MMUST Scandal

Corrupt Dr. Jeremy Bundi ressurects with desperate war Cries through his Meru relative CS Prof. Margaret Kobia

As MMUST rapidly disintegrates into bankruptcy and lawlessness courtesy of the most corrupt and malicious person to ever set foot in MMUST if not Kakamega County, the shameful inhuman beast-hearted man, in the very ever haunting name – Dr Jeremy Miriti Bundi – with his big-bodied-tiny-brain human puppet, the lazy intruder from JOOUST trying to act as a vice chancellor – prof Joseph Bosire – we hereby bring to you information concerning the second level of a meaningless long war that will soon turn MMUST into rabbles.

Fellow MMUSTians and the community here in Kakamega and elsewhere, after rejoicing our redemption in the removal of the corrupt and wicked Dr Bundi, prepare for more drama, as his evil ghost, even more bitter than ever before, has resurrected from hades to haunt us for a longer period, without mercy to anyone standing on its way.

Through our ever-alert networks across the country, we have received very shameful and disturbing piece of information on the new war front that Dr Bundi – with his bitter greed to corruptly control and loot hard earned resources in MMUST, to use the CS for Public Service, a fellow Meru relative in the presumably respectable person of prof Margaret Kobia. Colleagues, our very reliable source who is very close to CS Kobia and Dr. Bundi, has well informed us that, and we directly quote “Dr. Bundi has sworn that even from Pwani University he will use his relative prof. Margaret Kobia the CS Public Service to ensure he installs his preferred choice as the VC of MMUST through the public service commission. This interference is what is delaying shortlisting and interviews.” end of quote.

From where we seat, we see a tribally-motivated aggression by CS Kobia, by trying to intervene for her corrupt Meru relative – Dr Bundi, through interference with the PSC recruitment process, to maliciously sabotage the functions of the Ministry of Education headed by CS prof George Magoha. Prof Kobia, we wonder why you have chosen to stoop that low, after studying abroad and winning great awards, something that few women have achieved, to try to intervene for a very corrupt and malicious person – Dr Bundi – whom anyone sane here in MMUST and Kakamega County feels it was a great relieve for him to move out of this university?

We really wonder why Dr Bundi has refused to leave MMUST alone, an institution he found very stable and on the sure growth trajectory – we are now left wondering, did this man forget his corrupt dysfunctional tools of institutional adultery here in MMUST?

We now let you, prof Kobia, know the kind of people working with Dr Bundi – for whom he is callously dragging you in to defend, and whom he expects you to, like him, be associated with going forward:-

1. Johnson Simiyu Litiema – The chief advisor of Bundi and Bosire: he was sacked for stealing a mattress used to transport the body of a dead lecturer. Escaped to Nairobi for a driving job in a school after being linked by security agents with the gang called 12 brothers in Shinyalu. Currently banned from his own village of unnatural sexual acts without women but with the lesser ones being incest and pedophile.

2. Robinson Oduma – UASU Chair: P1 teacher who has been pursuing a PhD for the last 12 years now, in a row. Currently fighting to get construction tenders for his private company – the perimeter wall and new building at Star Annex – for his friend Dr Bundi. This semester he only taught once but is giving exams. He once urinated on comrades food in 2011 during a staff’s go slow. And has a passion for abusing women with unthinkable non-printable vulgarities.

3. Jason Nyakoe Momanyi – UASU organizing secretary: a sex for marks expert, who used a student that later found herself positive with a deadly virus and collapsed – ask all EDA students they know this story better than us.

4. Rose Opiyo – the UASU treasurer and nursery school teacher: specializes in home-breaking. Her vehicle was seen overnight in the compound of one of the ill-hearted principals of some particular constituent colleges of a university in western Kenya. She was heard swearing shamelessly to go naked and engage in all forms of sexual acts, by any willing MMUST male, should the ministry fail to appoint their preferred candidate as VC.

5. Onzere Mulongo – the imbecile KUSU chair: employed without an advert or interviews, through her aunty – the expired dean of students Lydia Omwoha, who is now very busy trying to manipulate prof Bosire to extend her retirement age to 70 years. She’s already begun inciting the new MMUSO leaders to issue press statements against Dr Bundi’s transfer. By the way, we are well aware that Onzere Mulongo has been leading a clandestine fundraiser targeting 250,000 shillings in legal fees in support for Dr Bundi’s case against CS Magoha over a rightful, even though delayed, replacement with Dr Jane Musangi Mutua as the Chair of MMUST council. We have the current list of contributors, by the way, just to hint…. Can someone please ask prof Josephine Ngaira – the former DVC ASA – to just top-up on the little amount she contributed through someone we know very well?

5. Gregory Lidzaga – KUSU deputy chair: the hidden face behind all mess in MMUST. Who also doubles as nephew to the 1949 born, but now claiming 1962, Rachael Indasi Atamba – the unqualified Registrar Administration – who was manipulated into office unprocedurally and against a court order by Dr Bundi’s personal, but dubbed council, decision. Gregory Lidgaga is well known for his involvement in a huge scandal of misappropriations of students allowances. He also authors shameful press statements for professors forum.

6. The unproductive professors, without even a single grant nor research aids in their names; profs Shiundu, Otengi, Matanga and Shalo. Professors who have become so senile to be useful to any academic productivity that they now want to manipulate[d-delete] senate for them to be paid six-times the salary of a lecturer for teaching one course and spreading gossip, in the name of a package, dubbed “senior professors”.

7. Prof Thomas Sawa – whose fake academic growth has earned a popular title, “Samuel Makonde”. He now parades himself as a “pastor” as a well-orchestrated package to unleash his malice and vindictive tendencies on his perceived enemies. He comes from his tribal witchcraft city called Naitiri. He tribally fought for the removal of prof Aywa Omukunda so that he could assume the office of DVC AF at Kibabii University. Now himself and his ego have finally been reduced to the height of his own shoes after a failed mission to collect fees through exams.

8. Dr Charles Chunge – the medical microbiologists who is self-promoted and masquerading as a “professor”. This man is such a local cow, known for being loud and a braggart who illegally used MMUST name in a noble NGO called WECOHAS to corruptly get funds from unsuspecting local and foreign donors. Besides, we know this man is a professional fundraiser and we are also privy to the fact that he was the Chief Architect in raising funds for KUSU to go to court to stop Dr Jane Mutua taking over as MMUST chair of council.

9. Dr Isaac K’Owino – fake chemist who thinks he should be above anyone else despite his very poor academic and leadership record. Specializes in robbing colleagues of their ideas and frustrating postgraduate comrades.

10. Prof Joseph Bosire – the lazy intruder from JOOUST: that one, we will not waste words on him. He is just simply that, lazy, thick headed, a cheap thief and what’s more a tribalistic goof who was illegally and unprocedurally forced on MMUST, without apology. We are just tired of his in thinking excess and simply just want him bundled back to his JOOUST. We have had a enough of the unfortunate output of his lazy brain.

11. Ronald Wamalwa – KUSU Secretary General who was sacked for gross misconduct by storming into an ongoing KUDHEIHA meeting uninvited – case was sealed by the courts of law after his own accusations and appeals since he refused to attend MMUST disciplinary committee for his own appeal. Now has inherited Ms Agnes Amugamwa – KUSU treasurer who has converted her library office into their playground.

12. Cosmas Cheptoo Rutto – KUSU organizing secretary: sacked alongside Wamalwa for the same crime with additional looting in procurement of printing paper. Supplied tyres that were never delivered.

In conclusion, dear madam CS, prof Kobia, we believe you have been well enlightened on what your very corrupt and very dangerously scheming and manipulative kinsman, Dr Jeremy Bundi is dragging you into. Unfortunately, you may not be aware of his capabilities and unsuspectingly and innocuously thinking you are helping a “mistreated” relative. Well, like they say… if you didn’t know, now you know! The choice is yours to back off and save your well-known and highly revered reputation or choose sink and drown with your kinsman in this war which we all know he will surely lose. As they say, the voice of the people is the voice of God! The people of western Kenya and indeed MMUST community have spoken and loudly so; we want and demand a fair and un-interfered recruitment processes for our next university’s VC and DVC’s. The choice is clearly yours to make and now.