MMUST Scandal

Corruption and Illegal Practices at MMUST – Part 2

Ever since the end of the previous management, it appeared like some demon had bewitched MMUST finance management. The finance officer, Mr Rading Oguta, himself being at the helm, engaging in an extraordinary spending spree for his personal benefit and gains. As if what he makes moonlighting in various institutions as part-time lecturer – while using MMUST resources and time, for which he is paid for – is not enough for him, he is now perpetually in Nairobi nearly every week for whatever reasons he could fabricate. When he travels to Nairobi, he claims at least, three days per diem and mileage. The idea behind the mileage is to inflate the allowance, of which the mileage alone gets him over KES 30,000.

Meanwhile, a return plane ticket to Nairobi costs only KES 9,000, and even if you would include a taxi pick-up to and from JKIA to CBD, you would still spend at most an extra KES 4,000. This careless misuse of funds by the finance officer beats any logic and worse still, is against the university travel policy. More so, one cannot even understand why in the first instance, Mr Rading claims or takes mileage to Nairobi, as we are well aware that the mileage he collects is corruptly received as he uses public means to travel to Nairobi – cost which is a far cry from KES 30,000. What an irony this is, as this is a shameful behavior least expected from a man entrusted with the university finances, and ought be a watchdog to wasteful spending.

A very recent example on hand for which Mr Rading and his partner in corruption, has perfected their strategies of fleecing MMUST is witnessed in the week ending 29th March, 2019. Mr Jared Rading and prof Bosire Joseph both travelled to Nairobi for three days, on the excuse of pursuing some capital development money – meanwhile, this was the same money meant for capital development, for which MMUST had already received, being a total amount of KES 87 million, a week earlier before their purported trip to Nairobi for same. So, this left us wondering, did the duo run out of lies or did they think that MMUST is filled with dunderheads as not to figure it all out? Again we wonder, if this isn’t pure corruption and misappropriating of public funds, then what is? Prof Bosire found a convenient ally in Mr Rading being that both have worked together, previously, for up to 5 years at JOOUST. Now in MMUST they both found it safe to connive and line their pockets to the much they can grab before sanity is restored back to MMUST, since Mr Rading knows well with an upright CEO at the helm of MMUST management his game would be up. In this regards, we are calling on EACC and the Ministry of Education to step in and crack their oversight whip on this duo before they cripple MMUST to insolvency.

So now, the questions that begs becomes; in the midst of this spending galore between the Finance Officer and the acting VC, what is the internal Auditor, Mr Samuel Rotich, doing about all this? Well, seek ye no further as he himself is gagged, as he has been compromised by an earlier forensic audit, conducted by an independent firm which implicated Mr Rotich – MMUST internal auditor – in a fraud at the university. Sadly, the report of the forensic audit still lies in the university with council, led by Dr Jeremy Bundi, who is reluctant to implement the recommendation of the firm, to date. We are again, calling on the ministry to step in and call on the council to implement the findings of the forensic audit, as the university spent over KES 6 million for that work, and should not be allowed to come to waste.

Coming back to Mr Rading, we know that he is not only a corrupt man and a glutton who only acts on imprests for which he expects personal benefits from, but also a mean man – you could call him a sadist – who enjoys seeing frustration in the faces of hard-working staff. He particularly enjoys to frustrate staff in processing of their imprests and claims, and would turn them back-and-forth with comments that are neither here nor there, or even implementing policies retrospectively just to make sure the monies are lost to abandonment since he is not getting a share in it. Even imprests or claims approved by the CEO or the DVC (A & F) are purposefully delayed for weeks and even months. When it comes to staff PSSP monies, academic staff would rightly confirm to anyone how their payment are purposefully delayed with endless “pendulum”, cat-and-mouse game for weeks or months, yet he wastes no time paying non-teaching and administrative staff for which obviously he benefits from, regardless of the fact that the teaching staff are the ones who toil to raise that PSSP money. How else would one describe malicious treatment of staff by this man, who only thinks of himself and his pockets.

On Prof Bosire, one would even write a book on his character which you could hardly describe as exemplary. In the first instance, Prof Bosire’s acting appointment is itself an illegality that was meant to put him at an advantage by ‘friends’. We wonder aloud, what statutes or university act informed the decision to appoint an outsider as acting VC, in the first place? Clearly, Prof Bosire’s appointment was illegal as the university act is very clear on who can act as a VC and definitely excludes someone from outside being appointed from one university to act in another university. In any case, our very reliable inside source informed us of how Prof Bosire was pushed into office by the then advisor of the former CS Ministry of Education, a very young and inexperienced hustler in the name of Dr Walter Juma Ongeti who is a former chairman of council at JOOUST, where Bosire is a DVC Academic affairs in perpetual abscondment of duty.


Whatever they had in mind that prompted his appointment so clearly blinded them, so much as to lose sight of the provisions of the Universities Act. However, we do know for sure that his illegal appointment clearly robbed a top brain and potential acting CEO, Prof Egara Kabaji of his professional and career rights. Prof Kabaji was the only substantive DVC around at the time the former CEO’s tenure ended and as MMUST staff he should, within all possible logic, have been appointed as acting VC and not the illegal outsider, prof Joseph Bosire.


Going forward, our prayer as stakeholders to MMUST and the good people of western Kenya, who bear the brunt of the consequence of these corrupt and unethical tendencies that brought Prof Bosire to MMUST, remains that this illegality should not be extended further by renewing his acting tenure. We are saying enough is enough! Besides, we see no valuable reasons for him to remain in MMUST as all he is good at is pursuing cheap gossips and wasteful adventures at the cost of hard-earned resources of MMUST. This man’s inability to be decisive has turned him into a toy to be tossed around by the father of all corrupt practices and illegalities at MMUST – Dr Bundi, the unions officials and a bunch of confused old men who called themselves MMUST professors, led by the unholy ‘trinity’ – profs Sakwa, Otiengi and Shiundu – as well as their clown of the profs forum – the self-promoted “professor” – Dr Charles Chunge. These bunch of selfish individuals have found a convenient ally in prof Bosire in their quest for power and control of MMUST resources that they easily control him to the extent that have brought what was a vibrant and financially stable MMUST to its knees in just four months. We hate to imagine what will happen should prof Bosire be allowed to linger longer in MMUST. Watch out for part 3 of this sequel!