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Shame in MMUST as Prof. Bosire’s Orchestrated Unionists Ambush Council Meeting

It was a very sad and unfortunate day on Friday the 14th June 2019, as union officials stampeded into an on-going university council meeting, breathing fire to throw the council chairperson out of MMUST should she refuse to stop [the council] meeting and receive a said court order for her to return back to Pwani university.

Mr. Robinson Oduma

Mr Robinson Oduma – UASU MMUST chapter chairman and gang leader on the ill-fated day

We are in possession of photos and video recordings of those who shamelessly stormed the meeting including; Robinson Oduma, Onzere Mulongo, Gregory Lidzaga, Stanley Omuterema, Michael Amukanga, Edwin Wafula, Mark Komen, Legal Officer, Lydia Omwoha and prof Silvery Oteng’i. Those stationed outside to do heckling and shouting unprintable insults at the Council chair, included; Sylvester Makhulo, Adelaide Muteshi, Mark Litiema, Anyika, Albert Muchesia, Evalice Sitima, ‘Papa’ the caretaker of lecture rooms, Maxwell Khayiya and Edgar Murunga – the twin nephews of Rachael Atamba employed without papers or interviews.

Event coordinators could clearly be seen downstairs chatting and laughing, being; prof Thomas Sakwa and Dr Charles Chunge, while Dr Isaac K’Owino was coordinating through phone calls. Apart from these, we are also in possession of participants of this unfortunate act through their whatsapp posts. We shall publish the full list soon.



Pictorial scene at the malecious event

Discussions trending in the fraternity WhatsApp wall that is largely populated by Bundi-Bosire loyalists who mostly is dominated by irregularly employed Isukhas and Bukusus, of which we will share a few of them with you, in a while, tells it all. The union officials were boasting of how their god has answered their prayers and has through the court reinstated back for them, their godfather, Bundi, who was transferred to Pwani University. They threatened to storm the VC boardroom and forcefully serve the council chairperson a court order and ensure that she holds no meeting, after which she must be thrown out of MMUST at whatever cost. But we wonder, what an impunity? How low could this people sink to the extent of behaving in such a mannerless way to the council members?


Pictorial scene inside the boardroom where council was meeting

Well, we need not have to look too far as a reliable insider information reaching us, shows this was clearly a stage-managed game, orchestrated by none other than the acting VC, prof Bosire, himself. The acting VC practically refused to provide security to the council members, refused on request to relocate the meeting venue out of campus to Golf Hotel, and together with his appointed legal officer, and the union officials – who were busy breathing fire at Dr Mutua, the council chair – harassed, insulted, abused and coerced the council chair to receive the said court order. They further threatened her that they would get a court warrant to arrest her for being in contempt of court should she refuse to receive the order. We still remain confused as to what prof Bosire’s interest in the council agenda was, for him to vehemently refuse to change the venue of the scheduled meeting to Golf Hotel to allow for peaceful council proceedings?



Worse still, was that the acting VC, prof Bosire, prof Sakwa and Dr Chunge, met with the union officials very early in the morning of the same day before the council meeting began, and as we are reliably informed, that it was in this meeting with the union officials that the scheme to hijack the council meeting was planned for execution – an action to which we argue that the acting VC himself is shameless and should be held responsible for the union actions of embarrassing the council and traumatizing the council chairperson. It is quite disgraceful, that the acting VC, being the secretary of MMUST council should condescend that low to conspire with the union officials to sabotage a council meeting by orchestrating an irregular serving of a court order to the council chairperson.


a snap shot of the fraternity whatsApp wall, were junior staff are incited against council

Meanwhile, these goons who claimed they were serving the interest of MMUSTians without evidence of having consulted with their members, while serving their own personal, selfish interests, harassed the council chair, disrespected her, called her unprintable names, terrorized, psychologically traumatized her and what’s more humiliated the entire council members – being such a disgrace and humiliation to the over 90% MMUST students and staff who feel the behaviors of the acting VC, the legal officer and the union officials, ought be condemned in the strongest of words and all the culprits involved in the act be listed, shamed and appropriate disciplinary measures meted on them.


The Chairperson of MMUST Council, professionally busy at her legal assignment inside the Council pavillion before she was unfortunately ambushed by the erring member of staff, led by the legal officer and union officials as orchestrated by the acting VC, Prof Joseph Bosire

It’s unfortunate that the MMUST legal officer who was supposed to be legally protecting the university management and council, was in the forefront of those who harassed the council chairperson. It is a disgrace, and indeed unacceptable. Then again, all that bullying and coercing being meted at the chair, were they really necessary? If this were a man, would he have been treated in the same disrespectful manner? What really necessitated this unfortunate situation where a woman is being bullied and harassed while undertaking a lawful duty. As men and women of academic prowess, this act of harassing and bullying of the Chair of Council while carrying out her lawful assignment needs to be condemned in the highest terms. We strongly affirm that this unfortunate act was both an attack on her gender and her human rights.


Prof Bosire is captured patiently supervising the legal officer harassing the council chair and members inside the council boardroom

Indeed, the events of the Friday 14th June, at the VC’s boardroom where Council were meeting is unfortunate. There is absolutely no law that can force any one to sign any document. More so, we wonder, the Orange house is a heavily guarded building central to the university, so, how did the strategically stationed security details at Orange house allow goons to barge into an office like that? How was security breached, allowing people who clearly were not court process servers to have access into the council pavilion? One cannot breach the law while purporting to serve a court order. This is contemptuous, nuisance and harassment of the Chair of Council. This clearly shows Bundi has a personal interest in MMUST and hence ought be disqualified under the Education Act, University Charter, leadership and public service Act. To this end, we insist that Council should, as a matter of urgency, launch a probe into this and discipline erring staff. They are not greater than the university nor the Ministry of Education.



To bring you back to the ill-mannered words that were unfortunately thrown at the person of the council chair trending at the fraternity wall, we want you to read some of them for yourselves…

Edwin Wafula:

“Good evening colleagues! We thank you people for prayers & even financial support towards the petition against which Dr. Jeremy Bundi- chair council was illegally transferred to pwani. In Today’s verdict the court granted the Union stay orders that Bundi continues with his chairmanship in MMUST Council…& Jane Musangi Mutual immediately goes back to Pwani. We thank God, let now Council address all our plight once & for all. But deni ya lawyer bado hatujamaliza support with kidogo kidogo. Mungu, Kaa nasi. God bless you people.”


[6/14, 21:36] +254 721 355200: Hata hivyo our legal officer read the orders to her with protection of officials and members. 👍🏾oduma, Onzere, Wafula, Greg, Komen, bullfighter and Dr. Omuterema for breathing fire.
She tested the importance of belonging to a union, she had all the protection. I applaud for joining KUSU on employment.
[6/14, 14:34] Edu Wafula: Any one…who’ve seen our legal officer tell her the VC is waiting that she serves the court order for Dr. Musangi Mutua to Sign. Aharakishe This lady is overstaying.
[6/14, 14:40] Jasper Gym: Sincerely kudheia has represented the rest very well. Heko kwa viongozi
[6/14, 14:42] Edu Wafula: With love & passion….Members, You are the fopt soldiers & soldieress…Simama Imara
[6/14, 14:44] +254 722 488846: Breaking news!!! Orange House ni kuzuri. Come all running
[6/14, 14:48] +254 722 488846: The lawyer want to officially serve her with the court orders in the presence of OCS, management, council members and union officials. Someone is facing imminent arrest for defying court orders. Kwaheri Daktari. Come and witness this occasion.
[6/14, 14:49] +254 702 721341: Hapo sasa!!
[6/14, 14:56] +254 711 951064: Is Willy Lusigi there for TV coverage?
[6/14, 14:58] Edu Wafula: Lawyer is in ….in few minutes… Things will be fine.

Dr Omuterema:

“Indeed it was a rare occurrence. Today MMUST unions put up a good fight that yielded fruits after many hours beginning 8.30am. Ms Mutua had refused to take the court order. She harassed the legal officer in front of us after we insisted the latter serves her & explains the consequences of defiance. We had to remain put in the boardroom for hours despite her persistent instructions that we get flushed out. At one time there was pushing and shoving to remain in the room. No amount of advice by the VC to her assisted. It was a swing of consultations among parties. Our members were on guard outside the boardroom occasionally singing & telling her through the window to go…The press saw it happening…She finally gave in around 3.30pm. It was clear she was on a mission that aborted.”

Meanwhile, we are very aware that Bosire panicked and almost fainted, while removing his coat and cursing and swearing in frustration, over why he ever set foot in MMUST when he sensed that the CS, Prof George Magoha already had information about his dirty scheme with the unions and had ignored his phone calls. More than 80 percent of KUSU employees withdraw their membership and subscription to KUSU MMUST chapter, over three years ago, when it became obvious to them that the Union had lost focus and was only serving their tribal interests of fighting the then Prof. Otieno-led management. We wonder with all their misdeeds how they seem to blend so well with the current acting management led by prof Bosire, to the shameful and disgraceful extent of Prof Bosire stooping so low, backed by prof Thomas Sakwa and Dr Charles Chunge, to hold a clandestine meeting with the unionists an hour prior to the commencement of a scheduled council in effort to sabotage and hijack a council proceeding. We thus demand that prof Bosire, the acting VC must come clean and explain to MMUST community what agenda he had with the Union officials before the council meeting, why he had to stoop so low to leak the agenda of council meeting to unionists? What his interest in the agenda was? Was his orchestrated sabotage a plot to embarrass Dr. Mutua? Was he and his cahoots serving their selfish interests or was it, as they claimed in the attached video, herein, really in the interest of MMUSTians?

As we conclude, we wish to note that this blog is a kind prayer for forgiveness from, and a tender of an unreserved apologies, on behalf of over 90% of MMUST staff and students, whose solemn voices we echo through this blog, to Dr Mutua, MMUST Council Chairperson, and indeed the entire council members and the Ministry of Education for the embarrassing treatment our top management and union officials unleashed at them on this ill-fated day, Friday, 14th June, 2019. The voices and the behavior of the culprits seen and heard here, are not and will never be a representation of MMUST community. This was only some ill-mannered behavior from some disgruntled elements who were serving their own selfish interest and not a representation of that of MMUST staff and students. In this regard, we demand that they should and must all be made to answer to the consequences of their bad manners.

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  1. Hatred not necessary. The acting VC,former VCS all deserve respect not insults.Prof Wangila and Prof Otieno have all made a mark not only at Mmust but also elsewhere.Prof Bosire equally adds value at Mmust.