Campus Lifestyle: Abandoning our Families for Fellow Students

Sometimes in my imagination I try to figure out why our families disintegrate slowly with time as generations change.
Today someone can take days,weeks and even months without giving a mere greeting to a member of the family and blame distance despite the vast technological advancements. One will wake up in the morning send the good morning massages to his/ her girlfriend, boyfriend, sidechick , workmate or church mate and forget his own mother, father, brother, sister, cousin etc. but why? Where are we heading as a generation? Are we trying to move from known to unknown?

With technology, group chats have been created for churches, classes, job mates , football funs, betting clients,and rarely family members. If by chance a family group is created ,weeks will go without anyone sending a single message … But why? Do we think we can do without family members? Can you do without your own mother? Your brother or sister? We are loosing tract as a generation,as families and as a country.
In today’s family the number of phonecalls and greetings messages you get depend on the level of wealth you acquired; the less fortunate you are the more you are ignored and then forgotten, but why? The amount of money you have determine the number of phonecalls you receive. And when it comes to picking calls you become more selective as you progress in life . You be like “sasa huyu anataka Nini? ” Before picking up…Especially when the caller is less fortunate. Maybe they just wanted to great you. But why?.

Sundays will pass without even asking your brother / sisters if he went to church , some even doesn’t include anyone in their families in their prayers. Why are we becoming selfish to this extent? Let’s think about this.

Nowadays families have no time to meet their members . They will organise for meetings with workmates and friends occasionally but none will think of taking a single day to meet as a family and come to have one on one interaction. The level of hatred and jealousy increases with increase in family size and time.. children will eat on the same plate while young and even share clothes but with time they will separate and worse when they get married where one becomes the enemy of the other. But why? If am wrong do know where your uncles are? Do they know you? How often do you meet?
You wait to meet in the funerals to shed hypocritical tears together and mock introductions then you walk away and wait for next death to meet again. Ironically you will praise the deceased and tell how good he was when you never even had a one on one conversation with him/ her. But why?

It’s a high time we change . We can not join hands and build the nation when you can’t join hands and build your own family. You will do everything with friends and workmates but remember: work friendship ends at retirement but blood is blood it won’t change. Even if you die your closest relatives are the ones who mourn you longer…friends will burry you and forget … your father, mother, brothers and sisters together with other relatives will live to remember…
Let’s not forget our origin.



James Indimuli


(The writer is an undergraduate student of Civil and Structural Engineering at Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology – MMUST)