MMUST Scandal

Jeremy Bundi Remains a Stumbling Block For Progress, even as Blame Games Become a Cheap Excuse For a Failed System in MMUST


Just to begin, we must appreciate that MMUST now has a respectable and highly professional council under the leadership of Dr Jane Musangi Mutua, following the transfer of the most corrupt and malicious human being to ever land in MMUST and indeed Kakamega County, in the shameful name and person of Dr Jeremy Miriti Bundi.

Our highly esteemed MMUSTians we bring to you very worrying concern on the state of this university under the mismanagement of the lazy intruder from JOOUST – Acting as the Vice Chancellor – prof Joseph Bosire, with his notorious mis-advisors, Johnson Simiyu Litiema – the chief misadvisor who was sacked for stealing a mattress and other confused and selfishly desperate misadvisors, being; prof John Shiundu – the traditionalist, the renegade pastor – prof Silvery Oteng’i, the double-tongued prof Thomas Sakwa, unqualified Registrar Rachael Indasi Atamba – born in 1949 and not 1961 as she cheats the system, the expired dean of students, determined to manipulate her retirement age – Lydia Omwoha, and the confused union officials with their associates being; Robinson Oduma, Sammy Kubasu, Onzere Mulongo, Ronald Wamalwa, Rose Opiyo, Nyakoe Momanyi, Edwin Wafula, Mark Komen, Stanley Oluchiri Omuterema, Charles Nakhanu Chunge, Isaac K’Owino and many more.

But first of all, we bring to your knowledge an urgent information reaching us from our very reliable source in the Ministry of Public Service, Youth and Gender Affairs. We have been reliably informed that Dr Jeremy Miriti Bundi, backed by his associates; Prof Bosire, the clueless professors forum and confused union officials has been seriously working with his, Bundi’s, highly placed tribemate at the ministry in interfering with the PSC’s shortlisting and interviews processes for MMUST VC and DVCs, which has created very unnecessary delays in the recruitment process. This is a very disgraceful and an unethical behavior that ought be urgently investigated for appropriate corrective action.

Reality has now dawned on MMUSTians – especially the noisy and antagonistic unionists and the clueless professors forum that the institution that had propagated high levels of discipline and prudent financial management under the previous management will now have to undergo major financial crisis. But why? Reason is that the negligent prof Bosire and the very vindictive and malicious prof Sakwa – with their bulging egos – failed to ensure that students pay fees before sitting for exams as per the University regulations.

As usual, and in their own dramatic antics, these failed brains in the name of Sakwa and Bosire start blaming whoever they think has not been on their side – dispatching unsupported allegation that comrades were incited. Check our own signed notice that clearly states the reasons comrades threatened to boycott the exams (Attached). Comrades painfully paid fees from very hard earned cash and it was illegal to deny them the chance to sit for exams. Or does Bosire and Sakwa think comrades are so stupid not to figure it all out that the records in the student finance section had not been updated to reflect the true fee statuses? This decision to allow students sit for exams without paying fees has driven MMUST to near bankruptcy and brought back indiscipline and strikes as the way students can have their unjustifiable demands met – something that had been dealt with very well under the former management.

MMUST Strike notice

In order to further expound on the confused state of the acting registrar AA and indeed the acting management, we bring to you some very unfortunate statements and blame games from prof Sakwa, himself, here; “Tomorrow, exams will be issued against class lists not necessarily nominal rolls. Pick your exam on time. The Registrar AA is accountable on matters of examination. The registrar is also the custodian of the instruments of governance on matters academic. Lets consult and let’s work together. I am sorry I didn’t know of the latest developments appropriately. I picked it from students when it appeared that I was contradicting the new position while enforcing policy and Deans committee position on fee payment. Nevertheless, I heard and saw deans and at least a lecturer corrupting students to boycott an exam. They seem to be having personal interests. God will deal with them and their guilt will forever remain on their forehead.”

“Updating portals is late again!
The morning exams on 20th September 2019 at the Multipurpose Hall did not take off! Why? The School is well known..”

“Is MMUST dealing with sabotage as Union leader claims or is it just a matter of ineptitude?”
End of quotes.

Now comrades are left to wonder, what sabotage is the registrar claiming, rather than focusing on a disciplined examination process, when the exam of Monday, 20th scheduled at MPH and MCU for 8.30am and which was a common course housed in SDMHA, under Prof Onkware, ended up in a huge confusion as up to 10.00am, as at our last check, neither the Dean nor any of the lecturers assigned to supervised the exams had reached the venue. We were later reliably informed that the said exam began after 11.00am. So we wonder… Which sabotage are they speaking about really, if this was not mere disorganization right from the registrar AA’s office down to the office of the Dean of the school?

To bring more drama to your heart, we have been reliably informed that the purported student strike was initially a setup by Bosire and Sakwa, themselves, to have the exams postponed so that their terms in office could be extended. Just to open your eyes, ask yourself, why would a student council dubbed ‘face of Kenya’ bankrolled by Bosire and Sakwa go round to cause a strike through a signed notice barely two weeks after ascending to office?

Now see what follows next – Bosire and Sakwa on realizing their grave financial mistake that would bring MMUST finally to its knees have now increased their diversionary tactics using the confused union officials – with the thick-headed Onzere who is at least far more intelligent and defenselessly daring among the union officials and their associates, namely; Oduma, Opiyo, Nyakoe and Omuterema – taking the roles of the unions national offices and that of the chair of vice chancellors forum to shamelessly ask the government on national TV to increase funding to the universities. We now laugh – why send such clowns to embarrass this noble institution and make it appear as if their views represent those of staff members of MMUST nor MMUST council? Nonetheless, this shameless gangsters with very short memory has previously been misused by Bundi, Bosire and the professors to create instability, trying to frustrate the chair of council, Dr Mutua through threats, insults and court suit. The mannerless gang still, without knowing what governance, government and employer means, still with stupid guts goes ahead to insult, threaten and suing CS Education prof George Magoha and PS prof Collete Suda for exercising the ministry’s legal rights of reassignment of their appointed chair of councils. Our main question remains; why is Dr Jane Mutua not resisting her transfer, while Dr Jeremy Bundi is vehemently using all illegal and corrupt resources at his disposal to fight his reassignment. We leave you our loyal readers to continue to ponder on this deep reflective question and its implication on progress at MMUST.

As we finish we are glad to see the tide turning against these once proud and arrogant group – with members of staff now awakened by the reality that the University is actually on the brink of financial collapse, not only from gross financial mismanagement of Bosire, Rading and their associates, but more so, the level of indiscipline and poor work ethics from various sections of the university, as we witnessed the height of ineptitude in the ongoing semester two examination. We foresee a soon to happen uprising, from hardworking staff and students of MMUST, against the poor leadership of prof Bosire, prof Sakwa, prof Shiundu, Onzere, Oduma, Wafula and others. Staff now fear themselves earning salaries past 15th of every month as those with loans will keep being penalized. Statutory deductions such as NHIF, not being remitted so staff and their families can readily be receiving medical services. As MMUST staff and comrades have firmly noted, even the failed political diversionary tactic dubbed ‘MBBI’ will not make us lose focus on the looming worrying realities.

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  1. There is no smoke without fire, I can’t speak a lot but only give a signal that some head of state to visit mmust and watch the quality of exam booklets used ,,,, using the former regime as a yard stick.


  2. Lemme hope the source of this info is legitimate to put the subject in discussion. But again the VC is in his best behaviour. A very sober man who like engaging in a dialogue. This bloggers should be warned pronto.