Prof. Bosire and Rev. Omwoha Plan to Rig MMUSO SGC Election Against Luo and Kalenjin Candidates

If this is not cheer hatred for the LUO and Kalenjin students’ community in MMUST then it must be the worst tribalism ever witnessed in MMUST. Who are the actors? Well, headed by no other than the chief tribalist himself who himself have largely benefited his career growth from a LUO university – Prof J. Bosire (JB), who despite illegally still sitting as acting VC at MMUST without authority from the ministry, is determine to rig in and install, now, a favored Luhya candidate. This change in direction to fronting a Luhya candidate came after we busted his earlier scheme to rig in a Kisii candidate, who’s yet to get off a criminal investigation around him having links with the notorious Al Shabab circle.

The acting VC, JB is embroiled in rigging student elections at MMUST which, we strongly believe, is going to backfire on him and cause mayhem at the university. He has already perfected a plan, working with the disgraced dean of students Ms Omwoha – who was ousted out of office as dean of students over a gross misconducted around extortionary of students and parents – and the Chairman of KUSU, Mr Onzere – a nephew of Ms Omwoha – to rig tomorrow’s SGC elections – in favor of their preferred candidates. Their heinous plan is for their candidates, should they succeed in rigging them in to office, to be instrumental in ensuring perennial unrest, in support of the unions, should the ministry nurse any plan to appoint a VC that is neither JB nor endorsed by their cabal.

Another ally deep in this plan of SGC elections rig, is the counsellor at the dean of students’ office, Ms Milka Aswa, who was heard openly and loudly vowing in public that she will not counsel any Kalenjin nor Luo students, once they face the huge frustration and disappointment they will be met with after, according to her, “we have succeeded in our plans of making sure they lose in this Friday’s elections and those LUO and Kalenjin students who will be mentally tortured after losing elections will never get counseling from me and I will make sure they will suffer more”. End of quote! This open and unfortunate declaration we have learn is part of their scheme to frustrate and victimize these two tribes at the university. The questions we as concerned comrades and stakeholders of MMUST are asking remain; are MMUST students from LUO and kalenjin communities less humans? Are they less Kenyans? Are they less MMUSTians? Or are they less fees paying students of MMUST to be treated with such threat as being denied of counseling services if and when needed? In this 21st century and coming from a counsellor in an academic environment as MMUST, such unfortunate comments and open threats to students as we have witnessed from Madam Milka Aswa, if anything is a disgrace to MMUST and must not only be treated with scorn but be met with punitive redress. Yet, and sadly so, despite this kind of unfortunate outburst being public; the Dean of students – Ms Omwoha, the acting DVC ASA – Dr Bernadette Sabuni and the Acting VC – prof JB, are all mum about this.

In conclusion and from a point of emphasis, we would like to let all our readers be aware that the 10th SGC election malpractice that have been schemed by the JB syndicate is planned to take place as from this evening. The key actors charged with the responsibility of implementing this election malpractice are Mr. Onzere of SAVET and KUSU chairman, Madam Milka – counselor at dean of students office and the dean of student Ms. Omwoha, herself. Mr. Onzere – who by the way, was slotted in, last minute, into the team on ground to master mind the rigging process – has been assigned to target polling stations at the School of medicine. The printing of the ballot papers have begun since yesterday from Double Shasa, a printing house near Kenya power in Kakamega. No one has seen Madam Milka Aswa anywhere around MMUST since yesterday, which makes us suspect some sinister intentions. Therefore, we are calling on all comrades to be alert and vehemently resist the evil that is about been met on us by those who have no good intentions for comrades! Let’s stand tall and exercise our comrade power!!

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  1. I hate this article . .who gave you the mandate to speak and write over issues of tribalism in mmust. This a free advice somewhere else I will be paid please Came back to your senses ..i mean write what you see, hear, touch, taste we are tired of these rumors and fake imagnations .we are a where of conditions of truth hence your urgument above is invalid and not sound


  2. You are a fool infact you are the grandmother of tribalism
    Where do you get the audacity to write those illegal sentiments against our own vc whom we practically comprehend that he has performed better than the Otieno who was there last ……stop this hullabaloo and focus on your purpose in school otherwise you will meet what u are looking for


  3. You seem to be the mother and father of tribalism in this university.
    Take note that Mmust has students from more than 21 tribes, thus your allegations basing on two tribes (Luo and Kalenjin) are null and void.
    Seek advice if you must post anything concerning the welfare of students.


  4. This is one of the few of your articles I’ve opened and I have to admit I’m disappointed. I thought this was supposed to be a blog for benefiting students. But what I see is far from that. All your recent articles have been about Professor Bosire, they ain’t helpful. Now this article is purely tribal, you are preaching against it and at the same time promoting it. Issues to do with tribalism are sensitive. When you write an article about tribalism and you are clearly supporting your own tribe, what message are you conveying? You have mentioned many people in this rigging claim. If by chance they get wind of this and sue you how will you defend yourself? Do you have evidence against this? You have linked a student to Al Shabab, do you know how defamatory that is? Al Shabab is not a university internal issue that can be solved through a warning or ongoing cases. It’s a national security threat issue. Why not go report it to the police station? You had an amazing idea starting this blog, I thought it was meant to benefit the MMUST students, the MMUST community. But you have turned it into something else; a political vehicle. It just ain’t helpful.