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Walter Omollo: Earthquakometer

With the curiosity in the campus as the poll draw nearer ,the electorates are left in quagmire on what to do since the ideological composure of the aspirants has made them to ask who is who. Mobilization has made aspirants to trade their ideas making Walter Omondi Omollo […]

Walter Omollo: MMUSO Academic Secretary 2019/2020 hopeful

Masinde Muliro University Student Organization (MMUSO) elections are scheduled for 10th May, 2019. Each and every hopeful aspirant is laying his/her plans in preparation for the elections. Following the political intensity being witnessed in Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology (MMUST) currently as the big poll is […]

MMUSO Elections Uncertainties

Even as MMUSO elections nears ,the incoming School of Computing and Informatics (SCI) representative has been seen holding critical meetings with persons considered to having big mind as far as the university politics is concerned. Brian Obutt who has not disclosed the position he wants in the next […]

The Last born Savage

Being a last born in a family is chance everyone would wish to get. It sounds awesome when you are born last because of the tender care you will receive from your mother’s. She will pamper you with nice clothes ,sweet things and sometimes you are treated in […]