trinity’ Dr Charles Chunge – who has frequently openly bragged to have very close connections as a medical consultant with the family of one of the topmost government officials in charge of appointing university Councils and CEOs. Chunge is rumored to have been the link between this cartel with the top government official who has just witnessed the first victory of Gor Mahia FC in the new docket.

But one major question that still remains unanswered in the midst of all this is; who really is the person who leaks University Council documents to Litiema and Musisi? We remain confused on how Litiema gets unlimited access to discussions within Council, to even referring to what each member by name, said. Again, why would Litiema keep writing authoritative whatsapp messages directed to the Chair of Council himself, Dr Jeremy Bundi, as the self-assigned arbiter to council chairman and management? Your guess is as good as mine on who actually leaks university council documents. But still, we note with keen interest that the end to the clandestine schemes of this cartel in MMUST is yet to be witnessed as we look to the new CS to bring in sanity to this breeze of ambitious madness for power and control at Masinde Muliro University.