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Congratulations Prof. Asenath Sigot on Your Appointment as Acting Vice Chancellor MMUST

It is now official. Bosire has reported at JOOUST the 1st of July 2019 and we can reliably confirm he is now on duty even as we write. However, don’t deceived his spirit still lingers waiting to provoke and erupt havoc at the slightest opportunity he can find through mercenaries he has planted, particularly around the office of the VC.

Prof. Asenath Sigot

Prof. Asenath Sigot, Acting MMUST Vice Chancellor

It is also now official, whether they like it or not, to formerly acknowledge and welcome to office Prof Asenath Sigot, the combined efforts of Bosire, Bundi, the union officials and other mercenaries planted everywhere – including the public relations office and the DCCM – to frustrate the process leading MMUST eventual salvation, cannot change the reality. Prof Sigot has been appointed in the wisdom of the Ministry and has formerly resumed to work in effort to cleansing and restoring peace and tranquility in MMUST. This is a fact no one can change.

Meanwhile, it is the mission of this blog, to continue exposing the rots instituted by Bundi, Bosire, Rading and their lots in MMUST, we further wish to draw the attention of the good professor to some concerns which we suspect in her wisdom she may know by now, else, should now know.

First, the issue of leaked documents from the office of the VC and to a lesser extent other senior offices at MMUST is a serious threat that Prof Sigot should and must urgently address. The same issue that was unfortunately and unfairly twisted as tool to bring untold physical and psychosocial suffering on a very hard and dedicated worker, being Nelly Jelimo – that sad story we are aware the acting VC, prof Sigot knows well and must move with speed to restore Nelly to her rightful position. The true engineers actually responsible for document leaking in MMUST are the drivers, secretaries and office assistants in the VC’s office who have been planted there by Ms Atamba and Bosire to initially protect Bosire and now continue on a new task of spying on the new acting VC. We therefore strongly advice Prof Sigot to clean these people out or else she will remain captive throughout the three months. We believe the good professor knows this too well, that these real enemies of a progressive and vibrant MMUST, have schemed and are still scheming strategies to make sure her three months in office is not enjoyed at all and must be marred with frustration and emotional blackmail.


We have been reliably informed by our sources within the three unions that union officials are not at all happy with the appointment of Prof Sigot as Acting VC. Their initial strategy was to have Bosire to continue acting, possibly till March 2020 or until they ensure one of their own is appointed to office as substantive VC. Well, according to them, prof Sigot’s appointment was not intended and they believe, she has been planted by their biggest nightmare at the Ministry to further frustrate their evil plans for MMUST. Indeed on Friday 28th June 2019 Dr Chunge the self-appointed “professor” and self-acclaimed union advisor was seen sweating and overheard at the parking grounds upset at why Prof Sigot had accepted to take the appointment letter. Our moles tells us that the unions are at an advance stage of going to go to court, on the excuse that her appointment is irregular as Council, and in their twisted minds – council means, Bundi, the former chair of MMUST Council – was not involved in the process of her appointment. We believe this is laughable and should be taken with a pinch by all well-meaning MMUSTians, because, and to begin we ask… when the lazy Bosire was irregularly appointed as acting VC, imported to us as an alien imposed on MMUST, was council involved? Was it not the same appointment from the Ministry that saw the evil Bosire unleashed on MMUSTians? What has now happened differently to warrant this sort of hatred for prof Sigot? Why are they questioning her appointment, then? Or planning to waste their members hard earned contributions on unreasonable court suits? These enemies of MMUST should learn that times have now changed, as the table is now turned against them for good and for the better for an over 90% MMUSTians.

Another unhappy group with the appointment of prof Sigot as acting VC is the so called professors forum where three people namely; Shiundu John, Silvery Oteng’i , Sakwa aka Simon Makonde think they can dictate terms in MMUST and decide on who is to be appointed acting in the, or better put, are the ones who are better suited to act in the highest office in MMUST. These three men are indeed snake in the grass who will present before you like they are friends when in actual sense are very dangerous foes. Again, Prof Sigot must tread carefully against these people and be very strategic in both handling them and considering what they bring before her in the name of “wise counsel”.


Clearly it was an irregularity of the worse order and against the law to have appointed Bosire – a stranger from JOOUST – as Acting VC, not to mention an insult on MMUST full professors. We advised then and we wished Prof Sigot was appointed from the onset as her rightful appointment was long overdue. A lot of havoc meted on MMUSTians would have been averted. In fact MMUST has wasted seven months through the inept and lazy leadership of Bosire. We challenge him to tell the entire community what single thing he did. For sure, Bosire is Good riddance to MMUST. Bosire has refused to hand over to Prof Sigot, and we wonder why should he not be censured for this. He wants to manipulate records to conceal the theft he and his cronies were involved in. Furthermore, our moles within the professors forum and the unions tell us that Bosire has been advised by the unions and Bundi to delay this process as they prepare to go to court to challenge Prof Sigot’s appointment in the mistaken belief that the courts will stop this. What they fail to understand is that the courts cannot appoint CEOs. This must sing loud and clear in their heads. Among the many reasons is refusing to hand over to Prof Sigot is that in seven months, from a highly healthy financial position, Bosire and Rading Oguta the finance officer have bankrupted the university through reckless expenditure. For example, unrestricted and irrelevant trips by many staff on MMUST per diems, which in many cases have very little or zero value addition to MMUST vision and mission but rather are self-serving all in the name of taking a bite off the cake of bogus per diems. A good case in hand is giving a 5 day trip to prof Shiundu, on per diem to Busia to sleep – sorry, to write a report on MBBI – a scheme him, Bundi and Bosire orchestrated as a strategy to manipulate MMUST HR and statute processes. We often wonder aloud on the rationale behind Bosire and his cronies taking meetings outside Kakamega? Are these strategies designed to reward Bosire and Bundi’s loyalists with per diems, amongst other rewards of unnecessary overseas conference by even people not presenting papers nor ever presented papers at local conferences, conniving with suppliers like the owner of Shivas and Walias to continue hiring those premises – which by the way took a very terrible turn until we exposed this outright theft by Bosire and Rading for them to back-off. Amongst many other things it is our hope and belief that Prof Sigot would do well to keep a keen eye on all these corrupt tendencies and schemes.

Furtherance and of no little importance by all standards is the issue of failure to collect fees, a serious offence orchestrated by the combined efforts of the former acting VC, Bosire, the acting DVC ASA, Dr Sabuni, Acting DVC DVC AF, Dr Ojera, the Acting Registrar AA, Prof Sakwa aka Simon Makonde and worse of them all – the corrupt and money hungry Finance Officer Mr Rading Oguta. We have appealed to council through our earlier blog and we are hereby also appealing to you, Prof Sigot, as secretary to Council to encourage Council – who by the way we are aware has always been concerned at nonpayment of fees by students – to as a matter of urgency institute a committee of investigation on the failure of these five named culprits to collect fees for semester two of 2018/2019 AY. They must be made accountable in this regard. Council had rightly previously recommended serious action to address this cankerworm of nonpayment of fees by student, as to why during the just ended academic year, these five failed in their duties by negligently allowing all students to seat exams without paying fees remains a question only them can and must answer before Council. This behaviour of theirs of allowing all students to seat exams without fees, more than anything, is against the fee policy of the university. We further advise in this regard and as the council prepares to charge these five culprits, that Prof Sigot be vigilant against this and to facilitate a disciplinary action, at least against the four of them still holding their offices, in the meantime, we recommend removing them from offices as the matter is being investigated as they definitely will not be fair judges in a matter being decided against them. In any case and from whatever angle anyone may choose to view this matter, the loss of six hundred million shillings (Kshs 600 million) is not a joking matter. Remember that students only returns in September 2019 and the only serious fee collection will be in late November just before the students seat the end of semester exams. With this loss how will MMUST be run? As anyone can attest, amongst other bogus kangaroo activities that had no value addition to MMUST which Bosire and Rading instituted to fleece MMUST of its savings, the reckless action by these named five officers of failing to collect fees and thereby causing MMUST of Ksh 600 million, have now made the university bankrupt and unable to pay suppliers (Rading Oguta was overheard rubbishing the directive by HE the President on paying all suppliers before end of June 2019 and true to his word he never made any efforts to honor this presidential directive. It was sad he could do this) and not only payment of supplies but also remittance of other statutory deductions. But why? Simply, MMUST is broke!

We thus conclude this congratulatory blog dedicated to our very own humble and gently spoken professor Asenath Sigot, as we welcome you to office and the tough business, but surely one which we know you are very able and capable of executing, of taking MMUST on the path leading to a fair and regular process of appointing an efficient and seasoned administrator as substantive VC. In this regard, we which to spell out the bad manners of MMUST PRO and DCCM offices. What manner of wanton disrespect and high-handedness have they shown to Prof Sigot’s appointment as acting VC. I mean, even if you do not agree with her appointment, you should at least do the needful, not for love of it but as the tenets of your office dictates. Well, as they have adamantly refused to officially announce to MMUST community of prof Sigot’s appointment, the MMUST blogging community is hereby taking the liberty to do the needful for them.

Here we go, in the very own words of the acting PRO, Ms Nashilluh Brendah Kabindio…

Good Morning MMUST Community and readers of MMUST News( Blog,

This is to bring to your attention that the Cabinet Secretary, Ministry of Education, has appointed Prof. Asenath Sigot a full professor of Nutrition of Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology (MMUST) as an Acting Vice Chancellor of MMUST for a period of three (3) months with effect from 1st of July, 2019.

Let us accord her the support she requires during this period.

Kind Regards,
MMUST News( Bloggers,


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  1. i look forward to that day when both sanity and comradeship shall be restored in MMUST . this cat and rat game is the key deterrent to both academic progress and infrastructural development. it is not until all the administrative positions be held by senior staffs and not in acting capacities that we shall achieve the progress we dream of.