Dr. Susan Choge (Right) at an eventMMUST Scandal

Dr. Susan Choge – The Iron Lady Peeling off The Mask of MMUST BBI

Staff and students of Masinde Muliro university are yet again finding themselves in total confusion about some shadowy ‘peace building’ process dubbed ‘MMUST Building Bridges Initiative’ or just BBI. The initiative, brought about under the leadership of no other than the lazy intruder from JOOUST, prof Joseph Bosire, himself a wolf in sheep skin, and a ruthless warlord who is now pretending to initiate peace. In this team he has front runners that include the renegade pastor prof Silvery Otengi (who is yet to convince us that his brain is now free from the toxic effects of the drinks he excessively took before seeing the light), the mysterious reverend and ‘shortcut to lies’ prof Thomas Sakwa (full of unproven pride and evident malice), and the traditionalist prof John Shiundu (still engaged in petty fights with his great grandchildren). Others are the union officials Robinson Oduma (UASU women insulter), Onzere Mulongo (KUSU choir master employed through the back door), Edwin Simiyu (KUDHEIHA), and Dr Stanley Omuterema (who wishes to see all those who surpass him in corruption and theft removed from MMUST urgently). All these are working under the shadow of no other than the chairman MMUST council, Dr Jeremy Bundi for two main reasons; to ensure that the intruder prof Bosire gains stronger justification of remaining VC in MMUST, and to gain unrestricted access to tenders and resources in the university.

Our reliable source has exposed a very important insider information on suspicions and cracks that are emerging within the same camp that is running the MBBI process. One Dr Susan Choge, once a very influential UASU chairlady and top manager in the university has very recently come out as a strong critic within the MBBI camp. Posted here is a recent debate MMUST UASU forum for your entertainment and informed judgement:

Sammy Kubasu: “Good morning colleagues. Following a memorandum dated 21st March 2019 from the Secretary of the Mmust Building Bridges Initiative BBI, the union has appointed a Committee comprising of the following- Dr Atichi Alati, Convenor, Dr Lucy Mandillah, Secretary, Mr Jason Nyakoe Mumanyi , member and Dr Stanley Omuterema member. The committee will collect. , collate and prepare a memorandum for the union to the BBI on issues that the union feels may have disadvantaged it in the course of its duties at the university as the guided by the memo for the Secretary of BBI. The proposed memorandum shall be presented to full Uasu Mmust Chapter office bearers on Thursday 28th March 2019 for presentation to BBI. This letter invites members of Uasu Mmust chapter to give suggestions to the above committee for consideration. The committee is therefore asked to convene immediately. Prof Kubasu Kwashe, Secretary General, Uasu Mmust Chapter.”

In response, the Iron Lady Dr Susan Choge remarked: “Thanks for the information on BBI. The following should be made known to the staff who may not know much about this committee
1) Who are the members
2) Its TORs.
3) Being a committee of senate is it in a position to handle all the issues brought before it esp. non-academic issues ?
4) Equally, does this body have a legal basis to handle the issues that will be brought before it?
5) Is it part of the ombudsman’s office?”

The clueless UASU SG Sammy Kubasu who is now turning out to be a “used and dump” toy of Dr Bundi, the union officials and the “unholy trinity” despite being a founding member of MBBI responds; “Thanks Susan. I am sure that the author of the BBI memo, and the committee’s Secretary, Prof Thomas Sakwa, whom I am sure is on this wall, will respond to these concerns which you have raised”.

As the issue continued there came a rejoinder from the disgruntled erstwhile Director, Vice Chancellors Office, who also doubles as the lazy mediocratic and imposter “chemist”, Dr Isaac K’Owino saying “Maybe the reading section 37 of university act 2012 and roles of senate as further defined in charter of respective universities and extensions in statutes may apply🤷🏻‍♂🤷🏻‍♂🤷🏻‍♂. Nonetheless some have clauses such as ‘senate is the supreme decision making organ of the university’ Hui yetu imekuwa na makadhalija ya statutes from the gazetted one of 2013. May be useful for the BBI to start from mutilation of such instruments that gave room to several pendulum swings of understanding amplitudes”.

A very critical Dr Choge still kept punching her allies with honest questions, saying; “Asalam aleikum, I think the window for presenting issues was too hurried. The BBI has not been introduced well to members. There is basic information that is required. I asked a number of questions but not any satisfactory response has come out”. Going forward in her persistent punching, she continued; “BBI should not act like a secret organization. I get the feeling that somehow the committee is pushing itself down the throats of MMUSTians. If BBI is the organization to handle our grievances then let us know it better and its TORs before we come to it with our issues. I heard one person who has a complaint against one MMUSTian and he has been looking forward to launch it with BBI, but has since learnt that the person he was to make the complaint against is a committee member of BBI, so he will not be bringing his çomplaint to BBI”.

As if she hadn’t had enough of the relief she sought from her punches, she further added;
“Kama BBI haiwezi kujitambulisha vizuri, then it is cutting itself out as a secret organization. So, there are three crucial thing the MMUST community need to know about BBI

1) Membership
2) TORs
3) Scope of the issues they will handle
4) Outcome – what is its way forward after it has heard the grievances”. End of Quote.

As usual in any society secrets are usually revealed by some loose-mouths within the inner core, and one such loose mouth of the MBBI cult and clown of the “unholy trinity” is the ever arrogant and self-promoted “professor” Dr Charles Chunge. He as usual gave us a rare hint on the actual scheme hidden within the so called “peace-building initiative, tagged; “MBBI”. Responding to the iron lady, he retorted saying;

For some reason you are behind schedule.
BBI is a Senate Committee. You will be returning to Senate soon.
The Ag VC is allowing Senate its space to help revive the academic institution.
I am presenting my bruises from that evil beast to this committee. If you find one or two people on the committee who hurt you in the past, they will step aside for your case.
Let me assure you that recommendations from this committee will have good effects for us”. End of quote.

It really begs more questions on what actually MBBI is about and considering that the original ToRs that were actually HR issues are no longer coming out. We are aware that the team has now resorted to solicit for grievances from staff by sending personalized memos signed by prof Shiundu inviting them for interviews. So we are left to wonder on; Why would a sane person go to be interviewed under a camera or write and sign a document of accusations for what you do not have a clue on how the information is going be used? Still, comrades on the other side who are serving suspensions are also still asking serious questions on whether the forgiveness of Zack Omare by his fellow tribemate, prof Bosire will be included in the MBBI report? Yet, the truth of the matter remains that MBBI was meant to concoct new faults to help influence the recruitment of the new vice chancellor and deputies, in favor of prof Bosire – already assured by the former CS he would be made VC in MMUST, while prof Thomas Sakwa was promised to become DVC AF. Now, with less than eight months remaining in the second term of prof Bosire’s tenure as DVC AA at JOOUST, acting as VC in MMUST was a perfect bet for his upward mobility into a vice chancellor through Dr Walter Juma Ongeti, Dr Bundi and then CS, Amina. The hopes of prof Bosire have now been thrown into the sea of justice with the appointment of the incorruptible new CS prof George Magoha. Going back to JOOUST without a top position has become a nightmare prof Bosire – who has since held onto MMUST payroll without an extension letter – is unwilling to come to terms with. By the way, we are also wondering about the legitimacy of the open secret shared to our mole by Dr Charles Chunge, Robinson Oduma, Onzere Mulongo and Dr Stanley Omuterema, that the Vice Chancellor’s and deputies jobs had already been auctioned through hefty bribes of 12 million shillings sealing off the tenures of the previous office bearers. We are watching how all these fabrications will eventually play themselves out under the watch of the new CS, prof George Magoha, who already has begun throwing his whip, starting with the ministry headquarter at Jogoo house.