MMUST Scandal

Dr. Isaac Kowino – Bundi and Bosire’s Chief Strategist

For the last three months, MMUST has turned out worse than it was before 2013. We now see Dr. Bundi in charge of MMUST. He is the one who is actually acting as VC. He is the one who is making the appointments and transfer of staff in MMUST. The morale of hardworking staff is now very low, considering that former regime during her five years in forced worked hard to cultivate in MMUST’s staff and students, a culture of hard work and one of being internationally competitive. A good example is the sending of Ms. Nelly Jelimo who is currently suffering the worse kind of victimization ever suffered by anyone in MMUST on compulsory leave, on a baseless allegation of being our source of information and document leak at the VC office. This is quite a very laughable accusation as anyone who has ever worked closely with Nelly, knows very well how closely she guides her privacy and space and does everything in her ability to keep to herself and never getting involved in conflict situations. Moreover, the latest onslaught at her, accusing her of being the architect to a council document leak and alterations is even more laughable as Nelly herself has, if any, minimal access to council documents and minutes, which are sole control of Mrs Immaculate Ayodo – a two-faced brutal pretender – who finds a way of aligning herself with any government in power at MMUST.

Dr. Isaac Kowino

Dr. Isaac Kowino, Third from Right(One in red stripped shirt

Anyway, our article in this blog edition is rather focusing on a man of the moment – Dr. Isaac K’Owino – who feels his time has come to sit in the corridors of power in MMUST. Besides the fact that the K’Owino we know is a big opportunist with any government in power and has potentials to turning 90 degrees against the same government should he fall out of favor. We know Dr K’Owino was one time a chief confidant and protégé to Prof Wangila, who employed and made him CoD – what we don’t know yet is if his perennial fight with prof Sakwa over a post graduate student, who they both dated and fought about – sorry, we meant she dated and used them both, to her academic advantage – has been resolved, for them to put their deep seated hatred for each other to fight their perceived common enemy. Dr K’Owino was once a die-hard loyalist to the former VC, posing as a Luo relative when he was Director at the VC office, but as usual, he got drunk with powers and thought better to fight the former DVC’s, who through the sagacity of their chief strategist himself, prof Egara Kabaji, mobilized the other two DVCs to force him out of office – a decision to close-down that directorate which did not go down well with K’Owino and for reasons best known to him, took it out on the former VC, claiming his once praised Luo brother was now not a Luo anymore but an enemy Wanga from Mumias. At the moment he has bonded with prof Bosire – the same one who blacklisted him from part-timing at JOOUST due to poor teaching and perennial truancy – through tribal claims that his wife is a Kisii from Bosire’s bloodline. Now again, the same K’Owino is in another marriage of convenience with prof Kabaji, Dr Bundi, and Mr Muchelule – a council member – to snatch away a precious project being nursed by the school of Business and Economics under the leadership its deans, being the Dr Atwolli Centre for Labour and Leadership Studies (CLLS). Meanwhile, despite being behind the malicious scheme to deny Dr Francis Atwoli a honorary doctorate in the year 2017 in a plan to frustrate and embarrass the then VC, he (K’Owino) now comes out full of greed with his very team comprising of Kabaji, Bundi and others, trying to steal the idea from brains that conceived and worked hard towards the Francis Atwoli’s CLLS. However, we are privy to their scheme – being, should prof Kabaji lose out on his DVC pursuit, he would have that as a succor as director of the centre, especially now that benchmarking with a university in Turin, Italy and a possibility of Dr Atwolli raising 500 million shillings to kick-starting the project, have been alluded to them.

Furthermore, we have been reliably informed that Dr K’Owino has been going about boasting to whomever cares to listen to him of how he has been designated by Bundi to take over the DIAL directorship, since the current director is bent on not rolling over to their camp. At this juncture, we are left completely confused at what game Bundi is trying to play here – we know there is a scheme for prof Kabaji to head the soon would be “Labour and Leadership Centre”, but if he gets the DVC PRI position, Dr K’Owino takes over. We also know Dr K’Owino bank-rolled Ms Susan Choge to contest in the person Board as a strategy, being the only non-management person to over-ride and become chairman of the Pension Scheme. Now we hear him bragging himself as the soon to be appointed director, DIAL. Now we are let wondering, is this a case of a grandiose paranoia or simple some form of inflated self-worth of feeling it’s your right to being head of any unit and better than anyone else mentality that has befallen Dr K’Owino? Or is this simply a case of a self-acclaimed strategist, a permutationist or some bloated feeling of know-it-all academia, being used as a toy in his own game by a politician – in Bundi – who knows better how to use willing personas to achieving his corrupt and avaricious tendencies. Now, K’Owino’s hunger for power and control is now forcing him into bitter confrontation with Mrs Immaculate Ayodo over who to control council activities. Seems to us this man wants to be present everywhere!

In the first instance, let’s try to zero in more on who this Dr. Isaac K’Owino really is that gives him the confidence of his self-acclaimed strategist mentality. For your information, Dr K’Owino is a mediocre chemist who, as we earlier alluded to, was employed at MMUST through a non-competitive process. He was brought directly from the US by the then prof Cleophas Barasa Wangila led administration, that for whatever reason failed to scrutinized his professional background. We confidently say this because we know he is not a professional chemist, but maybe qualifies to be somewhere in biology – else we dare Isaac to publish his CV for all to see and judge. Dr K’Owino has messed up students’ lectures from undergraduate to postgraduate. He even had the effrontery, when he should even be ashamed of it, to take to the choreographed, kangaroo building bridge initiative, a grievance of being disenfranchised off a recently completed post graduate supervision, which in the first place he should never have been included to co-supervise the student, on grounds of competency. But still, and as expected of his lazy attitude to students’ mentoring, he was never seen, and unnecessarily delayed the student’s progress, until a formal complaint was registered and the system was forced to reassign the student who then successfully defended his thesis in record time. Go talk to any chemistry student on Dr K’Owino’s teaching style nor consistency and you will hear them tell you that they don’t need him and they are wondering why the CoD keep given them a non-chemist to teach them chemistry. As earlier submitted here, without apologies, Dr K’Owino is a mediocre and a total mess to the chemistry department. We actually find it laughable that a friend of his introduced him to Moi University to teach postgraduate student program. Now we can reliably say that he earns two salaries in two government institutions, of which by the way, we find questionable and worthy of further investigation. K’Owino is such an egocentric man, and though a young man, is very old-school and obsolete in his thinking where he believes academic promotion comes from just serving an institution and not through publishing in peer reviewed journals and supervision of post graduate students. In fact, he rides on the back of other staff, to have his name on students’ thesis and manuscripts. Hence, the reason why scholars worth their content refuse vehemently for their names to be found on the same page, on students’ theses, with such mediocre as Dr Isaac K’Owino. No wonder his jealousy led him to scheme the removal of Prof Zachary Getenga as director research. Funny enough, although he pretends not to be corrupt, he was earning car allowance from an old lorry in his Siaya home. Laughably, he is also part of the thieves that looted dairy cattle from MMUST farm that we are reliably informed that the flock has been struck by the curse of death.

As a final note, we are worried as this marriage of convenience between Dr K’Owino and Dr Bundi progresses. As postgraduate students we are gravely concerned as we know well this is not a marriage for academic excellence at MMUST but rather one of egoism and power fling and control of the fast dwindling MMUST resources. As comrades we are even more concerned about the rot been perpetuated by Bundi in MMUST, hence we are stopping at nothing in ensuring that Bundi is Bundled out of MMUST at all cost. We are aware of his endless boasting of CS Kinyua being his godfather. But with God as our own father, we unequivocally demand thus; Bundi must go! Bundi and all his antics must be Bundled out of MMUST!! Maybe in doing so, sanity may prevail on egomaniacs like Dr Isaac K’Owino!!!