MMUST Scandal

MMUST Corruption 3:Questionable Character of CPA Jared Rading

It appears there is no end to the limit this man, Rading, the finance officer in MMUST is planning to benefit himself fraudulently. He tries as much as he can afford to pick whatever he can from suppliers, and should any supplier’s cheque be somewhat linked to him in terms of kick-back, he will do anything to make sure that cheque is signed at all cost and in a jiffy.

A good case in hand is when Rading had had to travel along with an intern all the way to Chavakali, with cheques meant for suppliers, trying to locate the second signatory, and with the intention of the intern returning back to MMUST with the signed cheques while he continues to Kisumu, from where he travels to work every day. In the first place, going out of his responsibilities to locating an officer that is off duty just to sign a check any other designated officer around could have signed is procedurally wrong – that is outside his legal mandate. Secondly, leaving such a sensitive document back to MMUST with an intern using a PSV ‘matatu’ is even the worse of all impunities he could ever commit. More so, carrying the cheques outside the University without using official means of the institution is not only very wrong but in our opinion, questionable. What is worse, chasing after an officer who is outside the university on some other official function just to sign cheques, calls for investigation of this man as it raises serious work ethics concern on conflict of interest. Keep in mind, that such behavior creates an unfortunate ground for fraud as the officer outside the university may not only have been emotionally blackmailed to feeling s/he is the one delaying the suppliers’ payments but also would not have enough time, being that s/he is on other official engagement, to scrutinize the supporting documents accompanying the cheque.

Rading Oguta

MMUST Finance Officer -Rading Oguta

Another concern around this man for which we consider very questionable, lately, is on the issue of his persistent push on administration to advertise for intern positions in finance department. We are well aware he is already surrounded himself with interns who our source have confirmed are mostly his kins. He is now pushing for more to be appointed while the soon to be outgone ones are being lobbied for renewal, despite the fact that internship positions are neither renewable nor extendable. Lately, and in the midst of corruption tendencies in MMUST internship appointments in MMUST have been reduced to a cheap avenue for people to create jobs for their relatives. Finance officer for instance, has recently been pushing on an advert for accountants in his office through HR, yet, these are the same positions he is creating for his kins finishing their internship in his office. How lowly can he get, surely.

Still not enough, in the web of his corrupt tendencies, Rading is committing and complicating himself with more bouts of corrupt practices. Following a recent development where the Auditor-General office highlighted some Ksh. 430,000 as major fraud in the university and all indications pointing towards the custodian of the University monies, himself, being the Finance officer – Mr Rading. Meanwhile, the said Ksh 430,000 query raised by the external auditors was pure theft by Rading. He took the money and never did what it was meant to do being for the purpose of taking the external auditors around the campuses. Since the auditors’ query was raised, the man has been having sleepless nights, making him reduce himself from a fraud to a common thief. Rading has resolved to more fraudulent manner to deal with the issue of this money. This recent behavior of his has made us wonder why he never thought that he was shooting himself, in the first place. How desperate is he, surely? In his serious confusion, the man ran to the former Ag. FO, Ms Irine Lumatete and took to her a schedule so that she signs on it to insinuate that she had received Ksh. 50,000 off the loot of Ksh. 430,000. He further then ran to Mr Apwoka Nickson with the same schedule to sign also that he received Ksh. 40,000 off the same loot. While he was busy on this wild-goose chase, little did he know the auditors were already in possession of the original of the same fake schedule signed by Mr Apwoka and Ms Lumatete for which he planned sending to the AG’s office in defense of himself. For your perusal, we freely offer you comment from one of the auditors after receiving the copy of the fake schedule along with his explanation on account of the queried Ksh 430,000… and I quote “why is this man committing more fraud by forging documents to justify his initial fraud”. End of quote. One thing for sure is that whatever murky gain Rading tried to do to clean up this theft failed leaving him as mere common thief to which we feel he needs not be investigated but arrested immediately in other to salvage MMUST from his endless thievery.

But then again, this man ought be smarter. What Rading did not know is that these guys who signed the fake schedule tricked him into frying himself before the Auditor-general’s officers. Meanwhile, as he does this he has an accomplice in Mr Samuel Rotich, the internal auditor, whom he gagged by arranging for him trainings in Nairobi every now and then on hefty jumbo per diems. We dare the internal auditor to spill the beans. Rading has moved Apwoka to IGU with hopes that he (Apwoka) must appear to be our source of “classified” information. In replacing Apwoka he has put in one Celestine Mmasi, whom we are aware they both share clandestine relationship that negates moral and work ethics. Records available at cash office show that nearly all the wasteful, irrelevant and fraudulent trips Rading has recently been making to Nairobi, the imprests have been picked mostly by his right-hand girl, Celestine Mmasi, who now is in charge of the expenditure at finance department. For such a sensitive office in the university in the hands of a lady with questionable relationship with a man with corrupt tendencies, as Rading, we are very concerned on the implication of this change he has made on the financial future of the university. But then again, it seems this is Rading’s behaviour and indeed this is what made him jump ship from JOOUST just as the net was closing in on him. Unfortunately, luck has failed him as the curtain will close in on him faster at MMUST than the time it took to close in on him at JOOUST.

Rading has resolved to favoritism and tribal operation of this sensitive department of the University. He now feels only comfortable working closely with the payroll officer Fredrick Onaya – who we have been reliably informed has perfected very well the act of hiding the many dirty deals of CPA Jared Rading – and the interns he has surrounded himself with, hence his lobbying for many interns in the finance department. As we call on the relevant statutory agencies to move with speed to investigate this man, Rading, we are equally hoping for a full forensic audit of the university finance department before Rading and his partners in corruption cripple down the university.

As we conclude, we like to note on the consequences of this kind of unmatched corruption, as the kind we are witnessing with the likes of Rading, within a lousy work environment tangled with increasing bad blood and divisions among staff. Events in the last couple of months, unfolding in MMUST has created a leeway for other universities to poach top brains in MMUST with at least 23 young PhD holders already on their way out for better job offers. We are now left in utter dismay asking ourselves this: How much longer shall we continue condoling characters like Rading on a looting mission towards destroying this institution?