Freedom of Kenyan Bloggers

Bloggers in Kenya finally get legal protection in their noble effort of fighting corruption and illegalities in public offices by exposing these unscrupulous acts to the members of the public who have the rights to knowhow their taxpayer monies are used, or if you like, misused. As a blogger in Kenya, you are charged with a noble responsibility – being the citizens’ journalist. You have to present the truth in the right manner and to the best of your knowledge and professional judgement. A Kenyan court recently passed a judgement that protects bloggers in order to curb corruption and illegality within public offices.


Kenyans have the right to information as stipulated in the Bill of Rights of 2010 Constitution. Even His Excellency president Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta has already thrown his full support to the responsible efforts of bloggers to expose corrupt malpractices in Kenyan institutions as MMUST remains our main focus, MMUST NEWS™.
As a blogger, you are bound to exercise your Constitutional right of freedom of Expression by providing truthful and trustworthy information at all times. Sadly enough, the Computer Misuse and Cybercrimes Act 2018almost paralyzed this golden freedom.


Bloggers in Kenya united together to form Bloggers Association of Kenya (BAKE), a Registered Society to Fight for the rights of bloggers. MMUST NEWS™ is one of the registered member of this great Society. BAKE moved to Court and successfully challenged the adoption of 26 chapters of this erroneous Act. Kenya Union of Journalists and Article 19 East Africa were interested parties in the petition. The 2018 Act was a violation of Article 33 of Kenya Constitution 2010 which gives every Kenyan Freedom of expression.

According to the State of the Internet in Kenya Report 2016 by BAKE, 60bloggers had been arrested for exercising their freedom of expression online. Journalists and bloggers were silenced, intimidated, harassed and killed. In State of the Internet in Kenya Report 2017, BAKE found out that Social Media platforms had become effective platforms for online activism, online democracy and fight for justice.