Walter Omollo: Earthquakometer

With the curiosity in the campus as the poll draw nearer ,the electorates are left in quagmire on what to do since the ideological composure of the aspirants has made them to ask who is who.
Mobilization has made aspirants to trade their ideas making Walter Omondi Omollo to be the best of all candidates in the academic docket as he is seen as the last comradeship freedom fighter.

Walter Omollo

Walter Omollo(Left)

This has been aided by the strong and able campus activists like Charles Mboya , Erick Alando alias Sina Makosa and the mighty Kingola Charles. Strategists have been left tailoring wisdom to analyze and find other best candidates for the students. In his statement Alando said ” ethnic diversity shouldn’t be the deterrence factor to leadership. Embracing UNITY is the common and key factor to good governance. Service to humanity is the fruits of democracy ”
“Above all leadership is the opportunity to uplift the less privileged ” as said by the incoming academic CS WALTER OMONDI OMOLLO alias EARTQUAKOMETER


Walter Omollo


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