MMUST Scandal

Confusion in Bundi-Bosire Camp as Distrust Looms Amongst Followers Over MBBI

There are always lessons to learn from oral literature and tales from the vast numbers of story books, as we give credit where it deserves, such as story books authored by our own renown scholar and teacher from Navuhi – Prof Egara Kabaji – who was unfairly denied the opportunity to serve MMUST as acting Vice Chancellor, by combined clandestine efforts of Drs. Charles Nakhanu Chunge and Jeremy Miriti Bundi. But that said, what really made the once upon a time enjoyable life in MMUST to all of a sudden degenerate into the worst ‘man-eat-man’ experience currently witnessed in MMUST, is the unprocedural arrival of Prof Joseph Bosire – all these manipulation happened in collaboration with Dr Walter Juma Ongeti, at the cost of a whooping 12M bribe. You may wish to further confirm these figures with Charles Chunge, Stanley Omuterema and Onzere Mulongo – they know this open secret even better than us.




Just to refresh your mind a bit. On the 22nd of January 2019, Dr. Bundi, and his associates being the intruder from JOOUST, who by the way, is a very “prayerful” person, prof Bosire; his closest confidant and man of the “collar” prof Thomas Sakwa – in their hallucinations of witchcraft looming around MMUST, chose to organize a mandatory prayers session for all staff and students in MMUST. Unfortunately, and as we all by now know the purported prayer day, turned into a political session filled with promises of returning back to MMUST all those procedurally sacked for one reason or the other, including students suspended for various cases of misconduct. Far worse was the ridiculous turn out of events on that day, with one form of swearing or the other of how they would go every length they could afford to ensure that the former VC, Prof Otieno never sets foot in MMUST again, even if it meant bribing every high and mighty officers in Kenya. It was on this fated day or so called MMUST prayer day that these self-interest and desperate-for-power men came up with a political vehicle dubbed ‘MMUST Building Bridges Initiative’ or just call it ‘MBBI’ – an initiative meant as a tool to thwart the regular HR procedures of MMUST for their followers’ interest.


Now we as true believers in the January 22 prayers have been thrown into much confusion, because not long after the very powerful prayers the following dramatic events unfolded: CS Amina Mohamed was uprooted from the ministry of education and was replaced with the honest and hardworking prof George Magoha. The arrogant former council member and very close associate of Bundi, Mr Frank Kimbelekenya, was sacked from council. More shocking was now the disgraceful reassignment of Dr Bundi to Pwani University despite all his hard fight to stop the transfer. A transfer which by the way, Bundi refused to accept, refused to report to Pwani University, instead, him despite not being a unionist, used union resources to go to court to challenge his transfer – how low can Bundi even get, using MMUST unions to go to court on his behalf, whereby the lawyer challenging his transfer is a relative of Onzere Mulongo, KUSU Chairman – an unfortunate outcome which we are very happy at the speed with which the WECO founders as ever reliable and supportive as they are to salvaging MMUST, swiftly move to the court to challenge both the illegal presence of Prof Bosire at MMUST and of Dr Bundi’s perennial refusal to leave MMUST.


After a long wait for miracles from heaven following the January 22 prayers, Mr Johnson Simiyu Litiema – the unapologetic thief, sacked for stealing from a dead lecturer – now in what appeared to be honest confession, said that he stopped believing in the same prayers as he kept losing jobs as soon he landed any, with his ever-blaming cries that the former VC was following him all over, yet, it is his own pilferage manners that keep on denying and making him remain jobless. By the way, whatever happened to the harambee contributions Litiema collected to pursue a court reversal of his sack from MMUST, tagged, “Contribution for justice for Litiema”?


Now the heat has been turned on prof Bosire and his MBBI committee, with even union officials and their other fanatics pointing fingers towards one another in a blame game accusing each another of betrayal. Currently, MMUST fraternity whatsapp platform has burst into protests with numerous posts agitating for the release and implementation of the ill-fated MBBI report.

Read for yourself what Litiema posted: “People should start looking critically at this animal called MBBI. This was the chancellor and council’s resolution on 22nd January 2019. What do we expect now? HR should emulate Ag registrar academics and implement this report like he did by recalling irregularly suspended students. Can HR office assure mmustians that they are committed to MBBI and not shifting goal posts? There are things which have happened in HR for the last three months, clearly undermining MBBI. How can one explain the ongoing promotions of selected few employees by pst Owunza and Ojera? Promoting while telling others to wait for MBBI raised my eyebrows. Unless HR shows a little commitment, then MBBI is doomed. Who represented HR in MBBI?”. End of quote.

Ronald Wamalwa, the KUSU Secretary General, retorted: “Comrade Litiema, my job and position is very intact, but in the spirit of unionism we consult far and wide before releasing any information especially of MBBI magnitude!! True to the point, MBBI is long overdue and without a blink am also waiting curiously the outcome. As I indicated in my communiqué above there, before closure of this week I strongly believe there will be communication over the same. Everybody including the VC is aware of the tension and the impatience that has Cropped up among the staff due to a delayed feedback from the MBBI committee. When an official communication is given, we shall get to know the reasons for delayment. Otherwise, we need this thing called MBBI like yesterday.”. End of quote.

Other contributors posted a number of varying bitter opinions that we may not be able to exhaust here, but here, we share our last pick “By end of business tomorrow, we should be able to tell whether we are reading from the same script with these MBBI members or not. They requested management to go for retreat in Busia with an aim of completing the report on time in readiness for handing over. Why haven’t they handed the report almost a month down the line since they left Busia? Whom are they taking for a ride? After all, they have never complained of anything. Each electoral college should reign in on their members to know where the problem is. You were to summarize the report within 21 days but instead you requested for extension. Why are you holding on this document as if it’s a country’s draft constitution? Come on guys, unveil and implement the findings in your report as soon as possible. The whole initiative was out of the good will of the council, senate, management, staff and all university stakeholders.”. End of quote.

We are just amazed by what these busy bodies are pushing for! Ask us and we shall reveal a lot about MBBI that will astonish you. For your information, we know that the stalemate in the release of the MBBI report has one key reason – its main stumbling block, being that, the over 70 year old unqualified Registrar Administration, Ms. Rachael Atamba reinstated against court verdict, has refused to own it. We know this is borne out of her age long experience and lessons from her previous mistakes. To add on that, we wish you to reflect on this question… to which council shall this Kangaroo report be submitted to, assuming senate managed to be arm twisted and it sails through? Are you imagining Bundi will return back to MMUST and chair a council that will pass through this ill-fated report or are you expecting this current genuine and respectable council chaired by the professional – Dr Jane Musangi Mutua – with all the wisdom that abound in it, presently, will just pass that poorly thought-through report? Or simply, lets even hope you have not forgotten so soon how you yourself openly insulted, intimidated and have taken to court, the current chair of council, not mentioning calling the dignified and respectable lady, unprintable names to the extent of scheming to deny her rights of attending an official governance training function in Eldoret even after the gazette notice of her appointment was out? Worse yet, was even how embarrassing it is to imagine that the acting VC himself, Prof Bosire, even refused to accept Dr Mutua as new chair, it took him over 2 weeks to come to terms with the gazette notice that gave authority to Dr Mutua’s appointment as new MMUST council chair, while he Bosire still hoped Bundi would make it back through the court or any other back door, he could fabricate, back to MMUST. Besides, and even more deplorable is that it took the intervention of MMUST researchers through their WhatsApp platform to question the misnomer of not updating Dr Mutua as MMUST new council chair on MMUST website, a record 5 times plus persistent call to Bosire to immediately address the embarrassment, before he reluctantly ordered the webmaster to effect the change. What a shame on Prof Bosire, the acting VC, MMUST.

We are also aware that the government will sack university staff to reduce the wage bill. Now we wonder why Bundi and Bosire chose to tell you lies, even promising to reinstate fellows like Wamalwa and Rutto – who were both procedurally sack for their grossly unruly behavior of not only have no regard for formal authorities, but abandoned their duties and even coerced others to do the same in sabotage to the system. We dare prof Bosire to come out open and tell us whether the University budget submitted to the ministry factored in the amount of money required for promotions, reinstatements and recruitments of such magnitude.

We also laugh out loud wondering why Wamalwa wastes his time roaming about in MMUST thinking that his job will come back. Our dear friend, for your information you are even not needed by your own union officials, leave alone members, who now say behind your back of how you are a liability to their course. Further to this, in your folly, haven’t you sensed that Onzere Mulongo and Gregory Lidzaga have been avoiding you? These guys already achieved their main goals of using you in getting their aunties back to office. They care about no one else with your MBBI and CBA. To add salt to the wound, they are indirectly fighting you claiming that Bukusus want to domineer over other Luhyas; Banyore and Isukhas, and that Bukusus were actually responsible for the sacking of prof Aywa Omukunda at Kibabii University; through efforts by no other than prof Sakwa, and that they also sacked prof Sammy Kubasu, their own, even before the prof Otieno-led administration came to power. So stop fooling yourself that you will ever get a job in MMUST. We have no words to waste on Litiema because he has always had a thieving job. Other members of staff pushing for MBBI enjoy the frustration of listening to the music of the wicked.


So then again, we ask… what was this ill-fated MBBI all about? What bridges were broken to be built and if this was genuine which were the two or so opposing sides? These were never spelt out clearly and all it was aimed at was to discredit the excellent work that had been done over the period of Prof Otieno as well as pervert normal HR processes in MMUST. How can Prof Shiundu be tasked to chair this committee, when indeed six years earlier on, he was a DVC PRI at MMUST and most of the mess at the university which Prof Otieno led regime cleaned up, were created by him and his team? Who is Shiundu by the way? Prof Shiundu was the architect of forging certificates at KU and when caught he ran away to Maseno where the then VC the Late Prof Onyango literally chased him away for his incompetence. He cannot be expected to chair such a committee. What has or can Prof Shiundu bast of doing for MMUST growth, other than leaving in his past? As far as MBBI is concerned, the only thing we know Prof Shiundu can offer the committee is sleep 90% of the time – which he did very well – all through their meetings, and then get paid per diem for sleeping during committee sessions.

We sum up by a request to be educated on whether those prayers of January 22 where MBBI was established, actually worked as a godly intervention for Bundi-Bosire alliance’s dreams. In any case, this all fails to add up as we also see, for we remain confused as to which god was been approached by Bundi and Bosire, while actually the invited clergies were faithfully calling upon the name of the True God?