MMUST Scandal

Jared Oguta Rading: Unrelenting in Corruption

As it is his style of operation, he aligns staff in the department in a manner to make sure that his interests are well served. Information we have shown that this behavior of aligning staff has divided Finance department into three categories.

Category 1: It comprises of Radings personal female acquitances. Top on the list is Celestine Mmasi who as we write has been allocated the office of the Deputy Finance Officer to sit in. Meanwhile, this is a young lady that is far from being qualified to be a DFO. Second on the list, is Faith Wamalwa. Faith herself, who while at catering cafeteria, could not even appropriately balance the cash she received from the sales and now she has been moved to the Payroll section, where we believe she is assigned to cover up for Radings frequent misdeeds, like instructions to reinstate Bosire on Payroll without a letter.

Category 2: It comprises of his kinsmen whom he favors a lot. These includes the interns whom we are reliably informed that he wants the University to give them job Contracts by force after their internship period elapses. This is a huge irregularity in employment processes, and negates competitive engagement of potential employees through interview processes. The other guy in this Category is Fred Onaya who from sources most staff avoid as he is arrogant and rude. This is one of Radings kinsman whom Rading favors openly.

Category 3: These are general staff of the department who from our reliable sources are very discouraged and they curse everyday why they have such a tribalistic and discriminating boss like whom Rading.


To crown it all, we had raised an alarm that the University funds are in very risky hands of a corrupt and self-centered man like Rading. Rading has turned the University into a cash cow where he milks any time he feels like. We dare him to explain why he wrote to Wekesa and Simiyu Advocates a cheque of 6,254,296.50 cheque no. 056152 even after being told that some of the invoices raised by this firm had already been paid. Do we assume that he did this so that the invoices that had been paid earlier will serve as his kick back interest? Wekesa raised an invoice on 29/9/2018. In the real essence after all the scrutiny had been done, this payment less the already paid invoices was supposed to be due on 17/1/209. To our surprise, the Wekesa general invoice was registered in ERP on 18/12/2018, the Payment Voucher was done on the same day the 18/12/2018 which facilitated the urgent payment. Our question remains, why the hurry in payment and why did Rading double pay despite the caution from the then expenditure accountant that some of the invoices in this amount had already been paid. Rading is high headed and he repeatedly flouts many procedures so long as the flouting benefits him as he is so self-centered and it is because of this self-centeredness that he seriously paid full per diem to the whole team of Senators who went to Eldoret and went ahead to pay for their lunch from the university funds which is a very serious offence. We demand that Rading be surcharged the amount he approved for lunch of the Senators as that is double paying them.

As we write, he has brought in 6 new accountants on contract un procedurally. He talks of these new accountants coming to clean data. He forgets that this is the same data he instructed the University to bring in a consultant company sometimes back which fled away with more than 3 million shillings for the work they never completed. If they ever completed, then there could be no need of bringing in other people to repeat the same work. So who is Rading fooling? Is this Rading out to rip-off this university day-in-day-out. Even as we now write, he plans to be away in Nairobi the whole week next week pocketing more than 100,000 in terms of per diem. Who will save this University’s Monies from the hands of this terrible thief?