Walter Omondi Omollo – MMUSO Academics Secretary Hopeful

“Leadership isn’t the opportunity for self gain but the opportunity to lift the less privileged,” said Walter Omondi Omollo .The comrades have decided to breath a sigh of relief with the incoming Academic Secretary as the last option to mend and bring academic hygiene in the campus.

The political prowess of the radical and vibrant leaders in the team of campus politics consultants such Erick Alando Orwa AKA Sina Makosa , Janet Odongo and Lida Darlsy .In his statement , Alando said , “temporary comfort isn’t the deterrent factor to political legacy but restoration of academic hygiene and comradeship is the everlasting legacy” this was a justification of Odongo’s statement, ” living the life of a goalkeeper where the saved goals aren’t counted, so is the leadership demands .”

The secret of good governance is totally voters turn put to elect potential and competent leaders to power.
The campus academics is safe with Walter in the steering wheel .
“Unity and Advocacy is my political priority” Said EARTHQUAKOMETER.