MMUST Scandal

MMUST Impunity Persists as Dr. Jeremy Bundi and Team defy Gazette Notice

The news of transfer of Dr Jeremy Miriti Bundi to Pwani University as chairman of council there came as a shock to many who got bewitched by his big brags and noises about him being invincible by virtue his illusory and self-acclaimed connection at the presidency through Kinyua. Even more surprising to these disgruntled persons is the painful reality that Dr Bundi’s replacement as chairperson of council is a no nonsense and meritocratic persona, unlike the tugged unionist they were used to in Bundi. With the coming in of Dr Jane Musangi Mutua as MMUST chair of council a lot of tension in fear, frustration and confusion is building amongst these few whom we would prefer to baptize as “Bundi’s Ophans”, forcing them in multiple crisis meetings since Friday 26th April 2019 when the gazettement of Bundi’s transfer was released. We are reliably informed by our insider that these orphans led by the unholy trinity of the professors forum – profs John Shiundu, Silvery Otiengi, and Thomas Sakwa; the worst confused union officials – Robinson Oduma, Sammy Kubasu, Dr Rose Opiyo, Onzere Mulongo, Ronald Wamalwa; the disgruntled mediocre chemist, Dr Isaac K’Owino; the crafty, Dr Stanley Omuterema; the clown of professors forum and self-promoted ‘professor’, Dr Charles Chunge and the confused mediocre administrator, Rachael Atamba; all gathered in a crisis “strategic” meeting to discuss and review their options following the exit of their father and gang leader – who ever tormented MMUSTians like the night hoots of an Owl – Bundi. We are informed that top on their resolution list was to mount a demonstration against the ministry to resist the transfer of Dr Bundi and next was to mount a campaign demanding the extension of prof Joseph Bosire’s irregular and illegal acting term. The team further agreed to go any length to ensure that Bundi is returned to MMUST and that if that fails, that the new chairperson of council at MMUST never enjoys a peaceful working experience, hence a non-entity at MMUST.

Final Programme for senate training revised

In addition of the above evil plans hatched by this gang, we are further informed of a strategy to cascade down their avarice and corruption tendencies down to most sections of the university by involving the senate. To this end they have intensified on a sham they had earlier planned for senators to organize a training workshop on ‘Governance’ for senators and heads of all cost centers at Sirikwa Hotel in Eldoret between 2nd and 3rd May 2019. The first question any right thinking person would ask is; why is this training been taken to Eldoret? As if this is not bad enough in a private hotel against government directive on cutting expenses? If these mean well for MMUST and senators why can’t the training take place in MMUST? The worst part of the matter is, why should the university spend nearly 3 million shillings on a training in governance for senators at a time the university is drowning in financial crisis and other core university activities are suffering? The university is currently going through a tough time where students are suffering, programmes are affected, facilities are seriously broken down, materials to enable teaching and research are in great shortage as suppliers are holding back to supplies due to pending payments, yet, the illegally acting vice chancellor and the unqualified registrar administration deem it fit to organize a merry good session just to earn per diems? In our opinion, this Eldoret retreat, if anything, makes a total mockery of the whole situation.


Anyway, we are well aware on the reasons behind the Eldoret retreat. This is a strategy by Bosire to attempt to bribe senate members with per diems. The hidden side of this retreat is that, it is going to be a platform that Bundi and his orphans have chosen to use for openly expressing their defiance against the appointment of Dr. Mutua the chairperson of MMUST council by the CS prof George Magoha. The defiant Bundi’s orphans using the illegal authority of Ms. Rachael Atamba have now emphatically ensured that Dr Bundi attends the retreat and earn the regular per diem payments as planned, while both deny Dr Mutua the same and also embarrass the Chairperson of council as non-entity to them. What an impunity of the highest order. For your reference, we have attached the approved program for the two-day workshop herein for our readers to see, read and judge. We further want our readers to question the relevance of a council member, who is the strong man of Dr Bundi in the retreat? Clearly, Dr Muchelule’s – Bundi’s right man and council member – participation in the workshop is totally uncalled for, as he being a council member is tantamount to in breeding, if at all the said training in governance for MMUST senators was really the objective of the retreat. We definitely know that the inclusion of Dr Muchelule who is the chief advisor to Bundi and worse still inclusion of Bundi himself and addressing him as “chairman of council” in a program approved after the release of the gazette notice that transferred him to Pwani University is not only meant to brainwashing MMUST senators and for them in quest for per diem, but mostly as a defiant tendency to the CS Prof Magoha as well as to embarrass the new council chairperson, Dr Jane Mutua.
More so, and as earlier alluded to, every public administrator worth their while know that it is against best management practice for a member of a governing council to be called in to facilitate a training for managers of the institution and get paid. This amounts to conflict of interest in the part of Dr Muchelule – a council member. It is further against public procurement and asset disposal Act, which apparently the senators are going to learn, yet a Council member in defiant to the same Act is the one procured to train managers in the same university where he serves as a Council member. Worse still is the fact that the program of training signed by Ms Rachel Atamba refers to Dr Bundi, invited as a facilitator for the training, as “Chairman of Council…” which Council? Ms Atamba like everyone else is well aware of a gazette notice of his removal from MMUST Council and transferred to Pwani University Council. We believe this is either an attempt to derail MMUSTians from wondering and resist what is happening here, or she and her co-orphans are opening up an escape route, should she and Bosire be summoned and charged for their defiance to a gazette notice and insubordination to the CS MoE.

Acting MMUST VC Prof. Joseph Bosire

Acting MMUST VC Prof. Joseph Bosire

Finally, in all these permutations, we wonder why the name of the lazy illegal intruder from JOOUST, prof Joseph Bosire, does not appear openly in this program. Could it be that Bosire has accepted a bitter reality of his irregular and illegal spree as acting VC at MMUST coming to an end by May 1st, 2019? Well, that may be true, but with information reaching our desk of him being in a closed door meeting all day, on Monday 29th, 2019 with Dr Lydia Anyonje and Mr Seth Musisi in effort to raise a long list of perceived suspects of “MMUST bloggers” and their informants, for victimization, we can assure you our faithful and ardent readers, the end of this whole drama and permutations is yet to be seen! So sit tight and stay tuned to us!!