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Good Riddance to Prof. Bosire After 7 months of Dismal Performance as MMUST Acting Vice Chancellor

As an English man would put it… there was a high sigh of relief at MMUST when Prof Bosire finally left the university. Many staff and students celebrated with ecstatic relief on receiving this news. Good Riddance many said.

Prof. Bosire

Prof Joseph Bosire, axed Acting VC MMUST

One can sum up his seven months at MMUST as a wasted and lost time. Our beloved university of choice, MMUST, unfortunately and indeed regrettably so, was nearly forced back retrogressively to her dark days of ineptitude and financial insolvency. He did absolutely nothing, but rob and syphoned the university to his heart-fill, in this period. The university slid from its peak performance as at November 2018 to a low position in most aspects. Shame on this lazy man Bosire – an institution you met in financial robust, borne out of hard labour, dedication and sacrifice of five good years, in just seven months, you shamefully reduced it to one of the debt owing universities in Kenya.

Prof ‘the lazy’ Bosire found an overall healthily positioned, academically and financially, institution and as he leaves he has worked to destroying all of these. We ask the Ministry of Education and MMUST council to ask him for a comprehensive handover report and for all to see and compare the two positions – the report of the administration he succeeded and of his as he exits – and judge for themselves. On a score of 1 to 10 with 1 extremely poor and 10 Excellent we give Bosire a poor score of 1 (extremely poor).


By the way, The lazy prof JB has finally left MMUST even before he could find time to visit any school, department, sections of the university. We could count the number of senate meetings he called and chaired during his seven (7) years reign in office, easily on the fingers of one hand. Until his exit, a lot of issues needing his decision – except those involving his and his cronies’ endless per diem rounds are still pending. School attachment is currently in a mess after JB destabilized the structure, he has successfully emptied MMUST accounts and during his dismally performed seven months in office he practically lived in the air than in the office, he has noting important to show the world as far as achievements is concerned, except the Kangaroo scheme he called MMUST Building Bridges Initiative (MBBI), which indeed was a scheme to manipulate the university HR procedures, a witch-hunting initiative. To crown it all, he shamefully orchestrated and sponsored the humiliation of MMUST council chairperson, Dr. Mutua, who represents the face of government in MMUST. If this action of prof Bosire to embarrass government by master-minding the invasion of a council meeting and harassment of council members is not a direct assault and sabotage of government then we wonder what precedence we would be allowing to prevail in this country. The behavior contravenes the integrity act of Kenya and indeed the constitution and human rights laws of Kenya and such behaviour should never go uninvestigated and appropriate disciplinary measures applied to the culprits of the unfortunate event. For prof Bosire, haven reduced himself to such shameless act of sabotage, should never be allowed to serve in any leadership position again, in this country. In short, prof Joseph Bosire is indeed a very lazy administrator who allowed himself to be manipulated, and given inflamed and unrealistic self-worth by the union officials, Dr Jeremy Bundi – the former chair of MMUST Council – and other disgruntled staff – who themselves were the bane of MMUST dark stories – that got him drunk with power to the extent that he never realized he was not only shooting himself in the foot but slowly denying himself an opportunity to serve Kenya in such an elevated capacity again. Indeed we say to our friends at JOOUST, thank you for your effort to support MMUST in her trying times by loaning us your laziest and most mediocre, incompetent and inept officer to come destroy and syphon from us what took us years to build in just seven months. To you we say, thank you, but we have happily returned to you the garbage you sent us.


Former Acting VC MMUST, Prof J Bosire, captured participating in public policy but remained empty about same

Indeed, Joseph Bosire either had no idea what leadership is about or he is highly naive in terms of leadership. He does not understand leadership and as we have earlier advised, this man, JB, should never be allowed to hold any leadership position in Kenya ever again. In his lazy mentality he thought leadership was going to bed with the unions. He thought it was about being dishonest. He thought it was about deceit. He really in all honesty thought it all wrong and is such a shame for a top manager in any reputable institution in Kenya. No wonder in JOOUST the bulk of the work under his docket is carried out by the VC Prof Agong. Prof Agong, as we have come to learn, have had a better time during his absence from JOOUST. Fortunately for us at MMUST, Joseph Bosire, if anything is Good riddance.

Academically, Bosire’s most confidant advisors were union officials whom 90% of them are literally struggling to complete their doctoral study in the last 10 years, have not even one research grant to their name nor have a single academic project to their credit other than teaching which they barely attend to up to 20% of their expected schedule, as per the university teaching and exams’ policies – all to the detriment of quality academics and eventual run down of the university. In fact, to cite just one or two examples; what would one expect for quality in academics when your chief advisor is either Oduma or Nyakoe who hardly go to class to teach and in the last over 10 years, both have tried to do their PhD without success. Bosire should have known better. As for other unionist, we all know about them. They are better described as non-academic staff and the less we say about them the better. A very good example to show Bosire’s act of academic dishonesty and naivety is his refusal to allow the former VC Prof Otieno, as expected in law, to sign certificates of graduands who studied during his time. It is shameful that his action in this regard will cost students who move around with certificates that may be thought to be fraudulent. We are compelled to wonder on what interest Bosire had in preventing the former VC to sign these certificates in the best interest of the graduands or what harm would prof Otieno signing these certificates have caused the university? Only Bosire and Sakwa the Acting registrar AA, have answer to this mind boggling question and one for which they should both be charged for this huge misconduct.


Johnson Simiyu Litiema Prof. Bosire’s semiliterate advisor on policy and governance.

Financially, Bosire teamed up with Rading Oguta the finance officer and they picked up from where they left when Rading was about to be dismissed from JOOUST before he ran away. They looted the university, with so much careless abandon and in the last seven months were mostly in Nairobi chasing matters that had already been resolved, all on bloated per diem. To this, our advice is very simple and to the point; that the MMUST council and the Ministry of Education must as a matter of urgency issue a directive for a forensic audit of this period be conducted. Rading is not to be trusted… That is keeping it very simple as it is. His lust after money is unparalleled and in this regard and at this juncture, while we take this rare opportunity to congratulate Prof Asenath Sigot on her appointment as acting vice chancellor, we advise the good professor not to fall into her predecessors trap with Rading. Be very wary of Rading Oguta, the finance officer. He is simply just a conman – a smooth talker who can do anything to get his hands in the toll of the university. There are many cases of his dishonesty at JOOUST and at MMUST. No institution in Kenya should ever touch Rading as a worker.

Lately, prof Bosire, the acting DVC administration and finance – Dr Patrick Ojera, the acting DVC ASA – Dr Eng Sabuni, and the acting Registrar AA, prof Sakwa and Rading the Finance Officer all failed woefully to collect students fees in the just ended semester two of 2018/2019 AY, resulting from they been unable to enforce authority on Rading on proper students fees accounting. In their failure to properly account for fees payment of students ended up allowing all students to seat for their semester two exams against set policy of the university. A failure which led to the university losing over Ksh. 600 million in students fees alone. A huge loss to the university and sleep on the job that is enough for all 5 of them been dismissed from the university. We thus recommend for Council to pursue this to a conclusive end to avoid being surcharged for this in future. In this regard therefore, and in the spirit of transparency and accountability, we recommend Council should ask the remaining four officers involved in this unfortunate loss to the university, to leave their positions immediately to pave way for thorough investigation of these heinous acts. In addition, we recommend that any act of financial misappropriation found from the investigation that Bosire, even while back in JOOUST, in addition to the other culprits be surcharged for this careless and avoidable massive financial losses to the university. This will indeed send a strong signal to all and sundry that you will be held accountable for your actions wherever you maybe. After all there was UMB or Senate where such a decision should have been refereed to but they failed to. This is a GROSS MISCONDUCT and ineptitude in office and the named five officers – Bosire, Ojera, Sakwa, Sabuni, and Rading – must be held accountable. Furthermore, Bosire afterwards needs to be flagged as incompetent and should never be allowed any leadership position in Kenya, going forward.


Union Officials – Principal Advisors To Prof Bosire on academic matters

Bosire brought tribalism at MMUST. Throughout the period he served as acting VC at MMUST his tribesmen were hardly scarce from VCs office where they remain for long hours frustrate anyother officer waiting to meet with the acting VC. He also violated university rules by recalling his tribesman student Zac Omare who had been suspended for three years for misconduct bordering around document forgery and impersonation. When we exposed Bosire through some of our blogs for this misconduct he committed, he then recalled a few other students to cover up for the blatant tribalism. In the process he watered down the academic discipline that had been set at the university. Bosire needs to be charged for this misconduct as well. Senate of MMUST and CUE should also do what is right and recall Omare’s credentials to protect the reputation and integrity of the certificates awarded at MMUST.

Still on atrocities committed by Bosire while acting as VC, MMUST, he in connivance with Bundi and the unions tried hard to reverse changes legally instituted by the previous administration in the university. For example, senate and the entire university are still confused on his justification for recalling back to office the lazy and incompetent Ms Rachel Atamba, as registrar Administration, against a council decision, which she took to court and the court upheld the council decision. This is, amongst his many illegal appointments and irregular decisions, an act that ought be investigated and dealt with. By the way, Ms Atamba in the first place was responsible for the past mess in HR at MMUST as Registrar Administration. Our prayer is for Council to revisit this amongst other matters and charge Bosire further for this. In addition, Bundi and Bosire’s integrity is tested herein as they cheated senate that council had approved the recall of Ms Atamba, for which there is no minute to show the matter was brought up, discussed and approved in any senate nor council meeting. This is in our opinion is pure fraud on the part of Bundi and Bosire for which they need be investigated and brought to book if culpable.

The fact that Bosire is a liar and indeed a terrible one at that, is not in dispute. In many occasions he had lied to senate and UMB, cheating that council had said this and that yet he was fully aware this was not true. Maybe he picked this habit from his new found buddy, Jeremy Bundi who was on many occasions caught altering council minutes to suit his desires. Administratively, as a top manager, Bosire seem not to have a good grasp of how a university is run. He practically consults with the unions and Ag. Registrar AA, prof Sakwa on every simple matter before making any decision. In fact, Bosire should be reminded that it is not the roles of unions to lead universities. Unions have their roles spelt out and the VC and DVCs have their roles spelt out. Bosire should know that the truth lasts forever while lies and deceit are short lived. Good riddance Bosire. We hope you never get to be a VC or leader anywhere so that your bad leadership serves as a lesson to all potential leaders in Kenya to avoid your extreme poor leadership.

As we finish, we would like to remind Bosire that his biggest blunder when he got a rare opportunity to serve as acting VC at MMUST was the fact he forgot that his three most important roles as a VC, for which he failed in woefully, were;

Call, Attend and Chair senate meetings – we counted only 3 senate meetings he held in his 7 months in office
Call, Attend and Chair UMB – we counted he had on the average 2 meeting per week – over 50 UMB meetings, all in the name of raising minutes to cover for his personal whims disguised as UMB decisions.
Attend Council meetings – his biggest blunder was frustrating Dr Mutua’s council leadership that climaxed with him planning and sponsoring union officials’ harassment of council a scheme he personally bankrolled up to a tune of Ksh 5,000 to each union official, including the so called legal officer.

Bosire focused the better part of his time and energies in gossips, inflicting malicious vendetta on those he perceived were “pro-Otieno” in management and chasing after per diems which he perfected quite well. We will furnish you with details of the total per diem he and Rading Oguta consumed in just seven months in our subsequent blogs. So stay tuned to us.