MMUST Scandal

MMUST Headed For Salvation As Bundi Is Dropped From Council And Bundled To Pwani

Hey guys, I get it! We all get it… you may think this is another blog meant in bad fate to rubbish Dr Jeremy Bundi. Oh no!! very far from it. This blog is actually meant to congratulate the invincible Bundi. The one who likes to brag openly of him having a godfather in CS Kinyua. It’s also a blog to congratulate MMUSTians as we all woke up to the now very real and long overdue reality of Bundi’s reassignment to pwani as Chairman of council at Pwani university. Actually, and to be honest, we think the ministry have done Bundi a great favor in reassigning him. This is simply because, in our well-considered opinion, this Bundi does not qualify to sit in any university council in Kenya, much less chair one. He is a total disservices to any institution of higher learning in Kenya. Although with a PhD, but one which we consider a dead PhD, considering his age when he got it, in the discipline he got it and to say the least, the relevance to the modern day Kenya towards achieving our strategic future goals, by 2030. It is further dead, because this is an academic qualification being applied by a politician, who has absolute zero knowledge and experience about university governance, how a university is run, nor the separated roles of various functions of the university headships vis-à-vis, management, council, unions and so on. In Bundi’s mind view, being a chair of council directly imply being given the power to engage in the day-to-day running of the university, deciding on every appointments or lack, thereof, using the university VC as your bell-boy or stooping down so low to being advised by very junior university staff and unions and we just cannot exhaust the list of Bundi’s antecedents. As much as we are much elated, as stakeholders to MMUST, whose hard earned resources keeps the university on her wheels, at his exit from MMUST, we just can’t help but empathize with our sister university down at the coast, in receiving or do we say being cursed with the worst chairman of council they would ever imagine. We are well aware the VC at Pwani university is a no nonsense, noncorrupt disciplinarian, who has the guts to put Bundi at his rightful place. Bundi is so going to starve from losing the liberty to having more monthly meetings than UMB, just for per diems, that we can promise you our readers, Bundi will not last 6 months in Pwani university.

In the spirit of empathy with our sister university at Pwani, we have freely volunteered to offer you heads-up to what you would be expecting from Bundi. Here presented are but a few list of Bundi’s antecedents, while he was chairman of council at MMUST, and of which we expect him to replicate or at least try to replicate in Pwani. As a wise man once said; to be forewarned is to be forearmed!

Bundi is an expert in doctoring and changing council minutes to his personal whims: in many occasion while he was chairman of MMUST council, he would call the legal officer, who doubled as secretary to council to send him soft copies of minutes which comes back a different account of council resolutions. Thanks to the effort of smart people in council who kept their personal record of council resolutions, as well as the legal officer who sends him soft copies after printing the original that always contradicts what is received in return. So Pwani council be wise and prepare for the worse in this regard.
Bundi enjoys to be the single tree in the forest that outshines every other. He enjoys to get involved in the day-to-day running of the university – keep in mind that he lacks knowledge of power separation in the university – and would want to meet with every section of the university; unions, professors, academic staff, non-academic staff, technicians, even casual staff. All these disguised under the university management introducing council to the university community. In each of the meetings you would hear him brag “I am in charge; the VC is my employee and would do what I tell him; bring all your concerns to me if any, and I will make sure the VC address all”, by the way, watch out for meaningless and unrealistic promises, like, “I will build a senior staff common room/lounge for you” and so forth. All these are in effort to diverting attention to himself, while the unsuspecting university community falls into cheap prey of a Messiah comes to Pwani.

Dr. Jeremy Bundi

Dr. Jeremy Bundi

Bundi’s best antics of operation is to confuse and manipulate staff emotion, blackmail, unrealistic promises, getting immorally involved with female staff – even promising some of them to make them next VC – forgery, misuse of funds, bending too low to ask for information from junior staff, propagandas about sorcery in the university or signs of witchcraft being found in the VC’s office, making unilateral decisions and claiming them being council resolutions, forcing willing and weak management to making irregular appointments for those he favors, holding far too many meetings – in effort to justify weeklong per diems, taking control of procurements and tender plans of the university and the list goes on. Pwani university council and management, please be advised and watch out for these signs for necessary caution. Bundi would be more interested in usurping existing resources than mobilizing resources for your university – which actually should be one of his key mandates.
As earlier said, Bundi absolutely have zero understanding of power separation nor the difference between university governance and management. He likes to meddle into appointments and promotion of all levels of administration – and would like to be the one deciding who is to be employed, why and when; who is to be appointed and for whatever position. He will so like to micro-manage Pwani university to the extent that if he meets resistance he will swear to remove the VC unwilling to bend to his excessive whims and even brags about openly, that; “so long as CS Kinyua and the presidency remains behind me, no university management will stand in my way. I will rather remove them than not having my way”. While at MMUST, for instance, Bundi took up the task of transferring and deploying staff from one office to another. He practically became the chief security officer, the transport officer – who knows where each and every university vehicle is, the procurement officer who determines what tender is issued or who gets what etc.
Bundi fails to respect the provisions of the universities act nor the provisions of the university statutes. If anything, he find a way to manipulate them to his advantage. A good example or two on hand is as with the case of MMUST; he failed to give guidance to the former CS MoE in the irregularity of unfortunately forcing a very lazy and perennial non-performer, prof Joseph Bosire, from JOOUST on MMUST as acting VC. An action which in all ramification of the word defines ‘irregularity’ and ‘illegality’ to say the least. Bundi oversaw an interview process for the position of DVC A and F, that found not even one MMUST professor qualified for shortlisting for the position. Bundi directed the reinstatement of an unqualified registrar administration, Ms Rachel Atamba, on MMUST – a position as provided in the university statute is to be filled following a competitive process and for which the candidate must have a minimum of a PhD in a relevant field. He orchestrate the irregular extension of prof Bosire’s acting appointment, through a telephone call, despite the same Bosire being illegally appointed in the first instance – without an a formal appointment letter, he directed prof Bosire being put back on MMUST payroll. This is the character of a man Pwani university have being, should we say, cursed with as chairman of council.
Finally, other key aspect where we as stakeholders at MMUST find Bundi distasteful and for which we thought to warn you to taking precaution for will best be described in simple terms as listed below;
Bundi lacks integrity – freely lies to council, management and members of the university community at the slightest chance he gets – plus the facts that he doesn’t think twice before engaging in forgery.
Bundi is a very malicious and vindictive persona. He would go any length to maliciously removing and vilifying any staff who runs against his dictates even to the detriment of the university’s core mandate.
Bundi has no regard for confidentiality nor privacy of thoughts. By the way, expect to find council minutes on the walls of open WhatsApp pages and gutter press – including details of who said what.
We can promise you Bundi will have no credible and realistic vision for Pwani university. Take that to the bank!
Let’s not even belabor financial in-felicitations, impropriety, and resource mismanagement and corrupt practices. These are Bundi main stay and centre of priority.
In conclusion, and as we affirmed at the beginning of this blog; this is not an article meant in bad fate, nor meant to present facts any less of the truth. If anything, this letter is actually a congratulatory message to Bundi on his new appointment, or if you like, reassignment, while recapping on his antecedents. Indeed, it it’s a congratulatory message to MMUSTians for the good riddance for bad rubbish that we all woke up to find in the long overdue exit of the almost invincible Bundi. Congratulations!!!