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Union Officials Resort to Conniving With Student Leadership to Evoke Unrest in MMUST

Information reliably with us have shown that a handful of Union leaders have vowed to use students to create tension on campus through strikes, to make it appear that Prof. Otieno is not wanted. Our moles in the three unions have updated us of this evil plan which they hope will achieve two key interest – make the seat hotter than she could imagine, for prof Sigot, the acting VC and also paint a picture of MMUST community not wanting Prof. Otieno back. The Union officials, together with student leaders led by MMUSO Chairman Vincent Simiyu Lumala, are currently canvasing for support from the students to organize for students’ strike in protest of the appointment of another acting VC in the person of prof Sigot. Lumala was overheard openly talking about it arrogantly and also communicated on the same, through a WhatsApp group they have formed with prof Bosire’s mole Bahati Mong’are strictly for this purpose (screenshots from the group are attached here) on how the strike should take place this semester or latest in September 2019 when all students are in session.




Evidence of Lumala inciting comrades for a strike

We are further reliably informed that because they know prof Otieno seems to be favored by the larger political community of Kakamega County. Throwing attacks at the political community and staging strikes will scare them way. This strategy we are informed has gone all wrong as the unwarranted vulgar language thrown at the governor by the student leader, Lumala, has not been received kindly. We also have evidence that the plans to create unrest in the university are now hitting a rock with students mostly out on long vacation attachments and will not be around till September, which is now an option they are pursuing.


Your Excellency Wycliffe Ambetsa Oparanya, Governor Kakamega County and Chair of Governors of Kenya, we MMUSO comrades hereby apologize for the reckless remarks thrown at your highly esteemed person. We are very sorry



Evidence of Lumala insulting HE governor Oparanyah, Governor Kakamega County

As Union officials plan with student leaders to incite a students’ unrest in protest of the appointment of prof Sigot, they have received the backing of the expired Dean of Students, Rev. Lydia Omwoha. Just recently, last week on the 4th of July 2019 she was seen in company of the Union officials outside the Orange house – a house which by the way the acting management of Bosire had ensured it appeared nowhere on the MMUST website, as it is believed it gives credit to prof Otieno, yet they were quick to relocate to the new building, without prayers, even before completion of scheduled installations – shouting at the top of their voice and threatening to storm the office of the new acting VC to register their long list of grievances. Unfortunately, Rev Omwoha ought to be ashamed of herself trying to sink low to using unions and students leadership to achieve her selfish interests. She is not even appreciative to be retiring at age 66 instead of 65 which she challenged last year when she was served her retirement letter, claiming her birthday is in July and has to retire the following year at 66 years. Information reaching us from the unions indicate that she has requested to be taken back on contract as Dean of Students regardless of her dismal performance since being reinstated back 7 months ago by prof Bosire, despite the fact that council during the Prof. Otieno led administration advised on her removal as Dean of Students over gross misappropriation of MMUSO funds, tribalism in handling students and extortion of parents and students amongst other allegations raised against the bad manners she replicated from Moi University. In fact, we can summarize the performance or lack thereof, in the last 7 months, of Rev Omwoha for your reading in just a few points;

  1. In the last 7 months, no student disciplinary committee has met, safe for the Kangaroo committee chaired by the Acting Registrar himself, prof Thomas Sakwa, to pardon Zac Omare who was on 3 year suspension for gross misconducts of exam irregularities and forgery.Portals of comrades with disciplinary issues have been closed since then to date and at home not knowing their fate. For a university that prof Otieno led administration built into a student centered institution, this is unacceptable.
  2. In the last 7 months, Rev Omwoha is hardly available for consultation in her office. Whenever she was around, she refuse comrades private individual consultation/meeting with her hence we are left to wonder, what a shame for confidentiality values in an institution that is supposed to pride herself a student centered university.
  3. Discrimination of students from some earmarked ethnic background have become the order of the day in the office of the Dean of Students. This has reached such an embarrassing level that a counselor, named Milka, was heard openly swearing that she will make sure students from some ethnic groups suffers psychologically and that she will never counsel any student from those regions. This happened during the MMUSO elections, we flagged this and demanded it be investigated and corrective measures instituted. Neither Omwoha nor the then acting VC, prof Bosire did anything about that allegation.
  4. Hostels in MMUST have become a haven for rodents and snakes, amidst filths and bushes around the hostel, due to poor management and supervision. In fact, the situation reached its height when a comrade gave birth in hall 4 last semester.
  5. Delays in processing students request have become a routine. Requests made by students no matter how urgent now seats on the desk of Rev Omwoha for days before they are processed, thus leading to long queues of students in the office of the Dean of Students
  6. Delays in processing talent scholarships. Comrades have waited for so long to see the advert so that they can apply, all to no avail and up till now there is still no communication to comrades on this.
  7. To crown it all, we are very much aware that Rev Omwoha does not qualify as Dean of Students, union officials were overheard saying that she has honorary PhD on “Divinity”. Meanwhile, her academic PhD enrolled at Moi University, 20 years down the line, is still incomplete.
  8. IMG-20190708-WA0010

    Group working with Lumala to plan a student strike in MMUST and insult the governor

Lumala is being influenced by Rev Omwoha and Union officials to cause mayhem in MMUST for their own selfish desires. Comrades are coming out in loud voices to reject this evil plan of the Dean of Students, Rev Omwoha, Union Officials, led by Mr Onzere Mulongo, and MMUSO chairman, Mr Lumala. Students have enjoyed smooth academic and peaceful learning environment since the time of Prof Otieno. Graduation and progression have been on schedule due to absence of students’ unrest. In addition, the relationship between MMUST students and the surrounding communities had become harmonious due to calm in the University created since 2014. So in this same spirit we wish to call out on all comrades to reject this evil call for a strike as it is for interests that are not for the good of comrades nor for the progress of MMUST. We are also condemning the insults made by Mr Lumala at HE, governor of Kakamega County (we have also attached herein an official written apology from MMUSO comrades on behalf of the greater voices of MMUST comrades). Mr Lumala speaks for himself, Dr Charles Chunge, Mr Onzere Mulongo, Mr Robinson Oduma, Rev Lydia Omwoha among others in their clique and not representing the voices and feelings of MMUST comrades. We are aware that the Unions and Rev Omwoha are pushing to use unsuspecting comrades to create confusion in the university so as to push for a VC they prefer, who will abate their corrupt tendencies. We hear from our sources in the unions that Rev Omwoha wants to remain in MMUST on contract either as Dean of Students or Senior chaplain so that one of the present chaplains is removed to pave way for her. This is a shame coming from her who should be a role model for her children and to this end, comrades are greatly disappointed. We are also left to wonder… with the recent call of the Ministry of Education last month for Universities in Kenya to consider retrenchment as a cost cutting measure… would MMUST be more interested in engaging a 66 year old woman on contract, who in addition, is largely a non-performer?


Letter of apology from MMUSO comrades on behalf of MMUST comrades to HE the governor of Kakamega County

Moving away from Rev Omwoha and her antics with the Union and the student leader, we have greater concern on why the Unions have refused to recognize Prof. Sigot as the acting VC MMUST and want to do everything to make working atmosphere a nightmare for her. It took DCCM under the headship of Dr Lydia Anyonje over one week to announce to MMUST community of the appointment of Prof Sigot, yet, it took them, along with the PRO office under Brendah Kabindio, less than 3 hours to announce the illegal extension of prof Bosire – without an appointment letter – as acting VC. Again, just as it took Bosire more than 3 weeks to update on MMUST website the appointment of Dr Jane Musangi Mutua as MMUST Council chairperson, yet less than 24 hours to remove her photo and replace it with Bundi’s, again, over one week now, prof Bosire’s photo is still hanging there on the council MMUST webpage as a member of council and not prof Sigot. See for yourself:, by this day 8th of July 2019.


Onzere Mulongo (far right in white) Robinson Oduma (far left in checker shirt) misleading the MMUSO chairman, Vincent Lumala

We have been reliably informed that DCCM and the webmaster have been under instructions to only take directives from Bundi and Bosire as they have chosen to disregard prof Sigot’s appointment and in addition, have vowed to fight her appointment to their last breathe. The two offices, PRO and DCCM, we hear, are under Bosire and Bundi ‘s instructions not to communicate the change of office at VC’s office. Meanwhile as this happens, Bundi is busy masterminding a court case to block prof Sigot from acting, which is why up till now, even as we write, Bosire has refused to hand over office to prof Sigot, in the hope that he can either find a way to cover up for his misdealing while in office or in hopes of coming back to office. As it currently stands, it is clear that the offices of the PRO and DCCM have taken sides in communicating info, skewed towards Bosire/Bundi alliance. As it appears, prof Sigot, in the judgement of the ag-PRO and the director at DCCM as with the Union officials, is pro-Prof Otieno and anyone in their judgement considered to be pro-Otieno is blocked off from getting attention from the university’s mainstream media as it would be more useful for them to waste an entire volume of the weekly newsletter, a publication of the office of the PRO, on prof Thomas “Simon Makonde” Sakwa with very irrelevant none issues.


Retiring Dean of Students – Rev. Lydiah Omwoha – Using the union offcials and the student leader to cause confusion in MMUST


Mr Robinson Oduma (UASU chairman) and Mr Onzere Mulongo (nephew of Rev Lydiah Omwoha and KUSU chairman) strategizing for a student strike in MMUST.


Dr Charles Chunge – Dean SoM, MMUST – in forefront of those using the student leader, Lumala to insult the governor


Onzere Mulongo (KUSU Chairman)

To finish we are very elated to hear of the panic in Mr Rading Oguta and prof Sakwa as they come to terms with reality on the exit of their watchman – prof Joseph Bosire. We await to see how Rading will cover up for all the corruptly lavished per diems and kick-backs he has been enjoying in the last 7 months. Mr Rading Oguta has come out in his true colors in the last 7 months since Otieno left. He has and continues to misuse university resources in the worst possible manner and we implore on Prof Sigot to keep a keen eye on him. During Bosire’s term they had picked up from where Rading left in JOOUST and have fleeced the University so badly. It is our hope that investigations into his pending case of fraudulent imprest to take auditors around campuses is intensified and if found guilty, be dismissed from office. But then again, we wonder… why was Rading, apparently, a good and disciplined, no nonsense man while prof Otieno was in office? Could it just be allegiance to the government in power – where the money-man is always as corrupt as his boss and vice versa – or its simply that prof Otieno was too strict with doing the right things the right way and gave no room for Rading’s stealing talent to unfold until Bosire came along? These are questions we hope someday some people will give us clear answers to. But in the meantime, stay tuned to our blogs!