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MMUST NEWS™ is a Campus blog and news site focussing on MMUST(Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology).

Our aim is to offer a comprehensive in depth analysis of all activities happening within MMUST which directly or indirectly affect comrades’ life in campus.

Being a community based blog, we accept articles from students and get them published free of charge. We also act as Administration Watchdog – reporting all corruption and scandals as they occur under the MMUST Scandal category.

Corporates advertisers can also contact us to get their adverts published at a fee. We only encourage students and businesses established around Kakamega County to do so.

From the ads and adverts displayed on our site, we earn small revenue. This revenue is used to support 12 Students at MMUST, known as 12BROTHERHOOD. This 12 academic brothers are from 12 counties in Kenya. They are from financially disadvantaged families in this poverty stricken regions.

With as little as $10(Ksh 1000), you can support this students by providing for their upkeep while in campus.


Upkeep Support



You can also support them by paying their tuition fees which is around  $200(Ksh 20,000) per Semester.


Tuition Support



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