MMUST Scandal

Stopping MMUST Desperate Vice Chancellor

The verbally renewed term – without official appointment letter – of the illegally acting VC at MMUST, prof Joseph Bosire comes to an end on the 30th April 2019. Prof Bosire, as per the universities Act 2012 and other instruments governing the management of universities, has been at the helm illegally for almost five months now. In the universities act 2012, there is no provision for someone to come from another university, worse so, in a handpicked manner to act as VC in another university. In simple and legal terms this was an illegality by the then CS Amina and her advisor or do we say, mis advisor who previously worked with prof Bosire as his chairman of council at JOOUST, Dr Juma Ongeti. In this regard, our prayer to the current CS, Prof Magoha, who we know understands clearly and have very rich experience in the workings of the universities being that he himself have previously served as university VC for ten years, is for him to move with speed and correct this gross misnomer at MMUST by NOT renewing further the term of prof Bosire further than April 30th 2019. As doing this will not only be tantamount to perpetuation of impunity but also implying him going against one of his philosophy of institution meritocracy within universities in Kenya. This illegality currently taking top stage in MMUST is something he must move to correct immediately as such action will restore faith in the ministry and also assure Kenyans of his desire over the years to always stick with the truth.

To further strengthen our argument in regards to a need to urgently correcting the injustice done to MMUST and MMUSTians in illegally appointment prof Bosire, we painfully note that during the last almost five months he has been at the helm of MMUST management in acting capacity, prof Bosire has virtually done nothing but simply run MMUST down – we challenge him to openly declare is milestone of achievements for the period he has been in office for Kenyans to see and judge. To add salt to an ailing injury, even the hard earned resources that the Prof Otieno-led previous administration labored hard to build over the past five years – which earned them excellent performance scores from SCAC and drove MMUST to one of the top six universities in Kenya, from 24th position and not to mention international reputation and financial stability to mention but a few – have all now been consumed through reckless and uncontrolled expenditure on his (Bosire) part, endless and in many occasion needless council meetings – just to draw per diems – Bosire’s inability to control and instill discipline amongst some corrupt and reckless top officers in MMUST – particularly the finance officer and the internal auditor – nor even carry out the simplest and most basic task of enforcing payment of fees before students do exams – a zero balance policy the Otieno led management introduced succeeded with and sustained throughout their period in office. Instead, all Bosire could focus his many ideal times doing was simply making effort seeking cheap popularity from students – like recalling one student on suspension due to examination misconduct – from union officials and other disgruntled staff – suspended or sacked for various work misconducts, not to mention going to bed with the chairman of council – who done nothing but prove to Kenyans and MMUSTians, in particular, that he is a bearer of a completely wasted PhD qualification and a total disservices to Kenya as a county – and the non-statutory professors forum, led by the unholy trinity of profs Sakwa, Otiengi and Shiundu – with not even one grant title attached to their name for which they are mentoring scholars nor placing the university on a top global universities’ ranking.

Lately, we have been reliably informed by our intelligence sources in finance department at MMUST that all accounts are now dry. Worse still that suppliers are no longer being paid within 90 days, as was the norm over the past five years during the previous management led by prof Otieno. We have been reliably informed that with the present pace with which finances are dwindling in MMUST, it’s only a matter of time the university which is slowly but surely grinding to a halt will be declared insolvent, should prof Bosire and his partner in corruption, Dr Jeremy Bundi and the finance officer, CPA Jared Oguta Rading continue to be in office and control of financial affairs in MMUST.

Furthermore, student activities are being scaled down as some unscrupulous high level staff and council members continue to squander monies at the university. Our moles both within the student leadership and staff unions at the university tell us that a very good example of the extent of consciousness and scramble for corruptly earned monies has awaken in MMUST is the recently ended career week activities. A normally laudable event meant to expose students and assist them in their career choices and opportunities. We hear that the scramble for payments by staff was so high that there were more staff than students at the three-day event, just for staff to find justification to draw allowances. Being such now very common opportunity for the illegal acting VC prof Bosire show up and clean up such degradation, financial immorality and bad work ethics that has awaken amongst staff, lately, as usual he was nowhere to be found nor heard. Unfortunately, we regret to accept the fact that such dirt has now become the order of events at MMUST.

Another very good reason to stop the now very desperate prof Bosire and Dr Bundi is their resort to insubordination to the CS and PS Education in their recent actions. For example they have gone ahead to send request for the advert for the top leadership by the Public Service Commission (VC and DVCs) at MMUST without following the required procedure being submission of such request to PSC through the PS and CS. Ideally, anyone in their right mind will see the seriousness this kind or insubordinating behavior for which disciplinary measures from the top officers at the Ministry of education ought be meted on prof Bosire. Ironically, prof Bosire now he seek favors from the same people he insulted with his actions by seeking renewal of his acting VC term. We are left to now wonder on the kind of morally bankrupt leader MMUST have been cursed with in prof Joseph Bosire? He ought be bundled back to his JOOUST as he is a total discredit and disservice to MMUST.

It such a big shame for one to imagine the level to which things, particularly the financial state of MMUST have become so bad. We find it difficult to come to terms with the fact that an institution once led by a very focused management, led by prof FAO Otieno, that paid up-to-date a financial debt – accruing from statutory deductions, payments owed to suppliers, part-time staff and full-time staff’s PSSP to mention a few – up to over 2 billion Kenyan shillings within five years of coming to power, in October 2018, could plunder back in debt in just less than five months, delaying in payment statutory deductions and suppliers’ debts. This more sad to fathom considering the fact that the previous management besides paying up all statutory deductions, before leaving office, had in excess reserves of Ksh 500 million. Hence, one cannot just find a convincing reason, except cheer corruption and reckless unbudgeted spending and jumbo per diems drawing by the same people who are supposed to safeguard sanity in prudent financial management in the university, to explain how in less than five months MMUST is failing in timely remittance of a number of her statutory returns including; NHIF, KRA, Pensions amongst others. We know surely that it is only a matter of time before the list of non-remittance grows further. Yet, the supposedly “watch-dog” in all this being the unions are in bed with the acting VC Bosire and council as this damage is being inflicted to the university. But this is the kind of events the now very desperate Acting VC is perpetrating in MMUST, a recent case in hand being how him and his cronies used an initiative started by the previous regime to get Dr Atwoli to support a labour studies’ centre at MMUST, to milk the university. Just this week on 17th April a whole delegation on per diems is been sent to meet Dr Atwoli on the same. Surely, if this is not insanity and corruption, why would a delegation of 10 people travel on per diem to see Dr Atwoli?

As we conclude we note in careful sobriety, which leaves us wondering, should this drama continue to play themselves out and we assume “carelessly” that if for whatever reason, prof Bosire is left in his acting position as VC for, say, another three months… wouldn’t the wheels have come off the “MMUST bus” completely, leaving us unfortunately reduced to an institution, once professionally run and managed, gone to the dogs and a mere glorified “secondary school”? As we note this as a point of reflection for all stakeholders to MMUST, we use this rare opportunity to appeal to the CS and PS Ministry of Education and the Political leadership of Kakamega County in totality to intervene immediately and save MMUST from imminent collapse. Although it is now clear that prof Otieno will not be applying for any job at MMUST, we are still optimistic that his replacement will not be the lazy illegal intruder prof Bosire.


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