MMUST Scandal

MMUST Corruption: Rading, Bosire and Bundi Fraud Syndicate – Part 1

The MMUST “acting VC” Prof Bosire has been in office without an extension letter from 1st March 2019 to date. Besides the very serious irregularity around this action that potentially negates everything he did during this period and render them null-and-void, the worse of them all is that we have just been reliably informed that he has been put back on MMUST payroll and paid salary for March, 2019.

CPA Ogutu Rading

MMUST Finance Officer – Ogutu Rading

Information reaching us from very reliable sources show that, without clearance from council members, the chair of council Dr Bundi, who himself is in office illegally – after failing to ascent to an official instruction that reassigned him to Pwani university as chairman of Pwani university council – through a phone call, instructed the finance officer, Mr Rading Oguta, to put back the “acting VC”, prof Bosire on payroll, an action which not only negates the provisions of the university act, but one which we consider inappropriate, corrupt and illegal, to say the least and aught be investigated by relevant statutory authorities.

Furtherance to this order from the chairman of council, Mr Rading then goes ahead and verbally ordered the payroll accountant, Mr Fredrick Onaya, to effect the directive. We have been made to understand that the payroll officer who when he tried to question the legality around putting back prof Bosire on the payroll, was vehemently met with very threatening warning and seriously reprimanded for attempting to resist what Mr Rading, the finance officer, termed “order from above”. As we write, we have reliable information that prof Joseph Bosire, the acting-without-extension-letter VC, is back on payroll and have earned salary from MMUST for the period ending March 31st, 2019. We therefore in this regard, call on the Auditor-General to surcharge these three accomplices who connived to defraud MMUST, namely; Mr Rading, Prof Bosire and Dr Bundi. We also call on relevant authorities to step in to investigate these corrupt and illegal practices, and deal with them according to their merits.

Dr. Jeremy Bundi

MMUST Council Chairman – Dr. Jeremy Bundi

Speaking of irregularities by the way, there seem to be no end to the waves of atrocities Dr Bundi plan to and is already committing in MMUST. As chairman of council, we have been reliably informed of how, with impunity, he has colluded with Prof Bosire, Ms Vayonda Koross Sirma – a MMUST council member and Ms Atamba – the unqualified registrar administration who was recently illegally reinstated in office by the same Dr Bundi – to illegally employ one Mr Kipkurgat as a Procurement officer at MMUST. Meanwhile, according to information in our possession, Mr Kipkurgat does not possess authentic qualifications to be a Procurement officer, yet, and more disturbing is the fact that he is married to the niece of Ms Vayonda Sirma. Would this not be a gross and direct conflict of interest? We are left to wonder! Still we are reliably informed that Ms Sirma did not declare this conflict, even though both she and Dr Bundi were aware of these facts, and also aware of the unethical implication of same, yet none of them bothered at any time to declare the conflict of interest. In this regard, we cry to the EACC, in its serious fight against corrupt and unethical practices in public offices, to move with speed and investigate this matter.

We are well aware that the issue of Mr Kipkurgat has been a huge bone of contention between some members of council and previous management. We are well aware of the extent to which the chairman of council, Ms Vayonda Sirma – the aunty to the wife of Mr Kipkurgat – two other council members; namely Dr Muchelule and the sacked or if you like ‘resigned’ member – Mr Frank Kibelekenya – vehemently fought the former VC, so much so fiercely that they even took the matter to the former CS Education Ministry to arbitrate over. This team of council members who desperately wanted the former VC out of office at all cost, got so personal about wanting Mr Kipkurgat come on board as staff of MMUST in-charge of procurement, as a strategic scheme for them to use him as front to illegally secure contracts at MMUST. As much as it may seemingly appear that they have succeeded in getting Mr Kipkurgat on board as MMUST procurement officer, we still dare say that this is a point for investigation by relevant statutory authorities. Hence, we call on a vetting and a revisit on the qualifications of Mr Kipkurgat as procurement officer at MMUST.

Acting MMUST VC Prof. Joseph Bosire

Acting MMUST VC Prof. Joseph Bosire

As we end this first part of the corruption syndicacy in MMUST, we also call on the political leadership of Kakamega County to be in the know and to watch out for this stage being set to not only fleece the university but also to cripple it down to her feet in insolvency. We further dare ask… how is it so easy that Dr Bundi and his clique succeed in having his ways and his personal interests almost all the time? What are the other council members doing allowing these kinds of manipulations by the chair of council, Dr Bundi? Why can’t they stand up and exercise their fiduciary responsibilities? We cry to them to stand up and assist. Let them say enough is enough to Dr Bundi’s overindulgences and salvage the dignity that many have labored for to bring MMUST to her present status that has remain the envy of many and our pride as the good people of western Kenya. Stay with us to the second part of this blog where we will further expose more financial misappropriations by the finance officer, Mr Rading Oguta in collaborative reunion with the acting-without-extension-letter VC, Prof Bosire, both having formed their corruption bond while working together as staff of JOOUST.