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Dr. Bundi’s Fanatics Drown in Tantrums as the ill-fated Bridge Collapses

Do you remember when you were a child, but not childish, and life revolved around your nursery school teacher? We mean those days when teacher Mary and others kept us happy, fit and lively through sing and dance, jumping up and down like the kids of a goat – “London bridge is falling down……”. In case you remember, you are actually not dreaming, where you are here in MMUST is just not different, it is yet another nursery school with our most qualified teacher, Rose Opiyo – Treasurer Uasu – and her class 1 colleague, Robinson Oduma – Chairman Uasu – singing and dancing it out very well for you; “Bundi is god, all the time, and all the time, Bundi is god and that’s his nature, wow!” – entertaining aging MMUST staff whom gerontologists can attest to it that going through chaotic adolescence, one becomes senile after being childish – this is where we find the youngest staff and students being misled to, by the aging professors forum-led by profs Silvery Otengi, John Shiundu, Peter Shalo, Thomas Sakwa, Leonard Wamocho and Frank Matanga.


Let’s now reflect on the very dramatic events that unfolded ever since the Power of God descended on MMUST following the very powerful prayers and the covenant of January 22, 2019 – organized by the combined efforts of Dr. Jeremy Bundi, prof Joseph Bosire and prof Thomas Sakwa – or just refer back to our previous blogs to avoid being redundant as we have more to tell you going forward.

We have been keenly following the conversations on various platforms as well as direct ones through various interactive scenarios, and being among those who abhor corruption, we have found ourselves in vivid dreams of how teacher Rose and teacher Robinson are now leading us in a corrupted version of nursery school sing and dance song that goes like this; “BUNDI’S Bridge is falling down, Falling down, falling down, BUNDI’S Bridge is falling down, My UNFAIR LAZY. Build it up with wood and clay, Wood and clay, wood and clay, Build it up with wood and clay, My UNFAIR LAZY.” But we keep wondering why we have such dreams.


To help you get into the mix, we hereby wish to share with you some trending quotes from the MMUST fraternity platform for your own judgement. It is worthwhile to note that majority of the trending posts are delivered through Dr Bundi and prof Bosire’s chief advisor and ‘anticorruption whistle blower’; Johnson Simiyu Litiema – THE REAL MUKHONO MURAMBI – JOHNSON SIMIYU LITIEMA, a.k.a ‘Shivulia shye imbiro’ – a semi-illiterate thief who was sacked for stealing a mattress from a dead lecturer. Although most of the posts are attributed to this embarrassing lowlife, we are very well aware that he shares most on behalf of other people especially Dr Bundi himself, prof Bosire, Dr Charles Chunge, prof Sakwa, Dr Isaac K’Owino, and their mole in Council, Samson Muchelule, earning him miserable peanuts, just for posts and insults. Here we go:-

Here is our first pick-
With due respect Kiongozi, MBBI was ‘born’ at graduation square during the prayers. My suggestion is that we want a similar handover ceremony at the same venue where staff, management and members of MBBI will attend and clear this lingering suspicion among members. Members have hard-hitting questions that may be answered on a such day. Furthermore, it will show a sign of commitment and good will from all the parties. We very tired of this boardroom meetings that rarely yield fruits for suffering staff. If they have a good deal for staff let it be declared publicly because it the responsibility of management to look into the welfare of staff. For how long shall we continue to suffer, mourn etc until most of us are depressed!! MBBI is a good initiative aimed at improving our welfare in MMUST as staff. Anyone standing in the way of MBBI regardless of their positions in and outside mmust is our enemy no. 1 hence should be dealt with mercilessly and ruthlessly. Finally, unions representatives must stop taking this issues for granted because the consequences are tire. Don’t take us in circles, you represented staff in MBBI, and we believe you gave your input hence you have no reasons for not telling us on what you agreed. Mambo ya blame games in future hatutaki.”


And this one summed it all-
“Reality is, MBBI was a brilliant Dr Bundi’s idea that could have changed mmust forever, if the committee had worked in set timelines. As the committee was dillydallying, the enemy came in by the name of Dr Mutua. You have seen what she has done in the council already. The two luo members have already taken over the HR and Finance committees. Watene and Nderitu have joined the camp for financial gains. In a nutshell, MBBI is dead on arrival and the fall back strategy is to only hope that Dr Mutua goes back to where she came from. Alternatively, if mmust senate, unions and professor’s forum can come out of their slumber and put heads together, what I have up my sleeve can do a miracle. We have lost the battle but must win the war. This does not involve years of study or experience, but simply put, more effective use of what we have, our minds, our rationality and our vision. Believe me you Kiongozi, we can see who laughs last”.
End of quotes.

We are well aware that the more reasonable Bundi’s orphans have begun seeing sense after realizing the collapse of the bridge dubbed “MBBI”. Comrades, we are very much aware of how submarines operate in a war. We are well informed that, upon realizing the silly blunders they have made, with our determined exposure of their dirty plans and schemes that Bundi and Bosire have been rolling out through unions and professors forum, the next move – of which we know, is that these busy bodies now want to pretend to want to reconcile with those they have badly maligned, vis-à-vis; CS prof George Magoha, PS Collete Suda and Dr Jane Musangi Mutua – our current very able, decent and professionally efficient Chair of MMUST Council. We now ask ourselves why profs Shiundu, Oteng’i and Sakwa, in their hypocrisy, not put a brave face and come out clearly and share with us their next scheme of pretending to be very good while still holding onto their very highly toxic scheme against those whom, very deep in their hearts, they still really hate?


Our analysis of the behaviors of union officials particularly those of UASU is that, they are just tribalists who wished to use MBBI to redeem and promote their relatives. The vulgar Jason Nyakoe Momanyi, a Kisii, went silent after realizing his fellow tribesmate prof Joseph Bosire in pretending to play the role of a substantive vice chancellor reinstated him as school practice coordinator. Rose Opiyo decided to disappear from the scene after prof George Magoha was appointed CS for education, wrongly anticipating that the CS will reason from a Luo point of view. We are currently not interested in people like Robinson Oduma, Henry Mauyo and Silvester Makhulo, who is prof Shiundu’s cousin, sacked alongside prof Shiundu at Maseno University for very bad manners. These guys just like to make a lot of noise and gossip a lot of rubbish, then afterwards, struggle to think. At KUSU and KUDHEIHA levels, these are the slaves being used by UASU to do dirty jobs for them and suffer alone later – here it is not only about tribes but nuclear and extended families – just check how many relatives are linked to Samuel Rotich, the Marakwet Auditor, and then the over 70 year old illegally reinstated unqualified registrar administration, Rachael Indasi Atamba, an Isukha. By the way, we are very eager for an opportune moment whereby, Mark Litiema (not Johnson Litiema, the thief) shall ever be given an open platform to air out his grievances against this Rachael Atamba. Then there is the expired dean of students, Lydia Omwoha – a Munyore, with relatives all over including Onzere Mulongo the KUSU Chairman – employed to be a choir master without any advert or interviews. Do not forget that prof Sibilike Makhanu leads in the number of tribesmates and relatives he employed at all levels while serving as DVC A&F.

Now from the above analysis, we wish to bring you back to the real root of chaos in MMUST and the MBBI fiasco. Very well, prior to the just ended regime led by prof Fred Otieno, MMUST workforce had been built upon those four main tribes namely Bukusus, Isukha, Banyore and the Marakwet. The skewed tribal employment was mostly Isukhas at the KUDHEIHA level courtesy of Rachael Atamba.

When change of management came in from December 2013, a tribal KUSU outfit meant to frustrate the new management was assembled and it openly excluded the Luos and Wangas – wrongly claiming that the new enemy, prof Otieno was a Luo-Wanga hybrid. This KUSU outfit was to have strong representation from the previous skewed workforce: Banyore, Bukusu, Isukha and Marakwet.

The new KUSU team created to take power – created by Lydia Omwoha for Banyore – sponsored her nephew, Meshack Onzere Mulongo as Chairman; prof Makhanu and prof Sakwa for Bukusus – sponsored Ronald Wamalwa for Secretary General; then Samuel Rotich for Marakwet – sponsored Cosmas Rutto for Organizing Secretary; while Rachael Atamba for Isukhas – sponsored Agnes Amugamwa for Treasurer and her very own nephew, Gregory Lidzaga – whom she unprocedurally and directly promoted from grade 2 to grade 8 without certificates – to be Deputy Chairman. This team’s ToR was very simple and was meant to frustrate and topple the new management by ensuring that nothing works in MMUST and no one is happy and hence easily incited for strikes. The climax of this dirty scheme was when Wamalwa and Rutto stormed a meeting between management and KUDHEIHA attacking an officer – a very wrong move that got them dismissed within the provisions of due processes, a laudable decision that was further confirmed by the law court – we have evidence of the court rulings in our records. From then the scheme was even made worse that, prof Otieno shall never ever achieve anything unless he agrees to forgive Wamalwa and Rutto. Ask them, they will confirm to you that prof Otieno’s only mistake was his refusal to interfere with the disciplinary process by yielding to the misplaced pressure to pardon Wamalwa and Rutto.

So, as chaos, insults and harassment directed at the new VC went on, then along came Dr Jeremy Bundi, who landed in MMUST with hallucinative ambitions, as the new chairman of council, to corruptly advantages himself to his heartful desires. Little did he know he was dealing with the wrong man – an incorruptible man, in Prof Otieno. When Bundi found it very difficult to loot resources under the then VC, he opted to take advantage of the tribo-political situation that had reached its boiling point then at MMUST, to have prof Otieno sacked for various fabricated crimes that are yet to be proven to date. Making the situation worse, KUSU, through Gregory Lidzaga in consultation with Dr Bundi, wrote letters to stop any interviews for promotions severally alleging that there was foul play, yet actually, they achieved their scheme of making staff feel frustrated, irritable, unproductive and easily incited – keep in mind that this was a well-meant and well deserved HR strategy, meant to build motivation in deserving KUDHEIHA members. But seeing that this will build staff motivation at their jobs, Dr Bundi and his now newly formed Union alliances thinking it was a strategy to win support from staff against their clandestine plans, decided to sabotage the effort against the interest of staff and then turned around to blame it on prof Otieno. We have evidence of all these, in case anyone wishes to be better informed on this truth. By the way, you may also remember that some staff were downgraded, although it is claimed that prof Otieno’s regime did that, the fact is that the staff downgrading document had also been prepared by Rachael Atamba in her own wisdom and vision, only to be implemented as a council recommendation when prof Otieno took over office. So, ask yourself… who downgraded the staff? Back to the tribal plan, we wish to let you ask yourself this question, who are likely to be the main beneficiaries of MBBI? That’s if we loosely assume the report is implemented, of which we know for sure is ill-fated, ill-conceived and is, like Litiema correctly proclaimed is “dead on arrival” and shall never happen, simply because Bundi’s bridge has already collapsed – in your own interest, let prof Bosire not lie to you anymore regardless of him faking reception of the MBBI report this Monday morning or not.

As we wrap up, we would wish to leave you to ponder on some key questions and as we sink our memories back to those days in nursery school, with teacher Rose Opiyo and teacher Robinson Oduma watching us from the cliff disappointed as they have no other option for crossing the river since Bundi’s bridge has collapsed! We enjoy the waters as we had been taught by teacher Mary to sing and dance song; but before the song here’s your food for thought;

For how long will the Luhya alliance against prof Otieno last, when the Banyores have known that the Bukusus never voted for Onzere Mulongo as chairman but instead they voted for their own Bukusu Evance W. Nandasaba?
Would the Luhyas’ especially the Maragolis’ hatred for Ronald Wamalwa’s – who in his greed for power set himself up to fight with Aggrey Osogo for the National Deputy Secretary General’s position – subside enough to forgiveness? If not, why is Wamalwa still fooling himself around MMUST hoping Rachel Atamba to be his salvation?
With the Bukusus massively disfavoring other Luhyas at Kibabii University, who are busy employing only themselves, what is the hope of Wamalwa back in MMUST?
With what qualification is Gregory Lidzaga working in MMUST after not being able to complete his studies and with dozens of abandoned supplementaries to date, from the National Youth Service where he enrolled for a diploma in secretarial studies?
Is the fight against FAO really about the claimed “high-handedness” or merely because of a suspicion of him implementing the recommendation of a forensic audit report that costed MMUST up to the tune of 6 million shillings?
Would you have a rethink on the real purpose of the war against prof Otieno, if we tell you that amongst other dark shady dealings, the forensic report elicited loudly the tribally-biased staff recruitment, without no credentials nor through due processes, of which, especially KUSU and KUDHEIHA officials are vehemently fighting as it is a threat to their corruptly acquired jobs? What if we further tell you that the audit report exposed further the ills in the former regime, prior to prof Otieno-led regime, that had very corrupt persons who looted the institution to insolvency, named including looting of dairy animals by Dr K’Owino.
For how long and how far is the Acting VC hoping to tag on with the looming corruption deal between him and Walias involving a kickback to extend the lease on Shivas? As you ponder on that one, hold your peace a bit, as we will bring you more details in our next post.

While we leave you to reflect on these questions, we continue with our lullaby that teacher Mary taught us. Here we go;
“Row, row, row your boat, Gently down the stream, Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, Life is but a dream.
Row, row, row your boat, Gently down the stream, Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, Life is but a dream”.