MMUST Scandal

MMUST Scandal:Prof. Bosire, Rachel Atamba and Rev. Omwoha in Focus

The acting VC, Bosire, was recently overheard telling a team of his henchmen that he was the most relieved person now that Bundi had been removed as the MMUST council chair. He complained that Bundi together with the Unions were virtually running MMUST. That he had no role in the whole mess. He further complained that they were setting up schemes that would come back to haunt him as the accounting officer. These he said included the illegal return to office of Ms Atamba, registrar administration, against clear council resolution on this and court position on this; having far too many council meetings and drawing excessive allowances; illegal advertisements of positions at MMUST all aimed at recruiting illegally their relatives (thank God the MoE stopped this); employment of Mr Kipkurgat a non-qualified person and a relative of Ms Vayonda Sirma Koross a council member as a Senior Procurrement officer (he does not have a first degree in Procurrement and so does not qualify) and worse of all our mole tells us that Mr Kipkurgat was recently before he reported given at Bundi’s and Bosire’s instigation a huge salary increase. Mr Kipkurgat was expressly being brought in to assist in ensuring contracts go to those they want and they can get their share.

We also have the case of irregular employment and extension of service of the Dean of Students Rev Omwoha. She has as was planned written to Prof Bosire Acting VC to have him allow her to retire at 70 years instead of the current 65 years. There are no reasons for this to be allowed; firstly, because the law and MMUST HR manual does not allow this. Secondly, Omwoha is a non-performaner. She cannot even draft a simple letter and she has no clue what a modern student affairs should be. Thirdly she recently was the architect in trying to interfere with student elections and fourthly she has done nothing when a counsellor in her office openly boasted of how she can never serve students from communities she hates.

Omwoha is related by marriage to the illegally appointed Registrar Administration, Ms Rachael Atamba whom we understand the acting VC has sought advice on the matter and so Ms Atamba will give the green lights. Unfortunately the acting DVC AF, Dr Patrick Ojera, is so worried about keeping his job and allowances that he will keep mum and appropriately advice on the matter. While our sources tell us that Bundi was the architect of this, we wait to see if Bosire the Acting VC will grant this illegality as Bundi has no more powers to force him to do wrong things. This will enable us believe him on his heard claims of not having anything to do with illegal decisions claimed to be either council or UMB decisions on appointments and withdrawal of officers’ appointments at whim without due processes.

Rev. Omwoha have been the Dean of Students, since chased from Moi university following massive students unrest in resistance to her tribal and inefficient practices, until 2014 when she was procedurally removed from office on grounds of embezzlement and misappropriation of Students finances. She was notorious in the practice of tribalism and favoritism in her dealings with students, a behavior which reached climax in 2013 when she participated in rigging MMUSO elections, in favor of a candidate from her favored community against another leading to demonstrations among students and students unrest that led massive loss of the university property and disruption of the election processes. These and many other cases of her inefficiency as Dean of Students led to her removal from the position and was assigned other duties, for which she was dissatisfied with and being disgruntled with the then management, went to court to seek reversal of the decision to remove her as Dean of students. When her retirement age (65 years) reached, last year, as per the declared age in National ID, she challenged the declaration on her national ID, saying that she was born in July and therefore will retire at 66 years, the next year. Rev Omwoha who, as per her claims, is supposed to retire in July, 2019 and sought to go on terminal leave by June, 2019, was seen, with the appointment of Bosire as acting VC, reinstated back as Dean of Students in January, 2019 – despite her matter still in court, all for the purpose of satisfying the unions’ whims and pressure, particularly Rev Omwoha’s nephew, Mr Onzere, The MMUST KUSU chapter Chairman.

What Bosire does not know is that Omwoha is just but a symbolic head in student affairs department, all for the purpose of drawing allowances and extortionary of students and parents. As we earlier asserted, information on our desk shows she cannot even draft a letter, being too lazy and sickly, forcing all those around her perpetually doing everything meant to be done by her. In fact, the just concluded SGC elections, for whatever it was worth, only achieved the level success it had, as the entire university is aware of, credit to the efforts of two key officers in her office. She could not even manage to successfully implement a simple task assigned to her by the unions of “rigging the election” in their favor, as her weak strategies were easily busted and publicized by students, timely enough. All she could only succeed at doing was in locking out Luo students from Students Governing Council, which unfortunately has left students from this community frustrated and feeling discriminated against.

Now, we have been reliably informed that Rev Omwoha has written to the acting VC Bosire, asking to retire at age 70 years and we are left to wonder; upon which policy document will this request be supported with? As stakeholders in MMUST, we are disappointed at this wanton disregard for procedures and the law and university Statutes. We are largely appalled at this kind plan been hatched to keep an inefficient person in office, as we students are the ones to bear the brunt of her inefficiency. Why can’t prof Bosire, for once in his time at MMUST do one thing worth remembering him for, long after his exit from MMUST, by not yielding to the demands of unions, Atamba or the prof’s forum, now that Bundi is no longer around to twist his arms? Obviously, as we seat here we are seeing MMUST falling back to the dark era of students strikes and unrest when she was Dean of Students before 2014. This blog is written as a caution to Bosire to be alive and know that he is being misadvised by the selfish and mediocre Ms Atamba, the registrar administration who being a very close associate and relative-by-marriage to Rev Omwoha will definitely misadvise Bosire on retirement age, knowing she herself will equally benefit from same illegality.

In all these MMUST is quickly running into bankruptcy. There is no willpower by Bosire to curb reckless and fruitless expenditure by staff and his management team. As we told you last week, the Finance Officer, Mr Rading spent the whole week in Nairobi drawing allowances on a task that should have taken at most two days. He and Bosire have perfected the art of fleecing the university by being in Nairobi instead of being at work. Bosire too spent most of last week in Nairobi to see the chancellor on Wednesday 15th May on a matter that one day was sufficient.

Amidst all these, postgraduate students who invigilated exams early in the year have to date not been paid and this week of 13 to 17 May 2019 they refused to be trained in this and so exams starting on 20th May 2019 will in most probability be done in conditions that render them illegal and so the students degrees run the risk of not being honored in the workplace his also indirectly impacts negatively on the university rankings.

As we conclude this blog, we feel poised to recommend that maybe, just maybe, it’s high time MMUST management considers send her staff for an in-service courses that will better prepare them for retirement, avoid these tendencies to wanting to manipulate policies and statutory provisions and guideline for retirement or living in fear of retirement. In fact, we strongly recommend that all staff due or nearing retirement age – whether academic or administration – as a matter of policy must and should go for compulsory counselling to better help them embrace retirement.