MMUST Scandal

Ministry of Education: Please don’t Extend Prof. Bosire’s Acting Period as MMUST’s Vice Chancellor

We are much aware that prof Bosire have been desperately lobbying the ministry to have his acting period extend for yet another three months, despite himself still sitting in office unprocedurally and illegally for nearly two months now. Lately, the level of laziness this man Bosire has displayed in the last nearly five months in MMUST has become an issue of great concern to many in MMUST, that riding on our knowledge of his lazy attitude to work and how uninformed this man is, we went to JOOUST to find out how he performed there, as a DVC in charge of academic affairs. We were surprised to learn that virtually all professors at JOOUST were shocked that anybody could think of making Bosire an Acting VC. He has performed dismally at JOOUST to the extent that the VC there Prof Agong virtually did Bosire’s work as DVC academic affairs. They were so relieved that he was such a burden lifted off their shoulders. Indeed, at the end of his first term in office, he joyfully rode on a privilege of political balancing to have his term renewed. To further justify our assertion of prof Bosire’s lazy attitude to whatever he does, our further investigation showed that he took ages to complete his PhD and just only last year became a full Professor at JOOUST being again a privilege he enjoyed on the strength of sympathy than merit as his CV portrays a dismal strength.

Bosire is now busy trying to manipulate student elections at MMUST which is due in May just to have a Kisii elected as the president of the students body. The man is such a tribalist that he feels threatened working with non-Kisiis. He recently reinstated a Kisii student – Zac Omare who was procedurally suspended for three years following gross examination misconduct – without following laid down appeal process. This man is such a nepotist of the highest order that Kisiis at MMUST – Dr Bota, Prof Onkware, Prof Abenga, Mr Momanyi, Mr Bwatuti and others – are endlessly found in his office and one of these has confided in us that he has promised to favor them in the coming appointments at MMUST. Bosire virtually has left the running of the university to unions (Oduma, Onzere, Wamalwa, Nyakoe) many of whom have tried over the past ten years to do their PhDs in vain. We find it hard to fathom how the acting VC is so unaware of the role of unions in university management. Going by the way the unions, the council chair – Dr Bundi – and the professors forum are calling the shots in MMUST, surely how can one expect anything positive from this marriage of convenience from such group with a track record of dismal performances trialing after them?

Another area of serious concern to us is that this man Bosire listens too much to gossips to the detriment of performing staff of the university. At this rate, we fear that if prof Bosire be allowed to linger around MMUST any longer than April 30th, a huge brain-drain, never been witnessed anywhere before, will befall MMUST. Watch this space! For starter, prof Bosire and his partner in illegality began their long list of wrong steps by lying to senate, UMB and the entire MMUSTians that it was council decisions to reinstate Ms. Rachel Atamba as Registrar Administration – when the truth remains that the matter was never brought before council, as no minutes of council (in our possession), since the appointment of Bosire, read as such but instead the reinstatement of Ms. Atamba was a personal directive of Bundi to Bosire being implemented with arrant impunity. We have reliable confirmation that Council was never privy to this self-informed decision by Bundi, and implemented by Bosire. This impunity is so critical that we think the Ministry of Education should know this and note it as a valid point to bundle Bundi and Bosire away out of MMUST as earliest as possible. An Acting VC who lies to UMB and senate has no place in running a university neither does a council chair who both lies to council, falsify council minutes and implement personal innuendos claiming them to be “council decisions” have no place sitting as chair in any university council in Kenya. These pair cease every possible opportunity they can afford to lie to the university community with so much unguarded impunity.

Prof. George Magoha

Prof. George Magoha

Furtherance to our prayer to the ministry to not extend Bosire’s acting appointment is that the man chases after per diems like it’s a life line for him. Instead of seating at the university to manage it, he is perpetually everywhere around the country on per diems with every flimsy reason he could afford. We are aware he recently returned nearly Ksh 356,810 in per diems he was to squander in UK, over a youth convention and this is one of many ways he finds to loot the university. We challenge him to tell the university community what tangible thing he has done in the past five months other than squander the money he found in reserves made by the previous regime. He has failed to institute measures for fees to be collected from students. Most infuriating of all these wasteful tendencies of Bosire is that expenditures in the five months has been in office has been at an all-time high, with records at our possession showing him (Bosire) leading the expenditure list followed by Dr Bundi and Mr Rading – the finance officer – who himself ought be the custodian of prudent financial management at MMUST but instead he does the opposite. Just last weekend, he camped the entire staff of the university finance department for three days on per diem, in the name of developing a strategic plan, and we wonder what the justification for that would be when the entire university management – senate and UMB – spent an entire day at Bishop Stam on per diem on the university strategic plan. Hence we wonder, should every cost centre in MMUST follow the footstep of Rading in developing their respective strategic plan, of course on per diem? Or is this merely plans to bribe staff with per diems to allow them free access to continue looting the university? We leave you our readers to judge.

Bosire and Rading Oguta don’t seem to know the core business of the university. They are more interested in organizing one per diem funded retreat or the other. If it’s not council training or retreat, it UMB retreat, then another time its senate’s. These functions have become so rampant that one even wonders when they seat to implement whatever they have learnt from these “retreats” and “trainings” just before another one comes. To show how Bosire and Rading – who by the way, we have presented his matter before ICPAK for investigation of his now frequent mismanagement of public funds – are more interested in activities that fill their pocket, rather than activities that promotes the core business of the university; recently a proposal initiated by the previous management that was meant to address a concern variously raised by MoE and CUE towards raising the low post graduate enrolment amongst universities in Kenya, these two – Rading and Bosire – in a rush, scrapped this laudable proposal. Currently, MMUST PG enrolment is seating at less than 2% as opposed to the statutory 10%. Last year, the previous management under prof Otieno’s leadership presented this proposal which was meant to assist bright students from poor backgrounds compete for a PG scholarships. The cost of implementing this strategy was nominal as the PG students were to do part time teaching at diploma and degree levels, hence saving cost of servicing part-time teaching staff. The proposal was already at council level, but was now scrapped on grounds of lack of funding to mount the programme, yet as our record shows, the reckless expenditure rampantly engaged by Bosire and Rading in endless travels, and retreats with no visible nor realistic benefit to the core business of the university, if saved for MMUST could have been more than sufficient to mount the proposed PG scholarship programme. In this regard, we now wonder where Bosire’s priorities in MMUST lies.

We regret to conclude on a solemn note that corruption, something the previous management led by Prof Otieno had vehemently fought and virtually eradicated at MMUST is now kicking up at an alarming speed in MMUST. This is because Bosire simply has no idea what to do or the courage to fight this vice, as he himself benefits from the same scheme. We are reliably informed that literally every suppliers have to bribe either those in Procurement or finance or Audit or all to get payments. Sadly we understand that Dr Bundi, prof Bosire, the finance officer, Mr Rading and the internal auditor, Mr Rotich – who was fingered in a forensic audit at MMUST – are all part of this scheme, with Mr Rading being the architect of the corruption. To this end, our prayer to the MoE remains, to move with speed in addressing this rot crippling MMUST – a once vibrant and financially stable university – to her knees. In this we appeal for a total overhaul of council, we demand the transfer of the chair of council, Dr Bundi. We demand the revocation of prof Bosire’s appointment or better still not extended. Finally we demand relevant statutory bodies to move with speed to investigate Mr Rading Oguta, the finance officer. These kind demands are exigent, because if this rot is left to continue for another one or two months, MMUST would be better described as a foregone discussion.